Friday, November 28, 2008

Pigeon Pie

There’s a flock of pigeons, numbering about 15, that makes the rounds of the neighborhood, stopping at those homes where birdfeeders don’t have trays attached to catch the falling seeds. I learned a long time ago, that feeders without trays draw too many unwanted critters and birds to your yard. And pigeons fall into the unwanted category. (Sorry Pigeon Lovers but did you ever make a mistake and look up when they’re flying overhead or walk/slide under a bridge where they love to roost? Ewwww…. Yucky….Bleche!!!

And since pigeons are slow to get off the ground once they’re on it, they make for easier prey for predators than the other faster, smarter birds. (Now take it easy PL’s. Don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m not saying pigeons are slow and stupid, I’m just saying all other birds are faster and smarter)

Now hawks on the other hand are very welcome in my yard. Taking care of some of the aforementioned unwanted critters and thinning the flock of pigeons to a tolerable level. (Yes, PL’s, that means eating them) In the last 2 weeks, “Harry” has landed in my yard 4 or 5 times to snack on pigeon. Harry keeps getting plumper and the flock keeps getting thinner. Twice, I’ve managed to get pretty close to take his picture but since my camera wasn’t working very well at the time, (stop with the ha, ha’s PL’s) none of the shots came out except this grainy one that I managed to get of Harry up in the tree, pigeon clutched in his fat little feet.

Right now as I’m typing this, Harry is sitting quietly, high up in the large oak tree in my backyard. He’s been sitting there quite a while so I figure he’s already had dinner. Maybe he’s just resting a bit before he has dessert. Hey, who’s ready for a piece of pigeon pie? (Now, now PL’s, you know it’s survival of the fittest out there, and I’m not saying pigeons aren’t fit for anything but hawk food but……. Oh who am I kidding, that’s exactly what I’m saying.)


Susie said...

Oh my, what happened to that kind and compassionate flydragon I was talking about the other day? Sounds like one of those "other personalities" has shown up.

Anonymous said...

I suppose hawks are entitled to Thanksgiving dinner too!

Anonymous said...

Had to get my glasses on,looked a little like a crow sitting up in that tree with a snack. Try hanging your cloths out to dry with those pesky pigeons nesting near by. Oh I forgot you can't hang cloths out. Middle sis

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the spelling of clothes. Send it before I checked the spelling. I guess cloths and clothes are made of the same thing.M.S.

Anonymous said...

You are right, pigeons are stupid. They remind me of cashiers at fast food restuarants (who can't count change). Unfortunately I haven't seen any hawks at McD's.

Fla Brat

Dog_geek said...

I have always remembered those valuable words of wisdom from my dad: "don't look up with your mouth open." We don't get pigeons here, but have lots of doves, which are pretty close.

flydragon said...

That one got so worn out from trying to be nice that we had to send her on vacation or to the basement, I'm not sure which.

Complete with pie!!

Blind Betty,
Ha. You send things out with mistakes too. I use spell check so often, I can't remember how to spell anything by myself anymore. And I do hang cloths out, but not clothes.

fla brat,
Wait awhile. When hawks run out of pigeons, they'll have to go after something else.

Wearing glasses is also a good idea while looking up. Doves and pigeons are very close and they both make a nice dinner for Harry.

Rudee said...

Yeah that's right-until you need them to send messages behind enemy lines during a war or some such clever thing. My grandfather used to train homing pigeons. Once upon a time, they were quite useful. THe hawk is eating the pigeon? It looks like something else entirely.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ah, I am a kind of live and let live person. So I like both the pidge, and the hawk. Great that you get to see nature working out the balance in your own backyard.


flydragon said...

I admit that homing pigeons were a great help at one time. Now they pretty much just make a huge mess. What do you think the picture is?

I just let nature take its course too. I personally wouldn't kill any bird, but I don't mind when hawks kill pigeons.

TC said...

I think it's so cool that you get to see a bird of prey preying. And since I like action shots, try and get a picture of an actual swoop and grab next time. ;~)

flydragon said...

Since I'm so good at taking pictures, ha, I'm sure I'll have no problem getting one of a hawk in mid air, swooping down on a hapless pigeon. I'll get right on it. Uh huh.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Ah well it is the law of nature, eat or be eaten. I think it is incredibly nice of you not to feed them right on the ground, may as well keep things a tad interesting for the hawks! :)

flydragon said...

I figure the hawks need all the exercise they can get.

Di said...

I know it's the law of nature, but it's still hard for me to watch. My cat caught a beautiful Cardinal last week, and it upset me very much. I love my cat, he's so beautiful and loving, but he was on my S list for a quite a while after that. Poor pigeon, I didn't realize it but I guess I'm a PL, and I love to hear morning doves. Hawks kill other birds too. When one is in my yard, the other birds make themselves scarce. Please let
C/Flydragon out of the basement.

flydragon said...

Hi Di,
I like cardinals and I would be a bit upset if I saw Harry with pretty boy red. But I just can't get myself to care that much about pigeons. And I don't know how but C/flydragon did manage to sneak out of the basement a few days ago:)