Monday, July 28, 2008

Good News and Bad News

Bad news. Not one single flower on the Calla Lily. Last year it bloomed on July 8th. so I'm sure that if it hasn't bloomed by now it won't bloom at all this year.
Good news. It's obviously not dead!!

Good news. Jasmine is in bloom and smells terrific.
Bad news. This has to be taken inside in the winter and I have a hard time keeping it alive until warm weather comes again.

Individual flowers almost look fake. Reminds me of sugar flowers that they put on cakes.


Anonymous said...

I quess your calla lilly is likle my hydranga (spelling) Bad news today, took out my dead weeping cherry tree. Some roots were a little rotted but still don't know why it died. Looks a little bare. Maybe you could give me some advise on what I could plant there. Gets a lot of sun. Middle sis

flydragon said...

Poor little, dead, weeping cherry tree. I don't know anything about any kind of trees. I have never planted a tree in my life. Maybe Connie could help you out there.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear about your calla lily (just kidding) because mine looks the same. But since I've never grown them before, figured I didn't know any different. If your's is not blooming either, I don't feel so bad:-)


flydragon said...

Anything to make you feel better. I think yours might bloom yet, though, because your calla is a color, whereas mine is white. I'm also thinking mine gets a little too much sun. I don't know if that would make a difference about the blooms tho. I do know they like a lot of water.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

poor little dead weeping cherry - that's an expensive loss!

do you suppose it's roots were sitting in too much water? if so, a willow would be nice and would love the dampness.

stupid calla lily. try digging it up and thinning it out some - works for daylilies, might work for callas too!

flydragon said...

Never thought about thinning it out. Maybe I'll do that next spring.