Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Depressing Browns

I’m not talking about the Cleveland Browns football team here, even though they certainly are depressing. Except for the new stadium that the die hard football fans voted to pay $300 million for in 1995 (and which I’m probably still paying for even though I’ve never set foot in the place) they have diddly squat.

1995 was the year when the owner of the old Browns decided that the city of Cleveland wasn’t playing nice and announced that he and the team were skedaddling to Baltimore because THAT city knew how to treat a team, notwithstanding the fact that in 1983 the Baltimore Colts had come to the conclusion that Baltimore was treating them poorly, and they actually snuck out in the middle of the night to avoid the wrath of extremely angry fans, and headed to Indianapolis, because THAT city knew how to treat a team……..
And since our “new” Browns team has fallen to the bottom of the pack most of the years since they started from scratch in 1999, they do tend to cause one to become depressed. But that’s over for now.

I’m not talking about this depressing brown matter either. Although he’s pretending to try to cheer me up by his “king of the hill” antics ( king of the trellis this time), I know he’s really up there to get a better view to see where he can start digging to find all his hidden acorns. And dig he will, and dig and dig and dig.

The brown that I’m talking about is much less complicated than either of those. It’s this.

Brown grass, brown vines, dead brown annuals from last year, dead brown leaves still strewn about, etc…. wherever I point the camera, this is what I see.

But hey, it’s March 1st and the worst is behind us now and in a few weeks I expect to be typing a post titled “Whoo Hoo..Green”. Well, hopefully not quite that lame but something to that effect. I think I’ll like that one a lot more than I like this one. But I know that a few weeks from now I still won’t be liking the Cleveland Browns or the furry tailed big brown rat. It’s going to take a heck of a lot longer than that.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I know what you mean about the browns, we have that, and some dull dark greens of the evergreens. I am haunting the nurseries, and the stores for splashes of color. Anything to photograph.

Here's to hopeing that your color comes in soon.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

BTW, is anyone else encountering this problem? I start to type a comment, and then everything disapears. It doesn't happen on everyone's blog, just a few. It happened here, so I thought I would mention it.


Anonymous said...

I can take some photos to send you if it will chear you up!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Well I tell ya, I could take a little brown..cause I still have white. I might have brown when you are doing your whoo hoo green post...but I won't count on it. I will be the last person in this whole blog world to get green. Woe is me:)

Brenda said...

I thought your post was going to be about sports which I know very little about, except what I over hear.
Last week I got excited to see some greenery poking up out of the ground. I think they were lily bulbs. If we can make it through the next 4 wks, I think we will be good to go.

Anonymous said...

I have something more depressing than brown happening as I type and it's something I rarely see in Georgia: SNOW!!! UGH! We've had such pretty, warm weather and now it's snowing the size of golf balls. Harriet's never seen snow and she's barking at it! Flydragon, Spring and Woo Hoo Green can't come fast enough.

Susie said...

I'm feeling your pain girl! At least this a.m. I had a little white to go with my brown!

oldcrow61 said...

Won't be long before the browns are gone. Gotta love that squirrel, lol.

Rudee said...

I love the way the buds on trees just sit there for weeks and weeks, and then one glorious day, they all burst forth. Living in a 2 season state makes me appreciate it all the more. One day it's winter, and the next we're in the midst of a summer heat wave.

As for football, you can't beat Detroit. They can't win for losing. Owen Sixteen is the latest in jersey wearing fashion statements here.

flydragon said...

I'm hoping too!! Can't haunt the nurseries around here. #1. they don't have anything yet..#2 if they did it would be too cold to get out of the car:)

I know blogger was really screwed up yesterday evening and still a little bit today, but I haven't had a problem with the comments, yet....

It's gonna take more than a few photos from Fla. to do the trick. Unless you deliver them in person of course!!

LOL. I check your temps and see your snow everytime I visit your blog and keep telling myself..."see self, it could be a whole lot worse".

When I went outside this morning to take the picture of "brown" I thought I might poke around to see if I could find any green, but 2 minutes outside and I was freezing!! Right back in!!

OH NO NOT SNOW!! The size of golf balls huh. Sure you're not exaggerating just a tad?? Did you dress Harriet in her little pink sweater and let her go out and play in it?? That picture made me smile all morning:))

Ha. We don't have the white to go along with the brown but we sure have the cold today. The water in the birdbath's frozen solid. The birds need an ice pick if they want a drink:)

Old crow,
YOU can love the squirrel. I don't:)

I remember one year when it went from 50's to 80's and never looked back. Missed spring entirely:)

And you're right. We can't beat Detroit. Or any other team it seems.

