Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Watch The Birdie

A while back I wrote that although the Brown Thrashers always showed up in my backyard in the spring, they always left to raise a family elsewhere. This year they decided to stay here and build their nest in the back jungle. All summer they rummaged through the leaves and branches to find yucky things to feed the kids. Never saw the nest but finally did see one large baby following them around getting fed, squawking the whole time.

Then one decided he would try the feeder hanging by my window and discovered the peanuts, shelled sunflower pieces, and the suet cake. Eureka!! That was it. No more scrabbing on the ground to find bugs when he could have the good stuff with very little effort. At first he was very shy and would grab and run. Not so any more. When he sees me he'll wait till the very last minute before he flies off. He'll even pose for a few pictures before he goes.

These were taken through the window, so they're not very good, but you get the idea. Click on them and you can see his little golden eye.


Anonymous said...

I just realized this is you! How stupid am I? Nice pics! I'll keep an eye on you!

Seeeeeeeeeester to Not Very Anonymous Mom

flydragon said...

It's about time, Fla. brat.

Anonymous said...

Maybe air fares for birds are too expensive so they've stayed put like many people are doing:-)I thought air was supposed to be free!

Always love your photos. These are really pretty birds. I've never seen one that I know of.


flydragon said...

They should be in your area. I think they like to stay in the woods more than open areas, that's why I was surprised they stayed here to nest. These pictures don't show how pretty they really are. They're robin sized but have a nice long tail and are light cinnamon in color.

And I don't think anything is free anymore. Some gas stations charge you if you want to put air in your tires, so air isn't always free either.

Susie said...

I love the brown thrashers. I've only seen a couple in my yard this summer.

marmee said...

how fun that you can see this little baby right out of your window! he will be too fat to fly if he keeps this up,lol.

flydragon said...

Susie, I like these too. Parents are very aggressive towards other birds when they're raising their kids. They chase ALL other birds away, no matter how big.

Marmee, He is getting so fat he tilts the feeder almost on its side when he lands on it.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

all i can think of to say is "i like thrashers". guess i sound like a retard though.

real smart kids you have.

flydragon said...

Hey Re,
Could be worse. Like this reply to your comment. Duh.

Roses and Lilacs said...

How lucky one found the suet feeder. I have never had success getting them to use my feeders. Thanks for sharing the story and photo.

flydragon said...

Hi Marnie,
This is a first for me. They've never even come this close to the house before. They usually stay far away and back by the bushes, so I was very surprised.