Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Couple Of Firsts

I know this is not April 1st, but there were a couple of firsts for me today. The first one is I finally got some blooms in the yard. My Tete a Tete daffodils finally showed their little faces. No picture here because everyone has their own to look at and I know you don’t need/want to see any more.

The second first is the first bee. Not sure why he showed up since the only thing blooming around here is the above mentioned daffy, and I don’t think they like those. Needless to say he didn’t stick around long. No picture because...well it's a bee.

The third first is a Rufous Sided Towhee in my backyard. No picture of him either because he was extremely skittish and immediately disappeared as soon as he saw me heading out the door with the camera, which is usually what happens anytime I try to take a picture of anything that flies, crawls, swims, or walks.

Next we have the first day it has hit the 70* mark, which also makes it the first day I have the windows wide open filling the house with something other than recycled heated air from the furnace. Yippee!! Cough, hack, sneeze, choke, gasp. Not used to this stuff!! Count your blessings there's no picture of that.

And finally, it is the first day I have taken the new cart for a walk down to the store. I know, I know, that doesn’t sound like a big deal to you, but unfortunately it is a big deal for me. It actually took me 45 minutes to talk myself into it. For some unknown reason, I feel very conspicuous and self conscious walking down the street dragging this cart behind me. I know as soon as I walk out the door there will be dozens of people going by, gawking, honking, laughing, pointing and generally having a good time at my expense. I’m sure parades will spring up out of nowhere, television crews will show up and I’ll be the lead-in story on the 11:00 news.

Paranoid? Perhaps just a tad. Fact is, only 2 cars went by the whole time it took me to walk to the store, and neither one of them slowed down to look and laugh but I still felt uncomfortable the whole way. That is until I finished shopping and started home. Six heavy bags of groceries snug inside the cart, big wheels rolling effortlessly along, strolling down the sidewalk without strain, pain or aching arms. Ha, look who’s laughing and pointing now. I am!! Eat your hearts out passersby’s. You wish you had one of these, don’t you? Whoo hoo!!

If you want to see a picture of this, check your news channel. I think I might have seen a tv truck hiding in one of the side streets.


Roses and Lilacs said...

LOL, I'm thinking of getting one to carry groceries between the garage and the back door. Talk about lazy, huh?

Dog_geek said...

News channel - heck! It's already up on YouTube and has become a viral video! In all honesty, I think people are probably just jealous of your fabulous cart. (How much candy did you wheel home?)

Brenda said...

That post made me laugh. Thanks...I needed a laugh. I pulled some weeds yesterday and a bee flew up my pants leg. Luckily I didn't get stung. But I thought "What the hell are bees doing out this time of year????" We just had snow last week!

Becca's Dirt said...

That was funny. I laughed. Thank you.

flydragon said...

Get one, you'll love it!! Why make 5 trips when you can do it all in one. And that has nothing to do with lazy, but a lot to do with smart:))

Whew, I'm glad I don't look at YouTube. But ummm, tell me, did I look good?
And you won't believe this, but I did not buy even one piece of candy. I didn't realize that until you mentioned it. Oh, oh. I think I'd better take my temperature and go to bed, because something's definitely wrong.

Ha, I can't believe a bee flew up your pants and didn't sting you. Were you hopping all over the yard shaking your leg?? I would have been:))
Glad you took the time to comment, I know you're not feeling up to par.

That's okay. Laugh at me anytime:)

Susie said...

Sounds smart to me!

Rudee said...

I don't think anyone will laugh unless you go shopping in your jammies and robe, then you'd be fair game. It was glorious here today too.

Jan said...

Wish I could cart my groceries home like that! I live way too far from any stores.

Betty said...

All those 'firsts' and not a second to waste...ha. Love your cart story. Oh, and by the way, we don't have daffodils in the desert, so I'd love to see some pictures of yours. Maybe you could take some pictures on your way back to the store to buy candy, eh?

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

This has got to be a case of conquering two tasks at once: grocery shopping and weight loss! Hooray! I wish I could do that too...but like someone said, I live too far from the stores to take a care:-( Now I'll have to find another exercise. What's that??!

beckie said...

Flydragon, congrats on the firsts! I would think the glorious weather would be the best. A cart phobia is a new one to me-but glad to see you are conquering it. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Aww. I wanted to see the photos of your daffydills.. mine are still snow covered. A bee you don't say..well actually yu did.
So your cart worked well, as advertized could always get a big hat and a long trench coat and go in disguise LOL..:)

TC said...

You said a "couple" of firsts. Couple = 2. You need to take a math refresher course, I counted five "couple of firsts" here. What gives??

(Have you figured out how you're goin to use the cart in the garden?)

flydragon said...

I'm begining to come around to your way of thinking:)

Well at least no one would notice the cart then, right?

