Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Changing of The Guard...en tools

Say goodnight pruners, trowels, claws, diggers, and hose nozzles. You are now finished for the year and can hide in the shed (and you’re very good at that, aren’t you?) until spring comes around once again.

I’ll have to say none of you did a very good job the few times you actually decided to go to work but at least you managed to keep from getting lost in the bushes this year as so many have done before. So get yourselves cleaned up and oiled and into the bucket with you.

And as for you, it's your turn now.

For the next few weeks you will be working almost daily trying to keep up with the zillion leaves that blow into your yard. It’s not my fault that your yard is in the wrong place and that the wind whips all the leaves from yours, and all of your neighbors trees, smack up against the back of the house. And those that are not by the house are piled high against the back fence.

I hope your work habits have improved since last year because you were a totally lazy good-for-nothing back then. And if you don’t do your job this fall, I can promise you that you will be working your butt off raking up those leaves in the spring.



With any luck I won’t have to be dealing with your work ethics for a while yet.
Stupid snow shovel.


Rudee said...

Oh, I so agree. What a great post! We had hail today. I'd like to say it was the size of snowballs, but I'd be exagerating. It was the size of peas and came out of nowhere.

Susie said...

Oh, aren't you nice to clean and oil your tools. Mine wouldn't know an oil bath if they were sitting on top of it!

KALI said...

hahaha :)
nice post!

cant wait to see the garden :)

Dog_geek said...

Ah, I *wish* I could banish my gardening tools to the shed for the winter. The super-ambitious Mr. Geek showed up yesterday with 160 daffodil bulbs. 160!!! Two bags of 80! AND he mail ordered about a bazillion more bulbs that should start arriving this week and will need to be put in the ground somewhere. And then he's all like, "hey, we need to plant these bulbs." We?!? Hey bub, *I* didn't run out and buy gazillions on new bulbs. Grumble grumble.

flydragon said...

Please keep all hail and anything else white and cold up there by you, please. It's not welcome here.

Don't give me more credit than I deserve. The only reason the pruners and clippers got some oil is because I tried to use them one day last week and could hardly squeeze them. Oh, a little oil might help, dodo.

Can't wait to see what in the garden? Leaves or snow? You'll probably be seeing snow on top of leaves if I know my rake, darn.

LOL Oh my. Lucky you or should I say lucky, lucky me, because I have zero bulbs to plant. whoo hoo. (Don't you love it when it's "WE" if there's a lot of work to be done?)

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

witty post - stupid snow shovel.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I really loved that post. And it made me giggle, especially the last part, " yes you snowshovel you, get back in the shed."


beckie said...

Can you get your tools to teach my tools how to pit themselves away? As for rake, if he does a good job ask him if he will hire out. I have a yard that collects others' leaves, too!

Anonymous said...

Loved it all. For some reason the leaves really haven't fallen much yet. I guess they will wait until the first snow and what a job that will be to rake them up then and to try to get them out of the gutters. Middle sis

flydragon said...

Stupid shovel, jumping out of the shed like that.

Once he's needed, I know he'll be nowhere to be found.

Just tell them all to jump in the bucket. That's the only time they're willing to do what they're supposed to. As for rake, he's done such a lousy job all these years, I doubt that he'll be turning over a new "leaf" this time.

I know. The leaves must watch the weather report and when snow is expected they all decide to fall the night before.

Roses and Lilacs said...

I know how you feel. I hate a lazy tool too. I have a mower like that. Instead of working like a mower should, it plays sick and spends all its time in the repair shop.

flydragon said...

Sometimes when they act like that all they need is a good swift kick. Of course, it hurts your foot a lot less when you're kicking a rake instead of a mower.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am waiting for the snow to all melt before shooing the rest of the now all fallen leaves to the woods..if it snows much more they are desinted to vacation in the yard under the snow all winter long.
Very cute blog today!! I so enjoyed it!

flydragon said...

A sense of humor is a must when I look out and see all those leaves. I'm hoping for a strong north wind so they will all be sent flying down the street.

Shady Gardener said...

I know all about those snow shovels... they keep watching me as I tread back and forth, in and out of the garage with various tools, pots, etc. Don't worry, though. They're stuck in the corner and don't seem to be able to elbow their way out, quite yet. ;-)

Cute post! (And I'm thoroughly impressed with how well you care for your tools!)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

I have a neighbor who sold all his tools in a yard sale ... and he had quite a few. I found that strange, and I think of people who work with their hands as holding those tools dear. On the other hand, I'm all for one moving into new directions which you cannot fully pursue with the weight of the past. The seasons are good at helping us turn new leaves, but not abandoning them altogether.

Anonymous said...

Funny how fun fallen leaves used to be as a child!!!!!!! I've got a cat that tries to catch the leaves as they fall through the air - i truly wish he could!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that stupid snow shovel didn't try to get out while Dan and I were around. Don't know what we would have done.

Back home safe and sound,
Fla Brat

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

well dragonlady, you got your wish - here's that dang wind!

@fla brat - safe, maybe.

flydragon said...

Those shovels are eyeing you because they're dreading the day they have to go to work almost as much as you do.
As you can see I have very few hand tools, and I'm glad your impressed by the way I toss them in the bucket and throw them on the shelf :)

Hello Robert,
Thanks for stopping by. From the way I treat my garden tools, I guess I don't hold them very dear. I wonder if there's a garage sale nearby where I could trade them for something more to my liking:)

Hi Mildred,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I remember raking leaves as a child and then jumping in them. Such fun then but not so much anymore. There also seems to be a lot more of them now too:)

fla brat,
I know what you would have done with the snow. First some angels, then some snowballs, then get to work. Aren't you sorry you left?

I know. Ain't it great? I'll have to run out there and rake them all in the middle of the yard so they can move on outta here.

Darla said...

Hi, I came over by way of lilacs and roses. Cute post, know what you mean about those tools, it's so hard to find good help these days, hahaha. I certainly know nothing about a snow shovel are they dependable workers?

flydragon said...

Hi Darla,
I guess you have no need for a snow shovel, being that you're a Florida girl. have a lot more bugs, spiders and snakes than we do. HaHa

oldcrow61 said...

Ha, ha, I can relate.

flydragon said...

I guess we all can in one way or another, except those southerners who don't have the joys of snow:)

Mr. McGregor's Daughter said...

That last photo is the scariest sight I've seen this October.

flydragon said...

You and me both!!