Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hitting The Beds

A little of this

Means a lot of this

Two flower beds down and two to go. And although the last two are begging for some clean up, they'll have to wait because I’m just too tuckered out and another bed is calling my name!
I’m sure you can guess which one.


Di said...

You're way ahead of me. A little back problem has my beds on hold. But didn't it feel good to get out there in the sunshine? Can't wait to see pictures of your 2009 flower spectacular.

Anonymous said...

What is in the secret bags? Don't remember your saying anything about putting something on your flower beds, which always look soooo beautiful!


And we had 80degs today--so there!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Hey, good to hear from you. Regarding your comment on MBD blog, regarding HTML I really am not sure what the heck it is either. But it did sound good did it not?

I think it has something to do with somewing, or somewhat. Right? I don't know if I even spelled it correctly.

Actually I think I understand what it is for, and how it works, I just am no where near explaining it to anyone else.


spookydragonfly said...

I've been out enjoying the recent warm weather we've had, but like Di, back issues have my work on hold, too. Happy Spring, Flydragon!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i was a good girl and got the front yard raked up, but the back is piled so high with nuggets from zeke and emmy it seems a bit overwhelming. wanna trade yards for a little bit?

flydragon said...

It was great to finally get some warmer weather and get out there!!! Not all that great to have to clean up the mess, though:)) Let's hope there will be "spectacular flowers" to take pictures of:))

Nothing secret about those bags. They're full of trash, leaves, and dead stuff that I had to clean out of the flower beds. Nothing sneaky here, I'm afraid:)) And I know you're always way warmer in the spring than we are, so pffffttt!!

Hi Jen,
Haha, yes you sounded like you knew exactly what you were talking about. Of course, since I know exactly nothing about any of that crap, you could say anything and I'd believe it:))

And just so you know, your blog is one of the first ones I read every morning, even if I don't leave a comment:))

Hey spooky,
Even though I finally got the rake out, I haven't put the snow shovel away just yet. Hopefully it will never be used again, but.....
Sorry about your back problems..Hope it goes away soon so that you can also be raking, pulling, digging, cleaning, swearing, cussing and all the rest of the good stuff that comes with spring:))

No thanks on the trade but you can come and help out here if you're so inclined!! You do know that cleaning up nuggets is one reason you had kids right??

Rose said...

LOL, Flydragon. The past few days have been so beautiful, I've been trying to get some gardening clean-up done, too. My body still hurts...

Brenda said...

You are way ahead of me also. I wanted to do it but I am afraid to because my allergies have been really bad. Claritin has gotten really expensive all of a sudden. It is great to get outside though!

Roses and Lilacs said...

The weather is supposed to be nice here at least thru Saturday. I'll see how much I can get done before it starts to rain. It's gonna feel so good to get outside and move around.

Dog_geek said...

Ugh - I really need to get going over here! I wonder what the chances are that Mr. Geek will clean up the flower beds while I'm gone at the agility trial this weekend? (Unfortunately, this is a local one, so I'll actually be home in the afternoons in time to help out.)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am happy that you had a nice day to work in the flower beds. We have one area that is a little steep and the older and stiffer I get, I practically have to lay down to work on the incline! Harriet supervises from her little wagon parked in the shade, of course! Can't wait to see all your pretty flowers later. Have a good afternoon.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Good for you! You will have flowers before you know it! We just haul our excess into the woods..or I blow leaves there at 150 mph with the leaf blower! But alas I still have snow..:)

T said...

Flower beds? UGH! All I have is a planter with dead dying rosemary bushes.

I need to hire a gardener. I am jealous of your temps too, we have already hit 92 degrees, soooo not looking forward to summer.

Can I come stay with you for the summer? Promise I will bring my candy stash and share;)

flydragon said...

