Thursday, August 7, 2008

Just A Few Bits & Pieces

There has been rain all around but missing us completely, darn, and I had to break down and water the lawn yesterday. (That black cloud hanging over my head evidently has nothing to do with moisture.) If I didn't know it was Wednesday I would have sworn it was Saturday night and bath time. Five orioles, two catbirds, three robins, one cardinal and numerous sparrows all decided to get clean. I have a birdbath out there and keep it filled but evidently they all wanted to take showers instead. They were all over, flying through the sprinkler, on the ground, and in the leaves of the wet shrubs. They were all having such a good time I was tempted to join in, but I managed to control myself, after all, it was only wednesday.

A little pop up in my front flower bed. No, not the weeds, I mean the viola. I planted a bunch of these about 8 years ago, and every once in a while one will show up. Cute little buggers.

There are dozens of bumblebees around my flowers but hardly any honeybees and this one took a liking to my spiderwort. I don't blame him, I like my spiderwort too. This flower is actually a dark purple like the viola above, but is shy about getting his picture taken and fades out a bit. I know it can't be the fault of the photographer.
That's enough rambling for today.


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

saturday night baths, lol. so that's where i got it from!

elsa kitty is in the wastebasket, looking adorable. you need a kitten - i know where you can get some real mangy kitties!

flydragon said...

I like kitties, (even mangy ones after YOU clean them up). It's cats that I don't want. And I see Fla. brat will leave comments on your stuff but never on mine. What's up with that?

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hello! Just wanted to stop by and thank you for checking out my blog. You have some very pretty flowers. Mine are mostly gone now, although my resurection lillies are starting to bloom. I have had birds bathing in my eave troughs when they were clogged. I would be sitting here at the computer and look out my window and see water splashing from the roof every once in a while. I went out and saw grackles up there playing in the water!

flydragon said...

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for stopping by here also. Are your lillies the same as "naked ladies" lillies? Birds and their baths can be pretty funny. I've seen them take a bath in the muddiest of puddles, and wonder how they get clean in such dirty water.

Naturegirl said...

I can certainly share a bit of rain with you. Our July was a complete wash! Thunder lightning rain..and Aug seems to be wet and showers almost every day! The grass is so green and the flowers are lush but heh..we've just about (((had enough!)))
So glad to see a bumble bee here! :)NG

flydragon said...

Hi NG,
We finally did get about 1/2" of rain last night, but could use some more so any time you would like to send some down our way....we prefer just a nice gentle rain for about 3 hours if you could manage that, thanks.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

you could always drown when it turns one.

as for fla brat, she's a bitch. what can i say?

if that doesn't draw her out, i don't know what will.