Friday, August 1, 2008

Okay, I'm Ready

It's August 1st. The day I expect the hummingbirds to bombard my feeders and cardinal flowers. Well, if not bombard at least show up.

They first come to visit me at the beginning of May and a couple of them will hang around here for the next week or ten days before leaving to spend their summer in Mentor, of all places. What does Mentor have that I don't?? Nothing!!!

So for the next couple of months I might see one a week or two if I'm really lucky. Some weeks I won't see any. The last time I saw one was on July 19th. Bummer Hummer

So, I'm waiting. The cardinal flowers are in bloom and the feeder is ready. So where are they??

As I am typing this one has appeared, right on schedule.


Roses and Lilacs said...

Good morning Flydragon. My father has an area exactly like yours. Cardinal flowers and the feeder right above. Good luck.

flydragon said...

Thanks Marnie,
Good luck is exactly what I need!!

Anonymous said...

Hey I'm putting out the sign that there's not much going on in Euclid. I have to keep the few I have here. They usually show up in early morning and later in the afternoon. Middle sis

flydragon said...

A few??? Yeah, right. And those little buggers can't read english, and I know you forgot all the spanish that you once knew, so put all the signs up that you want.

Anonymous said...

FINALLY, I have something you don't:-)Nah, nah (don't know how to spell it, but I think you get the gist:-)

PS--Maybe now that you have a blog and will tell everyone, they might show up. Good luck, anyway:-)

flydragon said...

I know you've always had them. I remember sitting there watching them on your pink petunias. I have pink petunias and they're never interested in mine. So go ahead and gloat. I won't mention my knockout roses.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Great pictures and lovely garden! I bet those hummers won't be able to resist that cardinalflower for very long.

You must be somewhere near me because I live in Lakewood, and your profile says NE Ohio--and you lament that the hummingbirds spend their winters in Mentor. :)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

hmm. i've had hummingbirds every morning and evening for 'bout a week now.

so there.

i'm really surprised they don't care for 4 o'clocks, aren't you? i would think they would be just the ticket, but - not.

they are loving this black & blue salvia though, gotta make sure i get it again next year.

all over the gartenmeister of course (fuschia - remember?)

ain't life grand?

flydragon said...

Hi blackswamp girl,
We're close all right. I live in Euclid. Thanks for the kind words about the garden and pictures. I did have a hummer just a little while ago all over the cardinal flowers. Hope he tells all his friends!!

flydragon said...

So Connie, you're going to gloat, too? I remember the gartenmeister. I really like that plant, wish I still had one. I thought I read somewhere that they did like 4:00's but I never saw them on mine, either.