Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can't Get Away From Mom

No matter where my kids moved to try to get away from their pesky mom, it wasn’t far enough. I can still bother them. Although it’s with e-mails now instead of face to face bothering. They could pretend they never received the e-mails, but they don’t. Well, I think Fla. Brat did once but she swears she didn’t. Since she swears quite a bit, I’m not sure if I believe her. (My sister Betty swears she didn’t get an e-mail from me one time too, and she never swears but I don’t believe her either)

Anyhow…..last week it was the computer. I was having a problem with the speakers and since this is actually Ariz. Brats computer I figured I would pester her about it. I e-mailed her my problem and she called me to see what’s up. I told her the speakers were silent. She told me that she always turns her speakers off because she doesn’t like to hear anything while she’s on her computer. If she thought it was going to be that easy and that was going to work for me she had another think coming. I like my little beeps, bings, dings, tones, bells and whistles and every other little noise to accompany me while I’m playing.

Since I know absolutely nothing about computers, she was going to have a tough time telling me what to do over the phone. But she bravely started out with “click on start”,… “click on what?“… “where it says start and then control panel”,… “ where does it say that? Oh, okay, I found it”… “then click on where it says…”, “I don’t see where it says that”….
Well you get the idea, right? So after much clicking and unclicking with nothing working to get the speakers speaking again she paused for a minute and then said, “when was the last time you rebooted the computer?”…. “You mean turn it off and then on again?” …. “Yes” (I could hear her sighing in the background). …. “A couple of days ago” …. “Well lets try that” …. “Okay, I know how to do that”. So I did, and when it came back on there it was. The little tune coming out of the speakers. “Hey, it’s fixed. Hear that?”… “Yes, I can hear it” sigh… “Thank you, thank you.”.. “Anytime”

This week it was the camera. For a couple of weeks now every picture I tried to take was turning out way too light. I know as much about cameras as I know about computers. And since this is Ariz. Brats camera that she left here…etc. Another e-mail, another phone call. This time it took a little longer because she hasn’t seen the camera for three years and couldn’t remember the ins and outs of it. And this time I was trying to hold the phone and the camera at the same time while pushing little buttons, and turning tiny knobs, dropping the phone once or twice, (but not the camera fortunately). After three phone calls and much fiddling and fussing, it’s fixed!!! Eureka!! Not only is the amount of light fixed but I can now take more pictures than the 16 that were on the card originally, what ever that means. And when I download/upload ?? them to the computer, I also can hear the little bong that tells me it’s working. Life is good!!

So thank you FD#4. Everything is working great now. And don’t be changing your e-mail address so you can honestly say you didn’t receive it the next time I need to bother you.


Anonymous said...

If everything is working now, where are the pictures--of the working computer, maybe? hee hee hee
Wish you could fix one of my computer problems. Seems you weren't without very long??


Anonymous said...

Your week sounds like mine, computer/internet problems and BLOG WITHDRAWAL all week! At least MY camera is still working!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I remember getting our first computer 2 years ago. How do we turn it ON? Is pressing this button going to break it? What does this mean? All those questions, eventually you learn, and even more eventually, you remember what you learnt. That is when you know that you are on your way.
Yes where are the photos?


Rudee said...

It's always good to hear from our babies-be they brats for moving so far or not. Mine lives 45 minutes away and I'm lucky if I get to see her twice a month. If she ever settles down and gives me grandbabies, I will be hard to dodge. I'm glad you got your problems fixed and had the added bonus of visiting with your daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hey when I say I didn't get your e-mail I swear I didn't get it!!! How in the world did you get more pictures on your camera without buying something? Can you tell I'm not very savvy on computers or cameras? We'll have to take another trip now that you have more pics. to take.

Di said...

Ahh,children. What blessings they are ...well, most of the time. We taught them well, now they teach us. Our little bundles from heaven now "high tech guru's", "literally" know more than us.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi FD. I thought computers were supposed to make our life easier! When mine went caput, it took a 16-year-old to fix it! How sad that a child could fix something that even the people at Dell couldn't figure out!
Have a great week.

flydragon said...

I was only without the sound from the speakers, everything else was fine. That was an easy fix. Don't know what I'll do when it's the computer itself.

Ohh, don't even mention Blog Withdrawal. What would I do without the blogs!!

The problem is that I don't remember all that stuff. In one ear and out the other for me:)

Killing two birds with one stone always works for me.

Still don't believe you! Ariz brat walked me through the steps to re-program the camera to accept more pics. on the card. Do I know how? will I remember what I did?

As long as we have those little "bundles", we don't have to know the darn stuff ourselves:)

Computers make my life more fun, but certainly not easier when something goes wrong:)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your week was easier than mine. The garage door opener, then the hot tub, then the computer, then one motorcycle, then Dan. Whew, what a week. I knew you couldn't help me with the garage door opener, hot tub, computer, or the motorcycle, but I did email you for help with Dan. I didn't hear back. Guess you never got that email---right?

Well, I fixed him too so all is well.

Fla Brat

Roses and Lilacs said...

Hi Flydragon, how lucky to have your own computer doctor;) Send her some homemade cookies or something.

flydragon said...

Fla brat,
Well, since bad things come in threes, and I only had two, (knock) it looks like you got my other one. Sorry about that Ha. Why didn't you ask for my help with the computer??
And yes I did get your email about Dan, but I totally ignored it.

flydragon said...

The only way it could be better would be if she made house calls. And since she is not much of a sweets eater, I should send her pizza instead:)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

what email about Dan? what did I miss?

grr... you know how i hate being out of the loop.

i'm sending the az brat a one-word email, can you guess what it is? haven't heard from her in a year or more. seems like.

T said...

Hahahahaha!! You are sooooo like me when it comes to computers. But, I have no children, I have to call hubby or friends for help. I am so helpless with electronics.

Sometimes my mom even helps me, instead of the other way around. :))

flydragon said...

Nothing with Dan, I already checked. She just threw that one in there.
Does ariz. brats email begin with B?

Well at least you don't have to fix yours by long distance phone calls:)

Anonymous said...

Those kids are good for something, right? My son hates when I call him with a technical problem, but he'll give a heavy sigh, then try his best to help me.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I try to keep my kids hands off the is the grandkids that we ask for help! They know some awfully fancy stuff! Show us some pictures if you got that camera figured out! :)

flydragon said...

I tell them they can sigh all they want, but it's still their JOB to help me:)

Just because the camera is on the correct settings now, it doesn't mean the pictures will be any better. It just means I won't be able to blame those poor shots on the camera anymore.

Dog_geek said...

And they say that computers are such time savers! Anyway, it is nice that you and your daughter have computers to bring you together - better living through technology!

flydragon said...

It's kinda hard for your kids to ignore you when you send an email that just says "HELP!!!" Works every time:) Probably won't work anymore though if they read this.