Tuesday, July 1, 2008



I am one of three. The youngest, I might add, and have, on occasion, reminded them of that fact, usually with a snicker.

Wasn't always the case. Growing up I didn't want to be the youngest. Only 3 1/2 years separate us (poor mom, what was she thinking) but 3 1/2 years difference is a lot when you're younger. All the things that they got to do and I couldn't. The places they got to go and I didn't. And when I did finally get old enough I still couldn't do them because mom found out what they did when they went there and did that.

And the bickering. Constantly. "You did too" "I did not" "Move over" "I don't have to" "I'm telling" "Mom" which of course ended with us being sent to separate chairs. Didn't work very well though because it was not a very large house and we were still within talking and glaring range of each other. "Can I wear your blouse? No. Why not? Because." Tried to sneak it. Small house, same school. Duh.

We all had different interests when we were growing up. Oldest N was gorgeous, popular, homecoming queen, dating the top jock.....yadda yadda yadda. Middle B was a cheerleader, on the queens court, liked by everyone.....yadda, yadda, yadda. Me...black sheep. Hey, somebody had to throw a monkey wrench into the works. My younger brother also threw a few monkey wrenches of his own but that's a different story for another time.

Eventually we all emerged unscathed and went on our separate, merry ways. All got married, had kids and finally knew firsthand what mom really went through, and are all retired now. They could retire before me of course, (you know why, snicker) We had managed to keep in touch over the years and do so now more than ever. We ended up with the same interests and enjoy each others company a lot although we aren't able to get together that often anymore. Lots of e-mails and phone calls though.

So. About sisters. They are the ones that shared your childhood with you. They are the ones with the same memories that you have. They are the ones who know what you went through, good and bad, while you were growing up. They are the ones who have the same aches and pains that getting older brings and are willing to listen to yours as you also listen to theirs. They are the ones who, when you do get together, say "Hey, remember when this happened? Remember when we did this? Remember when we went there? Remember so and so and such and such?" And so you do remember.

Sisters. Definite keepers!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor thing:-)Seems being the youngest isn't so bad now, is it!! You forgot to mention that you were the brightest and smartest, while the rest of us were being 'beautiful' and 'social.'

Can't wait to see whatelse you have to say about us!!


flydragon said...

Oh I'm sure I'll think of something, seeing that I'm the "smartest"

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

you know, i always knew you could write. i always knew i got the itch from you. so, after all these years you've proved it.

i really like this post and the picture - that is one of my favorites! you look like such a little hellion!

flydragon said...

I beg your pardon. I look like such a little sweetie!