Monday, March 30, 2009

March Is On The March Outta Here

Here it is the 30th day of March and there is still nothing blooming in my yard. Granted there are a few buds on my daffodils but buds are not blooms! The only bit of color out there is a bright green hose that fell off it’s holder and is now coiled on the ground. At least I think it’s the hose because as far as I know we have no snakes around here. Hmmm….maybe I should check it out…, I think not. I know it’s the hose!!! There is also a bright orange Reeses Peanut Butter Cup wrapper blowing back and forth in the wind. No it is not my wrapper. I might be a bit lax when it comes to cleaning up all the leaves and dead annuals in my beds, but I do not let my trash blow around. This is someone’s else’s trash. I wish they’d keep it in their own yard for a change, although it does bring a spot of color along with the snake, err I mean hose, to my otherwise drab backyard on this dreary day. It also gets me to thinking about chocolate………never mind!!

Since there is nothing outside, we’ll have to stay inside. I know you’re all dying to hear about my seedlings, right? I’ll take that big sigh as a yes. This is just a sampling of some of the larger ones. And if you think some of these are small, you should see some of the other ones I’m not forcing you to look at.

On the left is my Illumination Begonias. Before you ooooh and ahhhhh about these beauties?, bear in mind that out of 27 seeds that I planted, I only got 9 plants. And it took 2 months to get these buggers to this size. Next on top is Camelot Rose Foxgloves. I only ended up with 4 out of 12 seeds, but that’s okay because I’m hoping they’ll reseed for next year. Next to them is Tumbling Tom Tomatoes. All 8 seeds germinated and I had to thin them down to 4. Let’s hope all 4 of these make it since there are no more. Oh oh, maybe I shouldn’t have done that yet. Moving on…the gazanias are next. These are from the seeds I saved from last years favorites. The bottom three are Monkey Flowers, Blue Victoria Salvia, and Stock, in that order.

Now, wasn’t that a lot more fun, interesting and informative than you thought it would be?
Oh… okay this time I’ll take that sigh as a no.


Dog_geek said...

Cool! I didn't start anything indoors this year. Whenever I don't start seeds, I regret it. whenever I do start seeds, I regret it. Sigh.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm following Monica's example and sowing outside (winter sowing). I've meant to do it for a couple years but I never get past the 'thinking it through stage'. Your plants are looking good. Wonder why the germination was low?

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey The begonias look good, you had a 30 percent germination rate..that isn't too bad for begonias..they are hard to grow even under great conditions. Fussy on maintained even exact temperatures and just the right amount of moisture. You did great! Foxgloves grow really fast..they also look good. Your Tumbling Toms need more light! But they will be ok if you strip off leaves and plant them deep. I love gazanias and Salvia Victoria Blue will bloom its heart out. The Monkey Flower will grow really fast too! I hope you get weather to plant them all out in the next month or so! I could have used you in the greenhouse! :)

Brenda said...

I was very impressed with your seedlings that are now plants. I have some but haven't even started them yet. Better get to it! I don't think I have ever heard of a monkey flower or a tumbling tom. It will be fun this year with blogging to hear what others grow in their climate.

Anonymous said...

I am jinxed when it comes to seeds! I have a perfec 0 success rate with seeds! I think you have done great and look forward to watching these boogers grow. Foxgloves don't do well here, but I've had one or two that were just knock-outs. I'm hungry for tomatoes now too. By the way, I once grew "chocolate mint" - it is a Flydragon plant if I've ever smelled one - smells just like a peppermint pattie!

Susie said...

I think you did great with these seedlings flydragon. Most of the ones I planted a couple of months ago never germinated. So you have a much better success rate than I do.

Rudee said...

Your plants are looking great. I love begonias, but I forget, what color are yours?

I don't know how much work I want to do planting my landlord's garden, but I will put potted plants on my porch.

beckie said...

Flydragon, fear not color will soon come to your garden. Like mine the weeds will grow before anything. :) I even left a few so I would have something blooming!

I am impressed with the begonias- I have heard they are very tiny seeds and very hard to get started.
As for the rest of your seedlings, they look like they will be just the right size when it comes time to plant them. BTW, When doing some major cleaning and clearing in my beds, I found a half smoked sausage! But it looked long past it's prime so I wasn't tempted to try any of it. :)

Di said...

Hey you're good! I planted 2 kinds of sweet basil but have not seen anything yet. My problem is putting them out too early. I think surely it's warm enough now, sweet basil doesn't like to be chilled. Ha! Mother Nature loves to show me how wrong I am. This year I held some seeds back, (hee hee hee) which I will direct sow in June. I know, I know, "It's not nice to fool Mother Nature". But all's fair in love and gardening. :D :D

flydragon said...

