Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wanna See A Picture?

While at a party or out for a night on the town, did you ever run into one of those people who love to show you pictures? The ones who immediately grab that little leather, wallet sized thingy with a snap, that when opened drops a whole line of plastic clad photos down to the floor, and your stuck there as they show you every one, while explaining who they are, what they were doing, what they’re doing now etc, etc, etc…and although you’ve never met this person before in your entire life, and have no idea who all these people are, you can’t very well be rude and walk away, so you stay, listen, nod your head at the appropriate times while desperately wishing you were somewhere else?

You have? I haven’t. Not once. No one has ever asked me if I wanted to view pictures of their offspring or other family members. Not even the people that I’ve known for years. That might be because they either don’t have any kids, don’t carry pictures with them, or it might be because they usually have a cocktail, er I mean liquid refreshment in one hand and have their other hand stuck in a bowl of munchies, (don’t eat anything from that bowl) which makes it quite difficult to reach into one’s pockets. On the other hand, I’ve never been asked to show any pictures of my kids either. Probably because I also had my hands full of …..important stuff at the time. Or it could have been that they already had an inkling of what my kids looked like and didn’t need nor want to see a picture for proof.

But right now my hands are empty, and even though I wasn’t asked to, I am willing to show you a picture of my girls. And it’s only one picture so don’t be rude and walk away (or click away because I can tell when you do that) without at least a quick glance.

My kids always were a wild bunch.
And I guess I'm also a bit bored.


Dog_geek said...

Nice family photo! It must have been hard having a bunch of catty girls living together on the same house, though. I woud imagine that the fur would fly, from time to time.

Brenda said...

HAHAHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAhAHA.......I was not expecting that but needed a good laugh! You are a funny lady!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I thought I was really going to see their faces!
It takes two hands to unwrap a Hershey's Kisses - that's why you can't show a photo album!

P.S. My word verification is sholomia - I feel like I should sing that!!! Oh, Sholomia!

Betty said...

Wow...I thought pictures of my 'furkids' were good...but, yours are purrfectly stunning!

Far Side of Fifty said...

They look puurfectly normal..more normal than you in that robe with the junk on your face! :)

flydragon said...

Hi DG,
Not only was the fur flying, but there was also a heck of a lot of snarling, hissing, and claw marks on the furniture.

Wanna bet if my kids think I'm funny right about now?

Hey Mildred,
How did you know it was because I was eating kisses??
I didn't know you could sing. Does Harriet sing along with you?:)

Ha. And mine are a whole heck of a lot bigger. (And meaner)

I beg your pardon. There was no gunk or junk on my face. What are you implying?

Di said...

Cute kids! I can see the family resemblance. Come on, show them without their make up.

Renie Burghardt said...

I bet your girls are even cuter without the cat make up.

I carry pictures of my granddaughters and sometimes show them, too. Like the other day, I showed my older granddaughters picture to our favorite young waiter. Haha. Yep, wanna see my pictures?

Susie said...

Oh that is hysterical! How funny!

BumbleVee said...

oh, yeh.....I SO want to make a doll with a big cat face....

Rudee said...

That's one catty bunch you have there. They don't look a thing like you either. You know, my daughter is an esthetician, she may be able to help them pluck those whiskers.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

wow, i look so regal and unapproachable. no wonder people always think i'm stuck up!

off to the drugstore to buy some hot wax strips...

Rose said...

LOL, Flydragon! Do they all take after their mother??

I was going to make a clever comment about catfights at your house, but I see all the clever cat jokes have been taken:)

I'm one of those people who usually forgets to carry the latest pictures of my grandkids in my wallet. So when others whip out their photo stash, I have nothing. I wonder...does that make me a terrible grandmother??

flydragon said...

