Tuesday, September 2, 2008

"A Rose By Any Other Name".. Must Be A Sharon

Rose of Sharons make a great screen, which is why I planted them alongside the neighbors garage. They grew to about 8 feet and covered a multitude of sins. Although the bushes themselves didn't look terrific this year, the individual flowers did, so that is what you will be seeing.
This is of course the single

Next we have the double

And this one hasn't quite made up its mind yet


Dog_geek said...

Very pretty doubles! I love Rose of Sharon - we have several large bushes, and I have a few that I started from seeds from our big bushes last year. They actually bloomed in their very first year, and now in their second year they are very nice looking small bushes with lots of blooms. They were so darned easy to grow, I think I'm going to start a few more!

flydragon said...

Do you plant the seed pod whole, or do you open it up and plant individual seeds?

Susie said...

Those are very pretty blooms. I like the double the best. I've not grown this plant before. I like that it is so similar to hibiscus blooms.

flydragon said...

They do look like hibiscus only smaller. I love hibiscus, and they must grow great down by you. There is one that grows as a perennial here but I haven't bought it yet. Maybe next year.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i think i like the wishy washy one the best. i can relate.

you should put a disclaimer on the post about how "enthusiastic" these sharons are!

flydragon said...

I like "ww" the best too. This is the first year they've been enthusiastic though. And they never grew any taller than they were 3 months ago. So I'm not sure what they're doing. I think it was just a fluke year.

Anonymous said...

Love your one-liner titles:-) And I agree with NVAM and you-- that's my favorite,too. You're really quite the photographer!!!:-)


flydragon said...

I still wouldn't be taking pictures today if you hadn't bought me that camera. Not until I took that first picture back then, was I even interested. I still remember how nice those first pictures were that I e-mailed to you. Got me hooked. So any picture I take now is because of you.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I like those doubles. I saw photos in a catalog and didn't realize what they were. Very pretty.

flydragon said...

The doubles look so totally different from the singles you would never think it was a Sharon.

Dog_geek said...

I planted individual seeds from pods that had overwintered outside. I kind of did it just for fun, since we had pods all over our deck, but they grew really well. I also tried starting some seeds the same way from our golden rain tree, but not a single one grew.