Friday, October 24, 2008

Home Sweet Home

We all have our own idea of what home sweet home is.

Some like a little witchy log house with a pointy roof complete with it’s own resident mouse standing in the doorway to welcome them home. It also comes with its own canoe in case of flooding and a hatchet for when it needs to replace the parts that get eaten by termites. I have no idea why that armadillo is hanging around the front steps. I kinda like this house even with the mouse.

Others like a cold damp house. The ones who live here are so vain they even had statues of themselves attached to their house so everyone could admire their good looks and handsome bodies. I think I know some people like that.

Still others prefer a double decker with balconies and railings and with a warm cozy fireplace inside. This house also includes it’s own spiders to keep the insects away. Lots and lots of spiders. I think the other residents moved out of this house. I know I would.

And then of course there are those who like to live dangerously. They build their house in the lofty branches of the highest tree, held together by the thinnest of weaves, rocking back and forth in even the faintest breezes. It makes for an exciting night when the wind is howling and the occupants are holding on for dear life. These houses also need a lot of remodeling and renovations all year long. Sometimes complete walls have to be rebuilt. This is a never-ending job for the ones who choose this type of house. Not for me, thank you very much!!


Anonymous said...

Love the houses. I'll take the first one. Those crafty little squirrels sure know how to build a house. You don't find to many on the ground after a big wind storm. Middle sis

flydragon said...

There's one spot in the tree where the squirrels try to build a nest every year. It gets about half way done but then falls apart. Every time. And yet, they keep trying again and again. It must look like a great spot from up there, but there's something wrong with it.

Susie said...

What a cute little collection of houses!

Maybe the squirrels need to take construction classes from the birds!

TC said...

I don't reckon the housing dilemma has any effect on these types of houses. I like the "little witchy log house" best. ;~)

(I'm using my "new" computer!)

flydragon said...

The squirrels seem to have a hard time keeping those tool belts around their bellies, so they're stuck with using their teeth to build their homes.

I too like the witchy house the best, for obvious reasons. I'm not quite sure why you like it:)
Glad to see you're up and running again. That was a long time.

Dog_geek said...

Cute houses! Except for maybe the squirrel house - I don't know that I'd really classify that one as "cute" but to each their own. I'm sure that it has its charms.

Shady Gardener said...

I'm a frog I like the frog house. We have squirrels that make nests here and there that fall all summer, too! ha.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Very nicely done! A nice collection of houses! I like the third one, I would love to have a balcony..or even a front porch! :)

Rudee said...

Next year, I'm leaving my pesky scraps of yarn that are good for nothing to me outside. THey'll make a good nest lining to a squirrel. I'm told, they'll steal it right off the porch and when you look up, you'll see your wool being recycled for a better use than a trash heap.

I've been collecting those scraps in an onion bag for awhile now.

flydragon said...

The only good thing I can think of for the squirrel nest is that it's lined with soft green grass. I know because I watch them dig up my nice lawn and carry that grass up there by the mouthfull. Pesky rodents.

This time of year, I see bunches of leaves and twigs falling down from the tree where they're trying to weave a nest together. I think it's the juveniles and this is their first attempt at homemaking, and they're not very good at it. Fun to watch though.

But you do have a log home, right? Or am I thinking of someone else? And I would love to have a porch, too!!

I once read an article about a yarn factory that had closed down. They said that for miles around you would see birds nests made of different colored yarn. How neat that would be to see. I'm sure the squirrels would love it too.

oldcrow61 said...

Wonderful houses. I love them.

flydragon said...

Judging by your little picture here, I would think you would like the witchy house the best, too :)

KALI said...

i think i'll choose the last one... dangerous yet full of adventure.

love the houses...

flydragon said...

Ah hah, you like being out on a limb :)