Thursday, July 3, 2008

Critters in the backyard

You might think that living in the city would limit the amount of creatures that consider your backyard as part of their habitat. Not necessarily. In addition to the normal squirrels and chipmunks, of which there are way too many, I have also seen:

Rabbits....One year they made their nest in my neighbors flower bed. Enough of the babies survived the cats and lawnmowers to promptly chomp all my petunia flowers that they could reach.

Geese....Mom and pop with young ones in tow have strolled through the backyard trying to get back to the golf course from which they came. After making a few wrong turns and repeating the process 3 times, they finally made it to the relative safety of dodging golf balls instead of cars.

Raccoons....For quite a few years they had taken up residence in the garage behind me. Climbing up the tree and entering through broken windows, they would have 4 or 5 babies every year and eventually bring them out to show them off. Scampering across the roof and through the tree limbs until they got big enough to be on their own. Never knew where the kids went but the parents would stay and repeat the process every year. This year, new neighbors and new windows put an end to that. I have only seen one circleing around the garage looking for a way in, but with no luck.

Possums....This year I have seen two possums instead of the normal one. He was following her so closely across the yard that she would have to stop, turn around and hiss at him to back off. Don't know how long it takes but I'm sure I'm going to be seeing her with her babies lumped on her back any time now.

Skunks....Have seen four different ones at various times in the yard. All have different white markings from the one with just a patch on his head to the one with the full white stripe the length of his body. Have to be very careful when coming home after dark around here!!!

Deer....Normally don't see these but a few weeks ago there were 2 young ones calmly trotting down the sidewalk. I assume they were headed to the resturant on the corner for breakfast.

Groundhog....Have only seen one ever so often. Don't know where he lives or where he goes, and as long as he's not looking to live in my shed, I'm happy.

City living with a bit of country. Can't beat it.

The fact that "Critters" immediately follows "Sisters" is purely coincidental and has no hidden meaning. Uh huh.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, right!!

Didn't realize you had all those 'critters'--the four-legged ones. Quite the zoo there:-)


flydragon said...

I'm always surprised that we so many of them here. Managed to get pictures of the skunk, raccoon, rabbits and geese but not the others. Wish I would have had the camera with me when I saw the deer.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

no pictures, no proof. unless you shoot one and show me the body.

flydragon said...

Pics wouldn't prove anything. If I could find a stuffed grosbeak I can find a stuffed deer.

Anonymous said...

Will you all stop!!! Can't stop laughing over here.