Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The wrens have flown the coop

I actually got to see the babies leave the birdhouse this morning. At about 6:15 the first one poked his head out and decided this was the day. He was leaning so far out of the hole it became a matter of "sink or swim" or in this case "fall or fly". He chose the latter and flapped his way to the bushes not far away. Two seconds later number two was hanging out undecided as to what to do. But not for long. Number three literally pushed him out and he had to hang onto the side of the house before he finally let go and made it to the same bush. Number three then just fluttered out and made a soft landing on the ground. Fortunately no grackles were around and he soon hopped into some shrubs. They are sooooo small.

Asiatic Lily "Cola" Supposed to grow 28-34" in height, but these made it to 54". Had to tie them to the downspout for support.


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

wow, those lilies are nice! i think maybe "dr. pepper" might be the perfect name for that color tho.

flydragon said...

They are gorgeous. Don't know why they got so tall, though.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read your morning notes:-)Glad you started this!


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

if you want to, you can do the "8 random things about me" meme. you're supposed to tag others to do it also, if you want. if you don't, well then.