Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Room With A View

I have a large window by my kitchen table where I sit to enjoy my morning coffee. I sit there to look outside at my garden, at all the flowers that are in bloom, the birds as they come to the feeders and the multitude of squirrels climbing up and down the trees and chasing each other across the back neighbors garage roof.

Of course at this time of year, there are no flowers or gardens to look at but I still enjoy watching the other stuff that’s happening out there. I still enjoy the view. Until yesterday, that is.

Oh,oh. Grabbing my camera just in case one of those guys takes an extra step to the side…..In case you’re wondering, yes I also grabbed the phone in order to call 911 if necessary, but no use letting a good shot go to waste if…….

Fortunately for them, but a tad disappointing for me, no accidents occurred and they finished the job in no time. And now I get to sit and look out my window at this huge, ugly, blue thingy. And you can’t notice anything else. Talk about right in your face!!

The least they could have done was to pick a different color. Something in gray, perhaps? Maybe a nice paisley camouflage? A floral print? Anything other than this monstrosity?

The only upside that I can see in this at all, is when it gets a little icy up there and those squirrels that are chasing each other end up tobogganing down the slope. I’ll be sitting here with my camera just in case…….

So far today though, only one squirrel has dared to get on that giant sea of blue, gingerly tip toeing his way across the peak of the roof until making it safely to the tree at the other end. That’s okay. I can wait.


Roses and Lilacs said...

It is kind of in-your-face, hard to ignore. Seems like a bad idea for any length of time.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love neighbors! Makes you want to live on 5 acres in the country!

Fla Brat

Anonymous said...

What nerve of them not to color coordinate! Gray would have been so much nicer. Keep that camera handy.

Susie said...

Okay, I can't wait to see photos of topsy, turvy squirrels. (not that I wish them any harm). You better keep a phone number of your local vet cause when they hurt their little booties you'll need to take them in being the responsible, compassionate and loving person that you are. Right?

flydragon said...

It is, it is.

Fla brat,
Since this can probably be seen from the space station, I don't think 5 acres is going to be enough.

Makes you wonder what the heck some people are thinking. Even a little bright blue goes a looooong way.

Oh absolutly. Right you are.

Rudee said...

The bright side is that you can train your brain to think you're looking at blue skies. Is this a cheap version of roofing? I'm trying to figure why people would do this.

Dog_geek said...

I would definitely vote for the floral print. Actually, if you could get up there with a can of spray paint, you could probably make some great things happen. Bring the old makeup and some beer can tabs, too. (And make sure someone is standing by with the camera.)

flydragon said...

It's a temporary fix for a leaking roof when they can't put new shingles on right away. The problem is of course, that sometimes they leave this up forever. I don't know if he will, but I hope not. Maybe I'll sneak up there and paint some clouds on it. Or waves with sailboats.

flydragon said...

It seems you and I had the same idea about the paint. No surprise there:) Since there is no one else here to hold the camera, I wonder if I can take a picture of myself as I'm going over the edge.

Anonymous said...

I'll be right over to hold the camera. Maybe I'll get the picture of someone sliding down that Bright blue sheet. Those little squirrels toes might tear right through, then pretty soon you'll have blue ribbons waving in the wind. P.S. Looks better than what I have to look at. (tires, bikes, cars, rubbish. etc. etc. Middle sis

flydragon said...

How about you coming over and I'll hold the camera while you're up there. I'll only take a picture of your good side.
Blue ribbons flapping in the wind. Good one. I never thought of that but it's sure to happen.
I'd forgotten about your great view. Now I don't feel quite as bad. Well, yes I still do.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well it is kinda in your face isn't it. They do degrade pretty fast in the sun and wind, you could have many morning of enjoyment watching that tarp fall apart..but it will take all winter:(

flydragon said...

The wind today is just howling. All the edges of this tarp that are not tied down are just flapping away. With a little luck this beauty will be three blocks away in no time.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing what can happen in just ONE day. I love the way it's turning out towards the end here!!!


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Maybe with a little unloosening of the knots, and the wind.......

I think the real question is, who in their right mind invented ugly blue tarps anyways? And why do they only offer blue, orange, green? Why not designer colors?

flydragon said...

I know. One day can make a huge difference, be it good or bad. Trouble here is it's the bad this time:) With luck.......

I could loosen the knots on the back, but I think he might notice me when I drag my ladder around to the front.
I didn't know they made orange ones. Lordy, I'm glad he didn't pick that one!! How about a clear one. That way you could still see the shingles underneath and it would look a little more natural. Dumb inventors.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i'm still waiting for the blue tarp i stare at to degrade... two years and still bright blue! stupid neighbors.

but... since i can't seem to scrape the $ together to reshingle my roof... that tarp idea is looking kinda good.

i'm sure they sell black tarps at lowe's... i wonder what they charge to install it on my roof?

Anonymous said...

Why spend more money on your roof, just save up all your black garbage bags and staple them on your roof. Flydragon probably has a stash of them in the shed/closet/drawer/wherever. If you run out of black ones, by all means, use white ones (maybe do a checkerboard theme). I'm sure Flydragon will help you "create"(if you supply her with enough beer, errrr pepsi).

Just some thoughts,
Fla Brat

flydragon said...

Great idea fla brat.
But instead of garbage bags that you have to pay for, how about all those plastic shopping bags that are entangled in all the trees. Free for the taking, once you get them out of the trees, and we know they last forever up there. And you're right, with the right incentive, I will be glad to supervise.

Anna Lefler said...

Wow, that view makes me...um...blue.

And what a letdown that no one toppled off the roof. Of course, if you hadn't had your camera ready, there would have been workmen flying everywhere. It's always that way, isn't it?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving in spite of the dang tarp.

:^) Anna

flydragon said...

Ain't that the truth. All kinds of things happen when you're empty handed and nothing happens when your finger's on the button.
Happy Thanksgiving to you too:)

TC said...

Love is blue?

(Sorry, it's the first thing that came to mind when I saw the photo.)

flydragon said...

Then why am I not feeling any love for this lovely blue eyesore?

Anonymous said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving.

flydragon said...

Thank you Mildred,
And a very Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!