Believe me, a lot of times I regret when I start them too. Especially when I try a new one and the final plant is scraggly/ugly and looks nothing like the pic in the catalogue.

I've never tried winter sowing. Not even sure how to do that. I take it that's just for perennials? Most of the seeds I try have a pretty good germination rate. Just never the begonias and foxgloves. Of course, they would be two of my favorites too:)

I was surprised that I even got 9 begonias out of that. Most years the rate is much less. The gazanias, salvia, and monkeys are all from seeds that I saved from last year's plants. I know the monkeys grow fast. I have blooms on them before I even get them outside. The tomatoes are new for me this year. Not sure how to plant them outside so I'll be asking you about stripping leaves when it's time.

The monkey's are Mimulus. Gorgeous little flowers!! Most of these I started begining the first of March except for begonias and foxglove. Those I started much earlier. I'm anxious to see your's when you get them going!!

Ha, a lot of times I've started seeds and got a big fat 0 too. I love the looks of foxgloves!!! Not the foliage so much, but the flowers!! And that chocolate mint...a flydragon plant for sure:)) I'll have to look for that one!

Sorry your's didn't germinate. I've read that the temperature is the most critical part of germination. Since I don't have heat mats, I put mine in the small utility room where the furnace and hot water tank are. It's always quite warm in there, and that seems to do the trick.

The begonias are pink. It's the only color that Park Seeds had. If I had a porch, I would definitely load it up with tons of pots!!! Probably would take forever just to water them:)

Ha, I also have some (tons) of weeds growing, but even those aren't blooming.
As for the not so delectable sausage, I have never come across one of those out there, but I did notice the neighbors dog got loose this morning so I'm sure I'll have something similar in looks to clean up:))

Every year I think about planting some herbs, but since I hardly ever cook, I talk myself out of it. Do you have a cold frame out there that you planted the seeds in?

TC said...

I'm not posting about my seed starting. Wanna know why? It's boring. **sighs**


Betty said...

You had me laughing with all the 'sighing'...too funny. I think your germination rate is fantastic! I can't even grow the seeds which are already in soil and already fertilized and just need water to grow...brown thumb!

What really tickled me was your description of the number of seeds which didn't germinate; and then...the tomatoes. Of course, all 8 of them would germinate and you'd want to reduce them. Tomatoes are so prolific...except mine, of course.

I though this post was so enjoyable!

Di said...

I started the seeds indoors in pellet plugs. I use a tremendous amount of herbs, as I love to cook, especially parsley and sweet basil. I have an herb pot with tyme, oregano, sage. etc., which come back every year. But the parsley and basil each have their own pots as I use so much more of them. I'm getting anxious now, let the season begin! :D

flydragon said...

Ha, I knew that heavy sigh I heard was coming from your neck of the woods.

Hi Betty,
Seed germination always works that way for me. You're hoping for a lot, get little, need a little, get lots:))

I hope you email me some pics when they start growing!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

looking good - and i will have to say march went out like a lamb, huh?

flydragon said...

And April came in like one. Whoo hoo.

Rose said...

Well, you're way ahead of me, Flydragon! I planted some seeds the end of February, and most of them didn't even germinate. On the other hand, the sunflowers and moonflower I planted two weeks ago have already outgrown their first pots. Now I'm out of town, and I hope they don't all die before I get back. Daughter is in charge of the dogs, but she doesn't "do" plants:)

If you only get 4 or 6 of each plant, that's still cheaper than buying the plants themselves. And I'm jealous of that illumination begonia!

Becca's Dirt said...

Your humor is so refreshing in your post. This is my first visit to your blog and am looking forward to your future post. I understand about the outdoors with all the fronts coming down and across. I think the whole country is suffering from a not so kind mother nature right now. You have some good seedlings there. Looking forward to some pics of the blooms.

flydragon said...

Hi Rose,
Seeing that your post about your Illumination convinced me to try them, I think of you everytime I see them. Does that make you feel as though you have one yourself? No?
I know moonflowers grow very fast once they start, hopefully they'll still be there when you get back!!

Hi Becca,
Thanks very much for coming by. I hope all my seedlings live to provide me with blooms to take pics of. A lot of times they don't:)

Anonymous said...

I just don't get it--your seedlings almost look fake because they look sooo good. None of those long spindly kind I get! How do you do that?

And about the Firsts--I want to see some pictures!!! Got spoiled.


flydragon said...

Hi Nan,
I think because I have them under lights for 15-16 hours a day, is what keeps them from getting too spindly.

Okay, more pictures next time. Maybe. Maybe not.