Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Who Is That Masked Man?

How can he look so cute

So mischievous

And so sorrowful

And still be able to cause so much mayhem when he's in your yard, your garden, or worse yet, down your chimney or in your attic?


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Zeke could handle that for ya.

How cute!

flydragon said...

No need for Zeke. When the neighbor fixed the broken windows in his garage this summer, he fixed the raccoon problem. Also the stray cats problem which I thought was a lot worse.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Awwww, what a cutie. What is that he's climbing on? They are cute, you wanna just give 'em a hug. Of course that would be a big mistake.

flydragon said...

He's climbing on the huge oak tree in my back yard. The wires that go across are the telephone and electric wires from the utility pole that's back there also. As cuddly as he looks, no hugs for him!!

Susie said...

He is so cute!!! What great pictures. You can almost hear him thinking, "Oh, don't mind me, I'm just checking things out"!

flydragon said...

Oh, I'm quite sure he had some plans that he was going to set into motion as soon as I quit taking his picture and went away.

TC said...

I know coons come around here too, but I don't see them. I think the groundhogs chase them off.

(Thanks for your comment.)

Eve said...

I think they are so cute. I have one in my woods that comes out once in a while. So far the only problem was scaring me half to death one night, when he was hiding behind the garbage can.

beckie said...

What great pictures! I know we have them here in and around our little town. But they haven't caused any problems really. They are kind of cute though.

flydragon said...

Hi tc. thanks for stopping by.
I'm not sure who would get into the most trouble, the raccoons or the groundhogs, but the raccoons are definitely cuter.

Hi eve, welcome.
I think they do that on purpose. They find someplace to hide so they can jump out and scare someone. They're sneaky that way.

Hi beckie,
That raccoon face with that little mask is very hard to resist.

Nancy said...

Oh my gracious yes, they can do all that and more!

flydragon said...

Hi Nancy,
They are clever little devils but if they think they can hide behind that mask they're wrong, because we know who's doing all those bad things.