Sunday, August 17, 2008

Oh Dear, I Mean Deer

Just now while sitting inside at the computer, I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye, so I stood up and looked out the window into the back yard and immediately grabbed my camera that was sitting on the nearby table. I only managed to get one shot through the window before they ran away......

Thinking that they might be running around to the front, I raced through the house and out the front door, but before I could bring the camera up they were already disappearing around the neighbors house. But at least I got one picture for the naysayers (you know who you are) that don't believe me when I tell them I see deer here.
Keep in mind that I live in the middle of a well populated neighborhood in the middle of a well populated city!!
Hmmm, looking at the grass in this picture I guess I should water more often. No wonder they left in such a hurry.


Dog_geek said...

It's funny - my parents live in a very populated suburban neighborhood, and they are having all kinds of trouble with deer hopping fences from backyard to backyard, eating everyone's gardens. I, on the other hand, live in a very rural area, yet almost never see any signs of deer on our property. Maybe they just have so many other places to go here, or maybe they stay away because of the dogs, I dunno!

flydragon said...

Hi dog geek,
This is the second time this summer that I've had 2 deer roaming through my yard. Normally we don't see them here, so this is unusual. I'm very surprised that you don't have them by you. I went to your blog and saw all the land you have. You could be right about the dogs.
Thanks for stopping by. I'm going to go back to yours and read a lot more. Very humorous!!

raccoonlover1963 said...

You are so lucky to get to see these babies! I'm lucky to even see deer while driving through the country. The last deer I saw is when Lori and I were coming home from a horse show in Rochester,IN. I saw the antlered head of a large buck sticking up in the middle of a corn field. No time to grab the camera, even though it was in my lap!

flydragon said...

Hey Lisa,
I was lucky to catch sight of these, and luckier still to be able to get a shot of them. They were gone in a flash. I don't know what it is about this summer to bring them here. No development going on anywhere around here to disturb them. Maybe they just like a change of scenery now and again, the same as we do.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...


i haven't seen any deer this year, but last year we had one jumping through the backyards and on over to vine street.

but more bizarre was when i saw one running around by 200 st & the marginal.

they seem so out of place in the city, but i guess we're just driving them crazy with all of the development taking up their usual habitat.

maybe soon they will be as ubiquitous around here as squirrels. assuming they survive all of this.

flydragon said...

Morning nvam,
I actually hope they stay as just "once in a while". When buying new plants, I've never thought about deer resistant or deer proof and don't really want to start worrying about that. The way they took off yesterday without even checking things out I evidently don't have any thing they like. Good!!

Anonymous said...

Good morning,

A friend and distant neighbor just brought me some veggies from his garden and told me that he spent $600+ for a fence to keep out these 'critters.' They just broke that. So he put up electric fence and they jumped that! So what to do. They were in there yesterday knocking down the corn, eating the tops of the bean and pepper plants! And he lives here in town, but it didn't keep away 13!!!! deer. Consider yourself lucky not to have all your flower buds gone:-)

flydragon said...

morning nan,
holy cow!!! i'm lucky, i'm lucky!!! So are you because you still got some veggies and didn't have to worry about "his" deer.

Nancy said...

There are an amazing number of wild animals who have adapted to living inside suburban and even urban settings.

flydragon said...

You're right about that but I'm still surprised when I see them in my yard. I wonder if they're surprised to see us too. Are we both saying "wow, what are they doing here?"

Brad said...

My grandmother gets more blog comments than I do.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Good shootin' (with the camera). Poor deer, it's move into the city or starve for many of them.

RE: Your previous post. You have a lot of wildlife. I would hate to be walking around in the evening and surprise a skunk.

flydragon said...

Hey Brad,
Now we both know that's not true.

Hi Marnie,
You're right about the poor deer, but when they come into the city they crash into windows and run in front of cars. They're on the losing end in either case.

And as for the skunks, when you come home after dark just make sure you make a lot of noise. Slam your car door, whistle loud, clap your hands, anything to make sure they know you're there so you don't surprise them. The neighbors won't like you anymore but at least you won't be stinking up the place.

Susie said...

Flydragon-With all the animals you have visiting your yard, before long you'll be able to start a petting zoo. lol

flydragon said...

Hey susie, you can be first in line to pet the little black and white kitty. We'll give you a clothespin for your nose.

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

Better start protecting your trees & shrubs now - those voracious pigs will be back in winter to chomp on anything they can find. I rarely see the deer, usually I just find the evidence of their passing through the yard - missing Phlox buds, broken branches on shrubs. Hate them.

flydragon said...

Hi McD,
Sure don't like the sound of that!! Here's hoping they're just passing through on their way to their permanent home far, far away!!