Monday, October 13, 2008

Seeing Is Believing??

While watching the almost full moon come up last night, I noticed the halo around it and thought it would make a great photo.
Mmmmm......Both of them
Maybe I'm wrong but I'm almost positive Earth only has one moon.
Just goes to show, you can't believe everything you see.


Dog_geek said...

Yes, seeing is definitely believing, and this photo is hard proof of what many of us have suspected all along: that you are not on the planet Earth. You seem like a very nice alien, though.

flydragon said...

I did notice that everybody else's posts were quite a bit different than mine. Where am I? Hellooooo....anybody out there???

Susie said...

Oh, I love dog-geek's comment! I'm laughing myself silly!

That really is a neat picture! How'd you do that? Or is it true? Where do you have your space ship hidden?

Anonymous said...

How did you do that? Was it a reflection through the window? Great picture!Middle sis

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Great shot, maybe you should submit it to the National Enquirer. They could claim that JLo is now giving Marc the moon, or something equally absurb....

flydragon said...

My ship is a transformer. It disguises itself as a broom so I can park it right by my back door. And yes, I do occasionaly ride it around at night.

No, I took this while standing outside. I did try one through the window but only got the reflection of the flash. Talk about a retina burn.

Now that I look at it .......

Far Side of Fifty said...

I finally figured you out!! HA! You must be one of those preservers with wings that was featured in Elfquest. (World of Two Moons) You were sent away to the forest and you are blogging from there! I am glad you are a preserver, instead of a elf or a mean old troll. Google World of Two Moons.. It's ok..glad you finally came clean, that picture was a dead give away! :)

raccoonlover1963 said...

May have just been a quirk of the camera. I took one of the moon last night, and there was a stream of jet exhaust over it. It almost looks like an eye.

flydragon said...

I'm actually the elf with magical powers. And Betty signs her e-mails to me "the old troll", so we know what she is. I just don't want to run into the reptillian Neverending, (shudder)

Nope, not a quirk. We have always had 2 moons, only one doesn't show up except on film, or in this case, a memory card :)

beckie said...

Love the picture and the comments are too funny! What imaginations you have. Lots of fun.

KALI said...

nice shot.
i also took one shot last night, but i only got one :)

flydragon said...

Humor and imagination are what makes the world go round no matter where you are. Without those, we're sunk. Sure hope you're feeling better!!!

I guess I wasn't the only one out with the camera that night, but it seems that I was the only one with 2 moons in my sky.

TC said...

I reckon two moons might be a tad better than the one Blue Moon of Kentucky.

From the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives:

What Is a "Blue Moon?"

Usually, a moon's cycle lasts 29 1/2 days, called the moon's synodic period. During the months of the year, excepting February, it is possible that a full moon could appear twice. When this rare occurence happens, about once every two to three years, it is called a "blue moon."

The expression "blue moon" dates back to the time of Shakespeare. If someone said, "He would argue the moon was blue," the average sixteenth century man would take it the way we understand, "He'd argue that black is white."*** This meant that a blue moon was something absurd, which led eventually to a second meaning, that of "never." To say that something would happen when the moon turned blue was like saying that it wouldn't likely happen.

In the 1940's, astrologists and meteorologists started using the term to describe when the moon takes on a blue coloration. This happens when small atmospheric particles interfere with light, causing a bluish tint to the moon's appearance from earth. The particles can come from things such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions. However, this only occurs "once in a blue moon."

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i knew it would come to this eventually - now you're mooning us.

flydragon said...

But they're both still made of cheese, right?


Roses and Lilacs said...

The first thing that came to my mind was UFO. I need to stop watching those sci fi movies;)

I've been trying to get a good photo too and having no luck. It was beautiful Sunday and last night after the clouds cleared.

flydragon said...

Maybe you're right about the UFO. Someone or something looking at me while I'm looking at them/it? I guess tonight is the actual full moon, but it's very cloudy here so I don't think I'll be seeing it.