Saturday, July 5, 2008

Free Entertainment

A few years back I happened to look out my window and saw two of my neighbors staring at the large oak tree in the back yard. Wondering what they were looking at so intensely I wandered out and stood next to them. There on the wire holding my birdfeeder was a squirrel. Half way down the wire was a hook and Rocky had managed to get his foot caught in it and could neither go up nor go down. So he just hung there upside-down. Not squawking or bouncing about, just hanging there looking at us as we stood there looking at him. Being that my sense of humor tends to lean towards the dark side, I muttered something about stupid squirrels and went to the shed coming back with my hoe raised high above my head. The horrified look on their faces (including Rockys) was there until I put the hoe under his feet and gently pushed him back up to the branch. Ahhhh, such fun.


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

stupid squirrels.

Anonymous said...

That looks like a mighty cagey squirrel.

flydragon said...

LOL He certainly is. You should see him scramble around trying to get out when I walk up to the cage. He can't remember which bars he squeezed through to get in.