Friday, July 25, 2008

Classic Clambering Clematis Close-ups

I love clematis. If I had more room, I would have more clematis. I have had these for quite a few years, before all the other varieties were readily available. Now-a-days there are soooo many more to choose from it's a good thing that I don't have any more room.

The first one to bloom for me is this one. I have no idea of its real name so I just call it "Burgandy" It starts blooming the middle of May. Each fall I cut it down to within 18" of the ground because otherwise it just gets way out of hand the next year.

Blooming at the same time is the Nelly Moser. I have 2 of these but only because one package was mis-labeled. I don't remember now what it was supposed to be but wasn't. This also gets cut way down because it goes wild. Last year I cut it down again after it was done blooming, not all the way though, and it grew back and had flowers again. Not as many but enough.

This of course is Jackmanii. It's been around forever and is probably the first clematis for a lot of people back when. Last fall was the first time I cut it all the way back to 12" from the ground because it was just all over the place and falling down. I've pruned it before but not as hard. This year it's like I never pruned it. Still all over the place and still falling down. But it's usually done blooming by now and as you can see it's still going. I took this picture this morning. This camera does not do justice for the color purple. The flowers are actually a lot darker than this pic shows. The pink clematis over to the right side is only about 5 years old and was supposed to be a gorgeous double according to the package. No such luck, (what is it with packers?) so I just stuck it next to Jack to keep him company.

This is "Mme. Julia Correvon". A new addition this Mothers Day. A small, dainty flower (unlike the one who gave it to me) and it is still blooming away since May. The tag says bloom time is July-Aug. so it probably won't start to bloom as early next year.

Last but not least is the Autumn Clematis. This one gets up to 30 feet tall so I have it intertwined on a Mullberry tree. Starts blooming in Aug. and has a sweet scent but also lots of bees and yellow jackets. So be careful when you stick your nose into this one.


Anonymous said...

WOW--again!!! I had no idea you had so many clematises(sp?), and all so beautiful. Wish I could say the same. But you're an inspiration, again!!!


Not Very Anonymous Mom said...



What?!? I'm just a delicate flower.


flydragon said...

Well, there's the snort and the belch but not the one you're really known for, you delicate little horses' ass.

marmee said...

these are truly amazing little (i mean really big) plants. i had to leave mine when we made a move to the country but have since planted 4 new ones. this year was a bust but i do anticipate them coming back in full force next year. thank you for sharing yours at least i can virtually enjoy yours.

flydragon said...

Welcome Marmee. Leaving plants behind when you move is like leaving best friends behind, and new clematis plants seem so small and thin that you're sure they'll never make it up that trellis or fence. But they do and soon that spindly little vine is climbing all over the place (sometimes too much) and putting on quite a show. Good luck with yours.

Anonymous said...

Now I know I can cut mine way back and try to organize it better on the trellis. It's top heavy. Middle sis.

flydragon said...

I've never killed one yet. You saw that Jack clem when I cut it all the way down. I actually thought I had gone too far that time but here it is again just as big as ever.