Sometimes it's not all it's cracked up to be:)

I might be posting some pics of the daffys yet as it's pretty boring around here. I can't believe I didn't get any candy on that trip:)

Not too much weight loss involved when I stock up on all the sweet stuff:) But a little exercise (and I do mean little) is better than none, right?

I have no idea why the cart thing bothers me, but maybe since I got one trip under my belt, that will disappear:)

Maybe I should take a pic of the daffys since they're calling for snow here in the next few days. Nothing like what you had though!!!
Big hat and trenchcoat, huh. The idea is to NOT draw attention to myself.

Okay teach, change couple to few. That better?
No need to use the cart in the garden, since I have a 2 wheelie thigamajig for hauling stuff around.
Feel free to check my spelling here too.

Di said...

Gosh, I had no idea that was you when I drove by gawking and laughing my butt off. I just didn't recognize you.

T said...

You didn't get any candy because you only had one cart, you must have been feverish, putting groceries before candy.

Remember dessert always comes before a meal, that way you always have room for dessert, in your case, CANDY!!!

flydragon said...

Ha, I thought that was you!!!!

Darn, I forgot all about the dessert first rule. Never again!!!

Anonymous said...

Flydragon: I am terribly late getting to your last post. Rain and wind knocked out our internet, phone and tv and they've been a long time getting it corrected. Oh, I am thrilled that your little cart makes life easier. I have a smaller one that I use to cart potting soil etc. around with in the yard - it's a life saver! Now, if you want strange looks, horns blowing and people laughing, I would gladly let you push Harriet in her stroller! We never get away without a comment or two from passers by! Enjoy your day friend.

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
I saw on the weather channel that some wicked weather was headed your way but didn't know if it got you or not. But then you didn't put a post up till later so I thought maybe it had. Glad things are up and running again.
Harriet in her stroller:))))) If I was driving by you I would stop the car in the middle of the street, get out and get a close up pic:)) At least no one did that here!

kathi dunphy said...

So Brenda, did you have to pull your pants down to let the bee out ?? It happened to a friend of mine only it was a mouse. Embarrased her kids half to death when she ran out of her pants to the house!

flydragon said...

Yeah, Brenda, you never did say how you got of that adventure:)
kathi, I'm not sure which I would rather have...the bee or the mouse. Oh, yes I'm sure...neither one:)

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

I couldn't find it on CNN and I

Anything that makes it is easier for us oldies is OK in my book.

Glad to hear you have flowers and temps in the 70, I hope the Iowa weather we had yesterday does not make it your way.

flydragon said...

Hi Iowa,
Well, I'm afraid the weather you had did indeed make it here yesterday. You could have kept it you know, I wouldn't have minded.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

stupid snow.

i bet i've posted this exact same comment about 100 times already.


KALI said...

i knew it... you're the one i saw on the news... but the video is cute... you, hopping on the sidewalk while pulling the cart :)

thanks for this funny post... you made me smile.

flydragon said...

You and me both!!!!!

Ah ha, I knew I'd make the news somewhere but didn't realize it would be half way around the world:)
I know you've been having some difficult times lately. Hope they get better for you soon!

KALI said...

i think it was banned on your side of the planet... that's why they aired it here :) lol!

everything is getting better now. thank you for your prayers :)
and for just being there.


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear you finally tried out that brand new shinny cart. Sounds like you can get alot of goodies in it. Sure wish I was there with my camera. Middle sis

Margaret said...

Migrate to Australia and come to Melbourne, where you will be able to shop to your heart's content pushing your cart, at any of the local markets.

lilly said...

Just strolling through other peoples blogs and came upon yours. I live in N.Y. State and the weather here has been terrible. Spring does not want to be here this year. I am on the FAR SIDE OF 50 by a couple of ten years. Have been disabled for about 7 years so do not get out a lot. I love to read, crochet, and cook . We have sold our home and live in a 2nd floor apartment with a large deck, so I am able to grow some flowers in pots and also have grown tomatoes. We have a total of 8 girls. My husband has four and I also have four girls. Guess the boys all went to my older sister has 6 boys. Would love to hear from you. Lilly

flydragon said...

Hey Betty,
Too bad you missed the photo op. Nah nah.

Hi Margaret,
My youngest daughter went to Australia for vacation one year. She thought it was beautiful and was amazed at all the gorgeous birds. Thanks for stopping by.

Hi Lilly,
I clicked on your name but it didn't take me anywhere. Do you have a blog hidden out there somewhere? I'd love to visit it.

Rose said...

LOL, Flydragon; I've been gone and missed the TV news on this. Maybe it's on YouTube by now??

Congratulations on all your other firsts. I'd love to see your daffodils; I've been showing pictures of the same daffodil on several posts:) I can understand about the bee and the birds, though. I have lots of blurry bird photos shot from 20 feet away and other random photos with empty space where a bee or bird once was:)

Have a Happy Easter!

flydragon said...

Hi Rose,
Welcome back. I expect a zillion photos to be popping up on your blog from your vacation!