Friday, August 15, 2008

The Night Stalker

Walking outside this morning I saw that the dirt around my calla lily and new bleeding heart plant had been dug up and there were gaping holes all around. What the....... I quickly filled them back in while swearing at the squirrels for messing in my flower beds again. And then of course I remembered that squirrels don't dig around at night and I better check the rest of the yard before I wandered any farther. Sure enough......there he was

And he was headed back this way

Now's the time to get back in the house, and so I did.


Susie said...

Girl, I think I would have been running back to the house. I'm really am a sucker for animals though. I think your skunk is as cute as that little raccoon.

flydragon said...

Hi Susie,
They are kinda cute aren't they, except when they get startled at night and let the world know where they are. And they're not very cute when they dig up the flower beds either.

Eve said...

I think it is best to admire a skunk from afar. : )

Sorry about your flower beds. How on Earth do you keep a skunk away?

flydragon said...

Hi eve,
I think it was totally my fault that the skunk dug up that flower bed. That was the only spot that I put blood meal down trying to keep the squirrels from digging there. I never thought that skunks might think there was something buried there that they would like to eat. So no more blood meal. As for keeping them away, besides putting traps out which I don't do, I don't think there's much else you can do to get rid of them. So you learn to live with them. Just watch out when you come home after dark, lol.

Anonymous said...

Good morning,
Your pictures are so great!!! And you ARE brave, or ....:-) Seems you have a few more bloggers than the last time I looked. That's great, too!!
"See you" later:-)

flydragon said...

Welcome back Nan,
Are you saying I'm brave or ...stupid?

Blackswamp_Girl said...

YIKES!!! They are cute, but good thing you ran back into the house! They supposedly will run first, and only spray if they are cornered, but... a few weeks ago, I had to pull my dog away from one that was about 15 feet away from her with its tail raised in a warning. And it had an entire 1/4 acre open area behind it in which to escape!

Incidentally, the time of the year around here that they're most likely to spray is... February! Apparently that's prime mating season, so all skunks are a little touchier and quicker to spray during that time of the year. lol.

flydragon said...

Hi swamp,
I've had one stomp it's feet when I got a little too close one time. I figure as soon as I see that tail come up I'm outta there!! Thanks for the heads up for Feb. I didn't know that.