Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back To Normal

As you can see, my floppy, fickle fingers are working just fine now. Leg weakness all gone too. Things are so good in fact, that I’m taking that pot of simmering stew I’ve been posting about and heaving it over the back fence. Waiting till dark of course. Don’t want the neighbors to see how I really dispose of my garbage.

I did want to put this little post up now though, because I think that Connie from Farside has some thunderstorms lurking around up there and I didn’t want her to get zapped before she had a chance to read it.

So it's back to normal (whatever that may be) in dragon land and posting will be back to it's usual nonsense, simple, misc. crap. But I wanted to tell you that all my plants are growing great, and did I mention that I now have a fridge full of people food instead of just bird food?
Whoo Hoo

Friday, May 8, 2009


While making my twice weekly jaunt down to the corner building that passes itself off as a grocery/junk/crap discount store, I ran smack into their plants. This time of year they have 3 or 4 long racks sitting outside full of annuals and a few perennials. Now this store is not noted for the tender loving care that they give their plants. They can kill off every single plant out there faster than you can say “dead as a doornail” unless you get them the same day that they come off the truck. Well today I must have hit it just as the truck was pulling out of the drive because all those plants were looking pretty good to me. Forget the food, the TP, and yes, even the candy. This was much more important!

They always have Fuchsias but this is the first time they have had the Lantanas. I usually try to buy at least one Lantana every year because I love them and so do the hummingbirds but sometimes I’ll have to hit 3 or 4 stores before I can find one. I never could figure out why they were so hard to find, so of course I had to buy one since it practically fell into my lap. Literally, because as I was tugging the best looking one off the top shelf (of course) I lost my grip, but luckily managed to do a diving save, grabbing it with both hands and hugging it to my body as I gracefully plopped on the ground. (Talk about a pretty picture. At least the other customers were polite enough to avert their eyes) So there I went, happily trudging home with a hanging basket of color in each hand.
And speaking of hummingbirds…..NO, I haven’t seen any yet!!!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Q's & A's and Show & Tell

First, we start with the Q's and A’s.
As per usual, I get to ask the questions and you get to answer them. Isn’t this fun??
Question #1….
This popped up in my flower bed and since I have never planted anything out there that even remotely looks like this 5” tall whatsits…..
.What the heck is it?

Question #2

No, I know what those are. What I don’t know is why, when I buy and plant primrose they start out with flowers the size of the silver dollar but the next year they’re the size of the nickel.

Any takers here? (not the coins….just the question)

Well that concludes the Q & A part. Aren’t you surprised that there’s only two this time? I know, I actually amazed myself. Now on to the show and tell.

Remember this? (I know that’s a question but it doesn’t require an answer)

Well, if you’ve been paying attention and actually reading this drivel that I post you’d remember that this was a little Illumination Begonia bud that I showed you a little while back.

Moving on

Ta Da

I think I’m going to like this plant.