Makeup? What you see is what you get:)

Haha, okay you're one of those:)) And you had a captive audience too:)

I hope they appreciated it just as much:)

Hi Bumblevee,
I checked out your place. Very creative and interesting. A lot of talent there, and if you want my kids to pose for you, I'm sure that can be arranged:))

I think the girls think whiskers are a status symbol. The bigger the whiskers, the stronger/meaner the cat. At least that's the way they act.

You are the queen of the jungle afterall. And if you're off to the store for hot wax, I think you're going to need a bigger car!

Unfortunately, they do not take after me in looks, a lot of other stuff, but not looks:)
I don't carry pictures in my wallet either. I also don't carry a wallet so I have an excuse...what's yours?:)))

Roses and Lilacs said...

I thought you were going to tell us you'd all joined the touring cast of the musical CATS. Now that would be exciting.

Nutty Gnome said...

Ha ha, your girls are certainly the cats whiskers!
Great post - it really made me laugh and, given my current state of exhaustedness (is that a real word?!), I needed a laugh - thanks!

spookydragonfly said...

Too funny!! Once again, I can always count on you for a good laugh! Everyone looks pretty tame at least! Hey, they say the animal look is still "HOT" this year?!

flydragon said...

I'm quite sure the producers of CATS wouldn't have been able to control them very well. I know I couldn't:)

You should be exhausted after all that work!!!! Glad if you got a chuckle:)

With all that fur, they certainly are "hot" and not necessarily in a good way:)))

TC said...

And what's worse ... they all look like they have a cattitude!

(You're a nut.)

flydragon said...

Ha, they certainly do!!!!
(I've been called worse)

troutbirder said...

Oh no. This is embarrasing. I tend to say things like "would you like to see my pictures of Alaska... and drag out an album.

flydragon said...

Haha. That's okay, Alaska's good. If I ever run into you somewhere, feel free to drag out your Alaska album. I'll mumble something or other at the appropriate times:))

Jan said...

I like that picture! You have a good sense of humor.

flydragon said...

Hi Jan,
Since the lion was the only one to leave a comment here, I think the other wildcats are thinking "We are not amused":)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I am very amused. I was in Daytona till yesterday at Bike week. I do think, however, that if you want to really scare your readers, show the real picture. The animals don't do us justice. We are scarier in person! I think I have more facial hair than the tiger. As usual, FD#1 has her tongue out. How appropriate.

flydragon said...

I should have known you were out gallivanting around. You spend your free time biking around while I spend mine putting hairy faces on my kids. Hmmmm.
If you're looking to get rid of some of that facial hair, I think #2 might have some hot wax left.
Ha, I didn't know if anyone would notice #1's tongue.

Anonymous said...

I doubt if #2 has any wax left. Her beard/mustache is as bad as mine. I think that tongue is the real thing. I saw it soooooo much growing up that I recognized it immediately. You are obviously getting tooooo good at photoshop. I have some photos you can touch up! Try putting some front teeth on that one of me. While you are at it, take off the headband too.

flydragon said...

Oh, oh, be very careful of what you ask for. You just might receive it.

Anonymous said...

Oh, old pics don't scare me, they entertain me. Feel free to show any of me you want. Feel free to touch them up too (or not).


Iowa Gardening Woman said...

LOLOL........great fun!

flydragon said...

That's what boredom will do to me:)

Bren said...


flydragon said...

Hi Bren,
It was fun. But now I'm bored again, so who knows what's coming next:)

beckie said...

Flydragon, I don't know how I missed this family photo post! Love the girls they are such cuties! Do they take after you or their dad? Thanks for the smile/

flydragon said...

Hi Beckie,
Well since you did say they were cuties, they do of course take after me:))

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

Hi Flydragon!! I saw this photo on my sidebar ('cause you are on my google reader) but I forgot to comment! It looks like you have a wild bunch...but they are so calm and sat so still for the camera! Do they purr? It is a sweet photo, for sure;-)

flydragon said...

Hi Jan,
Yes, they have been known to purr, but only when they get what they want. Otherwise it's all growling, all the time:)
I'm very surprised that they sat so still as I was mean taking their picture.