Sunday, July 6, 2008

Patience finally pays off. Woo Hoo

After putting the peanuts in the birdfeeder this morning and watching the woodpeckers come and go, come and go, I was determined to take their picture. The feeder is located very close to the windows and no matter which side I moved to, they saw me and immediately flew away. After about 45 minutes of moving around and maybe swearing a little bit, I finally found a spot where they didn't notice me right away and managed to snap these. Not terrific but not too bad either.

This is Big Red, the king. The ruler of all he surveys, the chaser of all others, (except for the grackels, and then he's a sissy)

This is the Red Breasted. He doesn't have a red breast but can't be called red headed because of the king. He is next in line to the throne if Big Red ever decides to give it up.


Anonymous said...

Where in the pecking line is the Pileated woodpecker?

flydragon said...

I've never been lucky enough to see one. I've heard they're very big but until I see one with my own eyes on my birdfeeder or even in my yard, Big Red is still #1 with me.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

those are some great pictures!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the "great pictures." You have more patience than I can even imagine! After trying to photograph out my window and seeing the results, I gained a whole new respect for nature photographers.


flydragon said...

You have to try stubbing your toe on the chair leg and then swearing a lot. It helps somehow.