Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sunday Morning Musings

First of all I'll say that I hardly ever make mistakes, and on the rare occasions that I do, I will pretend that I didn't. But in this case since it was in black and white (see post "Patience finally pays off") and more than one person saw it, I guess I'll have to own up. All this time I've been saying Red-breasted Woodpecker when in fact it is a Red-bellied Woodpecker. There!! It's done!! Let's move on now!!!

Watching the bird feeder this morning, I have discovered that Red-headed Woody and Red-bellied Woody both like zucchini bread whereas Brown Thrasher and Bluejay do not. Both woodys will take big chunks away with them and thrasher and blue keep coming back to see what they're missing and keep getting disappointed over and over again.

Rabbit hopped by the flower beds looking for something to nibble on but decided the veronica, salvia, and stella lillies were not to his liking and since there are no petunias over there, which he does like, he moved on.

Squirrel climbed down the telephone pole and tasted 3 different clematis flowers before he decided he didn't really like the taste of them (I could've told him that before he chomped them) and went back up.

Spider webs have not been a problem this year until the last couple of days. Usually all summer long you walk out the door and no matter how careful you try to be, you get silky threads in your face, your hair, and everywhere (remember, Arizona brat?), and your car is covered and practically glued to the ground with them. Not so this year. Don't know why and don't care why, just happy about it.

Mosquitoes are a problem!! Even in the middle of the day they attack while you're trying to pull weeds out of flower beds. Simple solution...don't pull weeds. Works for me.


Anonymous said...

Have you thought that maybe you have more mosquitoes because you have fewer spiders--the whole 'chain theory':-) But we don't have many bees or yellow jackets, etc. either, and I haven't figured out why yet on that one.


Anonymous said... the way, your 'mistake' about the red-breasted vs red-bellied-- it has to do with age:-) I don't mean yours, of course, but body age. What was once breasted becomes bellied, in case you haven't noticed that yet! So there is an explanation, although one we don't wish to acknowledge.

dare I say, SisterNan

flydragon said...

I did think about the "less spiders more mosquitoes" bit, but can't figure out why there are less spiders this year. I know there have been fewer bees for a couple of years now and farmers have been quite concerned about their crops being pollinated.

And as far as the breasted-bellied I have not noticed that before...I do not notice that now...I will never notice that in the future.

Anonymous said...

I wish I would have caught your mistake. I know if I had made it someone would have told me about it. I read somewhere that the honey bees were on their way back. Sure hope so. I never had the problem of once breasted is now bellied. Middle sis

flydragon said...

What rude person would tell you about the many mistakes you make?? Point them out to me, I'll give them what for!!

And that's because you're a SKINNY MINNIE.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Morning Flydragon. I've noticed fewer spiders too. At my house I think it's the wrens. I have several wren families nesting in my yard.

Mosquitoes are horrible here too. You hit on just the right solution. Don't weed--why didn't I think of that?

flydragon said...

Hi Marnie,
I never considered wrens being the solution to the spider problem. I have a nesting couple in my yard also. They're working on their second family now.

I will use ANY excuse to get out of weeding!!!!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

lol @ aunt nancy!

oh yeah, and a very merry unbirthday to you.

flydragon said...


Anonymous said...

What spiders? Just because it took a year in the Phoenix sun to kill the one that was living in my driverside mirror.

Come on out... no spiders, no mosquitoes and lots of hummers!


flydragon said...

About time you showed up. You forgot to mention the reason you don't have spiders and mosquitoes is because of the 114 deg. temps. and seeing that I too have hummers now, that enticement doesn't work.