Renie Burghardt said...

Ah, you must be in the Cleveland area, flydragon. When I moved away from there in 1983, the Browns were still doing quite well. I think. My memory ain't what it used to be though.

Hey, I have some jonquils/daffodils blooming, and my forsythia is budding, and we had some snow yesterday, but it melted today, otherwise, there still is a lot of brown around here, too.

Happy March!


flydragon said...

Yep, Cleveland. And my memory's no better than yours. I had to look up the dates, knowing I'd screw it up otherwise:)
Lucky you with the daffodils. We won't have those for quite a while yet.

Betty said...

In the words of the New Christy Minstrels: "Green, green, it's green, they say on the far side of the hill. Green, green, I'm going away to where the grass is greener still." Well, IF we had grass in the desert, it would be green. Our temp at the moment is 81 degrees. But, don't cry, you'll have nicer temps in August than we will.

Oh, for goodness sakes, my word verification is 'bayou' actual word..haha. That doesn't happen too often.

Stay warm and think green thoughts!

TC said...

Brown is a color too. ;~P

Anonymous said...

I'm with you! Nothing but gray and brown out there, and certainly nothing to photograph. Blah!

Di said...

As Kermit would say "it's not easy being green" But, the daffodils and crocuses are coming up as green as can be right through the "brown", despite all odds. We just have to get through the infamous "St. Patrick's Day storm" and the end will be in sight. Well.... maybe not.

troutbirder said...

No kidding. Robber barons that's what they are. Squirrels, multimillionaire professional team owner blackmailing the public for new stadiums, oops... I got off track. We don't have much brown here yet as the snow is still two feet deep but we do have robber barons.

flydragon said...

If you had grass in the desert it would probably be brown too, unless you had rain recently:) I always liked the New Christy Minstrels too!

And we all know what it's the color of:)

The only splash of color out there is the occasional plastic shopping bag being blown around, or hanging in the tree. But that's a rant for another day:)

I'd forgotten about the infamous storms on St. Paddy's Day. At least we'll have some green in the beer:)

Well, I guess I'd rather have the brown than the deep white. I'd rather not have the robber barons though:)

Rose said...

Brown and gray--two colors I've seen enough of this winter! Of course, right now I'm glad we're not turning all white like the East Coast. One of these days it will be spring, and our Southern friends will be complaining about how hot and dry it is in their gardens:)

I'm a Cubs fan, and there has been some talk of building a new baseball stadium, but Chicagoans realize that you just can't build a new Wrigley Field! I have yet to figure out, though, why a city has to pay for an arena when these teams are making millions!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I know what you mean. I almost prefer the ground snow covered...almost. We all need to hang in there, we are so close.

Dog_geek said...

I'm looking forward to the "woohoo-green!" also. We don't even have the browns right now, since we got a load of snow dumped on us last night.

Dee/reddirtramblings said...

Yeah, Khaki and its companions are hard to face all winter. Same thing here in Oklahoma, but soon spring will be really be here. Now, if we could only get some rain.~~Dee

TC said...

I've switched to a new template and you might need to reset my blog address if you were following or subscribed. I lost all that stuff during the switch over. Thanks!

flydragon said...

I'm so waiting for those southern gals to be complaining:)
Wrigley is Chicago. How can they think of tearing it down:(( Cities will do most anything to keep the team intact. Even giving the millionaire owners more millions.

That's what I keep telling myself. Almost there, almost there:)

I'm not sure what state you live in but I know it's south/east of here. I was wondering if you got hit with that mess. I guess you did:)) I'm not laughing at you, really I'm not:)

If we had rain today, it would be white and fluffy. Sooooo cold!!!

Your new template is showing up on my blogs I follow list just fine. I think just my avatar disappeared from your blog.

Jan said...

I am sick of brown and that's what we have with some white too. Spring is just 18 days away!

flydragon said...

Hey Jan, I sure hope Ms Spring has a calendar hanging on her kitchen wall so she remembers what day she's supposed to arrive!!!!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

stupid winter

Jacque said...

I sure do understand, last month I had to pull out my green tinted glasses just to get thru the month! As for the squirrels just yesterday and during a rain storm have you, I counted eleven between the front and back yard, its not like I live in the woods either! Anyway I won't have to aerate the lawn this year!~Jacque

flydragon said...

We also have way too many squirrels here. All the oak trees in this neighborhood sure don't help. I guess you found the silver lining though..not having to aerate the lawn this year:))