Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hiding Spot

I have a couple of chairs outside close to my back door where I have my morning coffee. About 5 feet in front of these chairs is a trellis covered with one clematis and some annual Asarina. Don't let the delicate stems and little flowers fool you, this is one tough little climber and fills in the trellis completely.

Since my back yard is fairly open to others, I sit behind this trellis and am completely hidden from view. My own little hiding spot, seeing others but not being seen, feeling like a kid again while I spy on birds and critters and anything else that wanders through the backyards.
And then I discovered that I'm not the only one using my hiding spot, seeing others but not being seen. He was watching me the whole time I was taking these pics but I never saw him at all.
Not until I uploaded them to the computer and zoomed in for a closer look. Click on the last picture and get a better close up view.
I wonder how many other eyes are watching me out there. Spying on me, as I spy on them.


Anonymous said...

No telling what's watching you. Is that a dragon fly? Boy that clamatis sure has alot of blooms. Is that the one you cut way back? Middle sis

flydragon said...

Yep,that's a dragonfly, but that's not the clematis. Those are the asarina flowers that you're looking at.

Susie said...

I would love to have a hiding place like that. What beautiful vines! I've never grown those before.

The dragonfly is really pretty. His little wings look like shattered glass.

Dog_geek said...

Yikes! I still didn't even see him until the last photo!

flydragon said...

Those vines are so easy to grow. They self seed but not to the point where they're a pest. At least not here up north. Not sure how they would be in Miss.

I took 4 or 5 pictures from different angles and never saw him. What a pleasant surprise when I uploaded them.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Look at those beautiful wings! He is hard to see;)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

wow, what a nice surprise.

you've probably got binoculars trained on you every time you're outside... maybe even inside. you just never know who is watching you!

so don't pick your nose.

flydragon said...

Those wings look so delicate, but watching them fly you realize they have to be incredibly strong.

I'm hopeful that I'm the only one around here with the binoculars!!

Anonymous said...

Love the asarina flowers but I never had any luck with the seeds. Oh, well, that figures! And the dragonfly IS so beautiful. Are those really eyes on the top of his head, or just spots looking like eyes, like on some butterflies?

Regarding the binoculars--I wouldn't count on "no one else" Don't you know, BIG BROTHER'S out there:-)

flydragon said...

I don't know about the eyes on the dragonfly. Check out this guys blog and see some great pics of dragonflys.

I didn't know you tried asarinas. The new seedlings take longer to sprout in the spring than other plants. I always think I'm not going to get any new ones, but they do show up usually later than sooner.

marmee said...

that shows you, you just never know who you are keeping company with in the great outdoors. once it cools down a bit around here, coffee and outdoor here i come.

flydragon said...

I really enjoy sitting outside in the early morning listening to natures' sounds before people sounds start up. Hope it cools down soon for you so you can enjoy it too.

Q said...

Dear Flydragon,
One of my favorite bugs!!!
I love the butterflies and the bees and the Dragonflies. You did get a fantastic picture.
Wonderful getting to know you.

flydragon said...

Hi Sherry,
I think dragonflys are so unusual looking. They make me smile everytime I see them. As soon as I saw him in the picture I ran outside to see if he was still there but he was gone.
Thanks for stopping by.