Friday, March 13, 2009

Plump It Up

I don’t know about your computers but lately everywhere I look on mine, I am bombarded with little ads for plumping it up. First there’s the lips. The easy, magical cure for those of us that suffer with thin lips. Rub this cream on my thin, ugly, (yes, it actually says I’m ugly,) lips and in no time at all, I will look as luscious as Angelina Jolie. And evidently men will be beating a path to my door, trying to give me a big fat kiss!! I’m not sure I could handle that.

Did I buy this product? No way. I’m not prone to buy from someone that is rude enough to call me ugly right off the bat.

Then there’s the ads for plumping up my hair. Secret, unknown ingredients in shampoos and conditioners that will have my thin, limp hair instantly becoming a wild, curly mane causing even the most stoic of men to start pushing and shoving just to be able to stand by my side. I’m not sure I even WANT to handle that.

Did I buy this product? Nope. I did try “Curly Shampoo” once. Not one curl showed up. So I won’t bother trying any of these "miracle" products either.

So what’s with all the “plump it up” ads lately? I never noticed them before. Maybe they were there but I didn't see them because I never thought I needed plumping up. And I don’t think I need it now either. I may be a little short in the lips and hair department, but that doesn’t mean I’m lacking in plump. Nosiree. I’ve got plump!! Plenty of it. So eat your heart out Angelina, I’ve got plump all over you….. and all over me.

So whoever's plastering all those ads on my computer, knock it off. I don't need or want any more plump! Why would I spend money for more of something I already have in abundance?


Anonymous said...

Harriet and I just wish we could choose where to "put" our plump!!!

I figured my word verification would be youuglyfat !!!

beckie said...

Almost missed your last post-not going to this time!!

Just hold on a couple more years and thin will be in. Remember Twiggy and her almost non-existent lips and that thin wispy hair. I've lived long enough to know what goes around comes around. I mean if they could bring back madras plaids and make them 'hot'....

TC said...

Is midrif bulge plump? Oh well, I'm happy. And I know you are too. So lets just let it all hang out!

Brenda said...

Ha...I never knew my lips were thin until Hollywood told me so. Someday thin lips will be very popular and then I will in with the in crowd. Twiggy was the first really skinny model I remember. Now they are all twigs.

Rudee said...

I'm waiting for bra fat and muffin tops to become all the rage. I do have big lips though-and mine are all natural. They match my big mouth.

JulenaJo said...

hahaha You made me laugh! It is amazing to me how thin my lips keep getting even while my hips & waist keep plumping. Alas!

Jan said...

Dont forget to plump up your eyelashes too. And I am all set in the muffintop category1

Betty said...

Why can't we all just be happy the way we are? If the 'ad men' would stop telling us we aren't fine, we might think we are...haha. There's a program (I don't watch it) called "Pimp My Ride" could have one called "Plump My Hide"...think it would sell?

Thanks for a good laugh!

Renie Burghardt said...

Yeah, well, those plump it up adds get to plump up their wallet with those adds. Me, I'll keep my cash and my thin lips!

Have a great weekend!



Far Side of Fifty said...

At my age any extra apecial plumping may be hit with a sudden case of gravity anyway..gravity is not my friend:(

flydragon said...

Haha. You plump, no. Harriet yes:) The day I see plumpypat as a word verification, Blogger is going to get an earfull:))

Well I hope thin lips and hair will be making a comeback pretty soon, but I won't be holding my breath. Hmmm, I wonder if holding my breath will plump my lips. I'll have to give it a try:)

No, midrif bulge is definitely not considered plump!! All that is just the body's way of keeping warm in cold weather, and it's still cold here!!

I prefer to think that we skinny lips are the real "in" crowd. All those plumpy lipped people, (except Rudee of course) are the "out siders" wishing they were us:)

Good thing I read your comment before I replied to Brenda's:))
And I think I read somewhere that bra fat and muffin tops are finally on the way in. Whoo hoo!!

Hey, that's exactly what mine are doing too!!

I forgot all about the eyelashes, and the few that I have left could definitely use some plumping:)

I'm with you about those dumb admen. What do they know anyway??
LOL on the Plump My Hide. That's a sure winner:))

Well, they're not getting any of my cash either. I wonder if I'll get a plump wallet now? That would sure beat paying for plump lips:))

Ha, tell me about it!!! I keep pushing things back up, gravity keeps pulling them back down:)))

Anonymous said...

This was all really good for a laugh--out loud!!! Hey, what's this program 'Pimp my Ride'--That says a whole lot, too, and good for more laughs!


Rose said...

LOL, Flydragon, I was just thinking before I got to the end of this that I do have "plump"--it's just in all the wrong places:)

When I was a teen I was very slender except I thought my rear was too big, so I spent hours doing all these exercises trying to make it smaller. Now Jennifer Lopez and others have made a "big booty" fashionable. I'm waiting for someone to make midriff bulge hot, too.

KALI said...

i am waiting for plump your savings account...
i bet those ads it wont annoy you!!!

Dog_geek said...

Hmmmm... I always get the ads showing the jiggly belly fat or the wrinkles. Yikes! And my word verification is "fater" - gee thanks, blogger, but you left out a "t"!

Anonymous said...

Well said! I'm plumped up enough, naturally. Those ads drive me crazy! Too focused on changing everything about us.

flydragon said...

Hey Nan,
Pimp my Ride is some cable show about restoring cars. I've never watched it and had to look it up to see what it was about. I actually thought it was something totally different, as you probably did too:))

Ha, working to make your booty smaller. I guess nowadays bigger is better EXCEPT in belly's and legs. DARN!!!!

Welcome back.
I'm waiting for a plump savings acct. too:)))

Now that you mention it, I get a lot of the belly fat and wrinkles ads too. I wonder if my computer screen is really a one-way mirror??

Right!! We should start revolting! Oh, I guess they are telling me that I AM revolting:))

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

he he!...I couldn't agree more; my sentiments exactly!

kathi dunphy said...

Scarey thing is, we older gals have gained some perspective and can laugh at our shrinking lips and expanding waistlines and accept it as inevitable but a whole generation of teen girls takes these ads very seriously and view themselves as deficient and in need of surgery. Insidious really what advertising trends can do to self image.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon! I'm having a giveaway for my 200th post - come leave a comment and maybe you will win! Who knows, it might be something to plump your lips or chocolate or one fat dog! ha

flydragon said...

Hi Jan,
They have some nerve telling me my plump self isn't good enough:)))

So true!! These kids are just bombarded with this stuff wherever they go, till they have no self esteem left!!

Whoo woo. All my favorites. How can I refuse an offer to participate in something like that:)) I want the pooch, I want the pooch, I want the pooch!!!!....and some chocolate!!....and some lip plumper!!

Jeanne said...

If I were to pick one plastic surgery change, it would be to add some lips to my face. Mine are more like a gash than lips.

But I've always figured the money would be better spent on therapy to help people accept who they are....

flydragon said...

I always figured I would have the double chin removed if I was going for anything. Talk about plump:))

Anonymous said...

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flydragon said...

Hi Maria,
I figure there are so many things wrong with me, I'm not sure plumper lips would help:)) know I'll be checking out this site.