Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Spend Lots, Get a Freebie

A lot of seed catalogues try to entice you into spending more by offering a free packet of seeds. Seeds that you don't need, don't want and are not even remotely interested in. Seeds that they can't sell because no one else wants them either. I have a whole box of these seeds. Every year at planting time I look through this box. Nope.... Nope.... Nope.... Well, maybe I'll give these a shot.

Eyes Right Geranium. Not bad for a freebie that I didn't want.


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

ooh, i like! got any more, just hangin' around?

flydragon said...

I usually have good luck with geranium seeds, but not this time. Planted 10 seeds but only got the 2 plants. Glad you like them, because now I have something YOU like and you don't, na na.

Nancy said...

Very pretty! I have had some that looked very similar, but never had a name for them.

Thanks for your kind compliment about my post...it was fun to write, and deeelicious.