Sunday, August 3, 2008

What's For Lunch?

Yesterday while standing outside drinking coffee, I noticed something floating down from the huge oak tree in the back yard. Taking a closer look I saw that it was a bunch of feathers. No tinge of blue so not a bluejay, I figured it was one of the pigeons that we have flying around here.

Knowing where this was going, I looked up. It took me quite a while to spot him as he was really high up, hiding behind all the leaves and it took me a lot longer to get a halfway decent picture. At that, I still could only get his silhouette so you'll have to take my word for it that it was indeed a hawk.
Hawks are one of my favorites. They get rid of some of the rodents (where was he when the big rat was running around?) and also keep some of the nuisance birds in check. They're welcome to catch and eat their lunch in my yard anytime.


Anonymous said...

I told you about the one that ran into Conrads truck. Not sure what he saw but he was a gonner. Came swopping down into the closed truck window. Poor thing. It was a sharp shinned hawk. See hawks around quite abit. The little birds are usually pretty smart but not so for your poor fellow. Middle sis

flydragon said...

I don't mind losing a pigeon at all. Not crazy about them, but am crazy about the hawks. More hawks, less pigeons. Whoohoo

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

cool hawk.

yesterday i had elsa out in the backyard and i was so worried about a hawk picking her up for lunch!

flydragon said...

Well if some day you can't find her and I see fur instead of feathers floating down, I'll save it for you.