Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eeenie Meenie Minee Mo

Deciding who gets to the peanuts first.

Although I think Cardinal won the chant, blue chased him off anyway, because of course he can.

No sooner did he get rid of one contender, he got another.

Even though they don't use the same feeder, blue didn't want him around either and sent him on his way.

After all that, blue didn't even use the feeder. Maybe he just wanted to show them who's boss.


Roses and Lilacs said...

King of the hill...or shepherds hook.
I love your photos!

flydragon said...

Thanks Marnie, but your photos put mine to shame every time!!!

Susie said...

Those jays really are big bullies! I think they are so pretty but they push my poor little birds off my bird bath every time.

Dog_geek said...

All that, and he didn't even use the feeder? My husband always complains when we have a bluejay at our feeders, because they throw 90% of the food over their shoulders, searching through the feeders for the good stuff.

flydragon said...

Susie and Geek
They do tend to think that they are indeed the big boss and everyone else has to wait till they're through.
And at the feeders they will throw everything they don't like out of the way and make pigs of themselves of peanuts and sunflowers seeds. my post of July 12 "Papa Jay and the Feeding Lesson" and tell me you can't find a soft spot for them.

Dog_geek said...

I just went and read the papa jay story - awwww. And then I read in the comments about jays hiding peanuts. Last year we had someone (we never saw who) stuffing peanuts from our feeders into the top of our shed door crack. I would keep forgetting, and every time I opened the shed door, a bunch of peanuts would rain down on my head. After a while, I started feeling bad about repeatedly depleting someone's hard earned peanut stash, so every time it happened, I would scoop all the peanuts up and make my tall husband stuff them back in the door crack when I was done.

flydragon said...

Good story you old softie. Birds and critters are sometime very creative when it comes to stashing their food except when they just put a leaf on top. That's not very secure. lol

raccoonlover1963 said...

Love the shots. It's hard enough to get one of the brids alone for a pic, but to get these is great!
I have one shot on my blog of a male and female cardinal with a dove.

flydragon said...

Thanks Lisa,
I had to take these through the window and then make them larger on photoshop so they're not quite as clear as I would like them to be. I went back through your blog to find the one of the cardinals and the dove. Excellent.

Susie said...

So I went and read your July 12 post. That is a sweet story. Don't you just wish there was some way you could relay to the birds you mean them no harm.

Anonymous said...

Those are such beautiful shots!! I would never want to leave your yard, just watching all that nature in action. Those are two of my favorite birds, but I'm not surprised the blue jay "won" the food battle!

marmee said...

great shots and it must have been fun watching the interplay goings on.

flydragon said...

If I sit or stand quietly out there for a few minutes (sometimes it takes more than a few) they get used to me, they realize I'm not a threat and will carry on as if I'm not there. Always looking at me out of the corner of their eye of course.

Thanks Eileen,
The bluejays will usually win except when it comes to the grackles. Now there is a wicked bird!!

Hi Marmee,
It is great fun to watch and of course we always have to put words in their mouths. We can make up some pretty funny stories just by watching their antics.