Saturday, August 30, 2008

Determined Or Just Plain Stubborn?

This morning I had a plan. I would fill up the birdfeeder with lots of goodies, hide myself in the corner of the kitchen and finally get lots of pictures of the many birds that come to eat breakfast. This is being determined!!

So first I made sure I had dark clothing on (one time I tried to blend in not realizing I was wearing a bright orange t-shirt. That really worked well)

Then I got my coffee ready. Can't sit still for long without my morning coffee. Figured I'd use a long straw so I wouldn't have to raise the cup to my mouth while holding the camera. (Trying to cover all bases.)

Then I perched on the kitchen counter under the pot rack, hoping my face would look like just another frying pan, ( I'm sure it did.)

Then I brought the camera up to my face. This shouldn't take too long because they usually come within minutes after I fill it up.

I waited. After a few minutes I began to think this might take longer than I had planned on. But I was going to stay there no matter how long it took. This is being stubborn!!! Finally after about 20 minutes with aching arms and back I climbed down from the counter to upload the results of my morning endeavors.

That's right. Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zilch. No need to click on this picture because there's nothing hiding in the background either. Of all days to go elsewhere for breakfast, they had to choose today.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how long National Geographic photographers wait--I've heard years on some pictures!!!! At least you did take a picture:-) Did the birds finally come this morning?


Dog_geek said...

I must say, flydragon, this is not some of your best work. ;o) Just kidding with you - I can SO relate to this!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

You do know that on the bird version of "twitter" there were massive amounts of comments regarding your plans. In fact I think there may have been a fail whale.....LOL.
They got you this time, but maybe next it will be a award winning photo. Jen

flydragon said...

20 min. was long enough, thank you. They did show up later but few and far between. Dirty birds!!

You're right. Seeing that I can take a shot of an empty feeder anytime, you would think that I could have at least gotten a clearer one. Maybe I should have washed the window first.

I thought my great plan covered every option. Forgot all about "tweeter". Wonder where they carry their teeny tiny cell phones.

Susie said...

I guess its true, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. Thanks for the effort though. Hope your back isn't still sore.

flydragon said...

I was definitely on the losing end of that plan. I'm already hatching another one.