Thursday, November 6, 2008

Still Hanging On

The Asarinas are still hanging on, blooming like there’s no tomorrow. But of course for them, tomorrow is just around the corner. They just don't know it yet.
Some Geraniums are also hanging on. They’ll last longer than the asarinas but a hard freeze and the few bright blooms that are left will be looking like little sputniks floating in mid air with antennas sticking out every which way.
Then there’s this hanger-on-er. Hanging on by one little finger... toe?... digit?...appendage?
No, of course this is not one of mine, (I should be so good) but when you're talking about hanging on, it certainly has to be included.


Anonymous said...

Your flowers are still pretty and I love the little "hanging on" buddy! Don't you often feel just like that? Hang in there, Mildred

Dog_geek said...

It's nice that you still have a litte color in your yard! We've had a few hard frosts, but we still have some snapdragons, heather, gentian blooming. Also a few bedraggled looking blanketflowers are holding on!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love the color on those geraniums. That last photo is a cutie! Reminds me of the one from years ago with the cat hanging from a branch.

Susie said...

I love how you always find humor in everything! This world needs lots more people like you flydragon!

Too bad those pretty little blooms have to go away soon. I love that little froggie. He is so cute!

flydragon said...

Yes, I often feel like that, but in my case it's usually raining and that bud is getting very slippery and I'm sliding.......

You have quite a few still going. Isn't it great to have flowers blooming in Nov.

That geramium was a freebie packet of seeds. Turned out great this time.
I remember that cat photo, or one like it. Funny.

Without humor, I'm sunk :)
Little froggie is one of my favorites.

beckie said...

Sputnik-what a perfect description!! Your posts always brighten my day and bring a smile to my face. Thanks!

flydragon said...

Glad my silly little ramblings give you a chuckle. Your comments do the same for me.

Rudee said...

I'm hanging on to the last shreds of autumn too. I'm in a deep state of denial over my new job and having to commute all over town in all sorts of weather. What are the chances I'll not have to drive in a blizzard this winter? Nil is what I think.

That frog picture is adorable and you've such a green thumb. I have a few stragglers-just daisies.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

They don't know it yet, poor babies. Sigh.....

They sure are lovely.


flydragon said...

Oh, I sure don't envy you this winter because driving in bad weather is not my idea of a jolly good time. Hope all blizzards miss you and me of course.
I laugh everytime I look at that frog.

Double sigh.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I feel like that frog (and no NVAM I don't mean slimey and uckey). Just hangin on down here in sunny Fl

Fla brat

oldcrow61 said...

Gorgeous flowers. My Geraniums have had it, the last frost did them in. That little frog is just too, too cute.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

love that lil froggie! i've still got some geraniums hanging on, the perennial kind "jolly bee". i can understand the name now.

also have two potted plants still outdoors that are still performing spectacularly - the gartenmeister and the tibouchina. surprising.

flydragon said...

fla brat,
Still sunny and warm here too, so there. What makes you think nvam would say anything about slimy and yucky?

From what I'm hearing, this weekend should be spelling doom for my poor little flowers.

You might want to think about bringing those in tomorrow.

nicole said...

i try to cultivate some things but to no avail - my yard looks like crap even in spring and summer :-(

the green thumb obvs skipped this generation

flydragon said...

Nope, it didn't skip you. Work, school, raising Grace and everything else you do just keeps your green thumb from showing up yet.

Anonymous said...

Ijust pulled up my begonias which were still hanging on but knew by tomorrow they would be falling so I gave them alittle help. The red, dead maple leaves are still hanging on for dear life, which they don't have but will wait till the snow flys. Where did you find that tiny frog pic.? Middle sis

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very nice photos! Asarinas are one of the most under used plants. I grew a variety called "Lorraine Blue" (I think? ) Beautiful color. Once they start blooming they never quit. Our snow is coming tonite or tomorrow:(

flydragon said...

I'm not going to bother pulling any more annuals out. Let them stay till spring. I bet your maple tree was just sleeping this year and next spring it will be it's old self. One of the brats sent me that frog pic. Ain't it cute?

I agree with you on the asarinas. They're so easy to grow, reseed themselves, and bloom forever.
I guess the snow is on its way here too, sometime this hoo.

KALI said...

i love the flowers! how i wish i could find some of those in the desert :)
and the frog... keep hanging!

flydragon said...

I'm afraid that was the last of the flowers you'll be seeing on my posts until next spring. At least you don't get any snow there:)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

I'm always amazed at the flowers that keep going even after a frost & a freeze. Those are the ones I want to be sure I plant next year.

flydragon said...

You and me both. I grew some "Pin Up Flame" begonias one year and they were still blooming with an inch of snow on them. I'll have to post that picture one of these days.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Awww... the little froggy is adorable! And your asarinas are pretty--how long did they hold on for you?

flydragon said...

Hi Kim,
Believe it or not the asarinas are still blooming, even more than that picture. This is probably the end for them though since it's going to be a rough weekend for us weatherwise, from what I've heard.