Hi Rose,
I definitely try to pace myself. A little work...a big rest...a little work...a bigger rest. No need to hurry, as it certainly isn't going anywhere:))

I haven't been coughing or sneezing...YET. I'm sure it's coming though:)) Some days have been so bad with watery eyes, and running nose that I don't know whether to wipe or rake, and usually just throw the rake down, go back in and figure the heck with it:))

Today is cold again so I'm glad I at least got some cleanup done, and it did really feel good to be outside and not freeze my butt off:))

I'm sure Mr Geek will have all the beds cleaned up and ready to go by the time you get back......or maybe not:))

Ha. I'm so old and stiff sometimes I'll lie down even when there is no incline:))) My neighbors love to see that:) Now what you have to do is teach Harriet to pull weeds while you lounge in the wagon. You can get her a little sunbonnet to keep the sun off her little, curly head! And of course, I expect a picture.

I need a leaf blower!!!! I saw the temp. on your post today. I'll bet the snow is not melting now:))) I don't know how you make it with the long winters you have up there. I'd be a basket case by now. (More than I already am)

Hey T,
While we're longing for spring and summer, you're wishing for winter all year long:)))

Hmmm what kind of candy stash??

troutbirder said...

I'm psyching myself up for all these cleanup tasks too. Today was garage day. Tomorrow the boat. Then... oh heck I think Im booked up till May 15th

Renie Burghardt said...

Oh, good for you, flydragon! I got to get some things done before it gets hot. I did plant a row of curly leaf lettuce and spinach. And a couple of new rose bushes. Still have tree limbs down from the ice storm, but my son has been working on those. The weather has been beautiful though, thank goodness.

Have a great cleaning up weekend and all!


Rositta said...

Your way ahead of us weather wise. We won't be doing any gardening until late April early May, maybe. I suspect we'll get another blizzard yet this month...ciao

Jan said...

First day of spring tomorrow! I am so ready. We are behind you but the temps are getting better.

Susie said...

Rake, rake, rake, sounds like fun, right? Spring is almost here,yippee!!!

Rudee said...

I'm going to miss my irises and lilacs. I'm thinking this would be a good year to split the irises and take some with me for next year.

flydragon said...

Ha, sounds like you sure got your work cut out for you. I'm thinking your other bed will be calling your name too:)

Hey Renie,
Sounds like you've been pretty busy too. Glad your son is taking care of those limbs for you. Have a good weekend too!!

I expect we'll get another snow or two. Darn!! But at least a little cleanup gets done first:)

It's cold here yesterday and today but the weekend sounds better. I'll be back out there raking some more, and taking a few more naps too:))

This is what I get for not cleaning more of it in the fall. Fun? No No No:)

Now's the perfect time to dig up some of those iris!! Ask your little garden fairy to do it for you:)

TC said...

Are you up from your little "fieste" yet? If so, get back to work! :~P

Yes, that was the "Word Verification" word.

flydragon said...

Ok, ok I'm up. Whether I'll get back to work or not is another matter. And I sure did enjoy my fieste:)

Weeping Sore said...

It seems like it was just yesterday that I couldn't do anything in the garden except lament that it was too cold. Now, I'm so far behind in spring cleaning and seed sowing. I'm also tired, but I'm going outside today as soon as I finish my coffee.

flydragon said...

Hi Weep,
I also had plans to get outside and do some more of the cleanup, but although sunny, it was freezing!!!! Another day...maybe:)
Thanks for stopping by. I went over to you and loved what I read, so will be back!!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

geez, get to posting already lady!

flydragon said...

Hmmm, the pot calling the kettle???

raccoonlover1963 said...

I could have sworn that I had already left a comment here a couple of days ago! I guess that's what I get for swearing! LOL
We have been working a little on our yard. The previous tenant let his children and dogs completely destroy the yard. The grass here used to be very lush, thick and green. Now there are huge bald patches everywhere. Chuck bought some patching stuff from WM. It's seed, fertilizer and paper mulch combined to keep it all in place. I have some flowers blooming, but I want to move them to make room for an herb garden. Mom had planted the flowers when she lived here, so I don't want to get rid of them. There are daffodils and hyacinths. I had a couple of bees and one small butterfly on them earlier this afternoon.
Take care

flydragon said...

Hi Lisa,
I love that patch stuff. It's so easy to use and the paper mulch keeps most of the birds from eating the seeds. Nothing blooming here yet. The daffodils have a few buds so maybe in a couple of days I'll finally have some color out there!!
Happy Gardening!!!