Thursday, September 25, 2008

Say Cheese

I love cheese. All kinds of cheese except for the smelly limburger and the blue.
( I know why I don’t like the limburger but I’m not quite sure why I dislike the blue. Maybe I
had a bad experience at one time with blue cheese?)
So anyway, when my sister called and asked if I was interested in driving, actually I was only riding because she always drives, out to The Middlefield Cheese House, I immediately said “when?”.

Middlefield is in the heart of Amish country so of course I took along my camera. Had to be something interesting I could get a shot of. And there was….
Lots of these out there, all sizes, shapes and colors, but mostly red and some white. This one looks like it’s been used a bit, which is why I liked it. Reminds me of me.

I like barns. Always wanted to live in the country mainly so I could have a barn. Along with the mice, and the cats to take care of the mice, and the dog to keep the cats in line, and of course the hay loft. Climbing up the ladder to snooze on the bales of hay, looking out the loft door spying on…probably nothing since you’re out in the middle of nowhere, not thinking of all the work involved getting that hay up there by someone other than me, naturally.

I knew we would see the famous Amish horse and buggy, and we did see quite a few of them on the roads, but when we slowly drove by them all I got in the picture was a horses thigh, or butt. I thought if we could pass enough of them I would take different photos of different parts and would finally have enough to piece them together. Luckily we happened to see one pull into a library parking lot of all things, and managed to get these.

Now this one is a little different. Standing tall and stiff out in the middle of nowhere. I have no idea who built it or why, but it certainly is interesting.

I know, I know , what about the cheese. Well here it is. Some baby swiss, provolone, muenster, and one of my favorites, butter cheese aka havarti. My other sister turned me on to that one when she came up for a visit quite a few years ago. Thanks Nan. Along with the cheese, I of course had to have some pepperoni, and some mini pepperoni rolls. And I can never pass up cherry preserves. The little bag of cheddar sesame sticks was just because they taste so good.

So thanks Betty, had a great time, and sorry Nan but if you lived a little closer we would have picked you up and you could have had a great time too.

Now, where’s my little cheese slicer?


Dog_geek said...

Cheese House? CHEESE HOUSE!!! I want to go to a cheese house! I have a very bad cheese habbit, too. What's bad is that my boss has a big huge "Cheeses of the World" poster on his office door. I can't count the number of times I have stood in that doorway, supposedly discussing some complicated scientific theory or protocol, and all I can think is "mmmmmm... brie...." (And sometimes I think I mess up and accidently say it out loud.)

Anonymous said...

Had I known. That would have been the draw to get you out to my house more often!!!!!!!

Fla Brat.

beckie said...

Oh, yummy! I am far too fond of cheeses. We have an Amish settlement not too far from us and make trip there once in a while. Almost always come home with baby swiss, home made breads and delicious meat from the butcher's shop. I find their way of life almost enviable-so far removed from our self imposed stresses. Not sure about riding in a buggy in the middle of winter though. :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Sounds like a wonderful outing! I was thinking about getting a horse and buggy..but I have no barn. I just wanted to save on gas, and irritate tourists anyway. We have some Amish that moved about 20 miles away. They opened a bakery..I want to go just to see the horses and buggies! And buy bread! Cheese I love Co Jack, and Monterey Jack does that count..oh and Velveeta!! :)

flydragon said...

When she said "Cheese House", I figured I would be nibbling on the window sills or siding, but no. And you noticed that I did restrain myself from buying too much.

Fla brat,
You would have what? Built a red barn with loft and planted hay, bought a horse & buggy, or stocked the fridge with cheese?

Darn, somehow I missed the bread, my eyes were glued to the cheeses.
Buggy in the winter..No thanks

Far side,
The jack cheeses certainly do count. And the cheddars and a grilled cheese sandwich with velveeta..mmmmmmmm

Susie said...

Oh man, what a great trip!!! Next time, I want to go!!!

I'm like you flydragon-love cheese!!! I don't care for the same two you mentioned either. Actually, I am learning to like blue a little bit.

flydragon said...

Next time we go, you come with us. We'll stuff our bags and our stomach until we can stuff no more.

Anonymous said...

Morning. Glad the pictures turned out great. The statue of the wooden horse and buggy doesn't look as large as it really was. Maybe I should have stood in front of it so you could tell how big it was. You should see the candy I bought, those little pieces are now one big glob. Sun was pretty warm. Middle sis

flydragon said...

I wish we would have thought of you standing by that wooden thingy when we were there. That would have been a better shot!! Forgot about the candy in the car :)

Roses and Lilacs said...

I love cheese too. Last weekend there was a huge cheese festival just north of me in Monroe, WI. I thought about going, and didn't.

Loved seeing the photos of the Amish wagons.

flydragon said...

I bet you're sorry now that you didn't go to the festival. I kick myself for days for not going someplace I really wanted to.
Glad you liked the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Ok, your last comment about not going somewhere when you wish you had, and kicking yourself!!! I know exactly what 'fla brat'(you know, I didn't make up that awful nickname!) is talking about. We have Amish and cheese and bread and pepperoni rolls they make down here!!! But I don't supposed... Anyway. Oh, we have barns, too!:-)

You opened yourself on this one! Maybe on your way to Florida, you could go through West Virginia!!

flydragon said...

I don't remember seeing any Amish things in WV. I think you're making that up.
And Fla Brat likes her nickname so much, she's now signing her comments with it. Ha
And of course on my way to Fla. I'll stop in WV and then head on over to AZ. If you people would all stay where you belong, no one would have to be traveling anywhere!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

mmm cheeeeeeeeeese... i like cheeeeese.

save some for me.

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooooh... I want to LIVE in a "cheese house!" YUM. :) How long do you think it would take to get there from downtown Cleveland? I'm already trying to plan a visit... lol.

By the way, those pictures of the horses, buggies and barns were fantastic. I'm so glad you brought along your camera.

flydragon said...

Bring the crackers, cracker.

An hour ride should do it. Bring me some more stuff back, I didn't get enough :)
I had to hang the camera around my neck all morning because I knew I'd forget to take it with me if I didn't.