Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike-ette Comes A Calling

Last night the tattered remains of Ike decided to visit us up here in north east Ohio. While nowhere near as nasty as he was when he came ashore down south, he still packed 60 mph. wind gusts, enough to topple trees and cause widespread power outages.

As I ventured outside a few times, and listened to him howl and moan, watching the trees bend over, shedding a zillion leaves and hundreds of small twigs all over the place, I thought “how in the world could anyone go through a full force hurricane for hours and still want to live there”. (Florida brat?). I know if I lived in that area and saw a monster heading my way, I’d be outta there before they could finish that dreaded sentence “evacuations are advised for……”

Although I didn’t hunker down in the closet this time (which I have been known to do from time
to time), it was scary enough. And I kept a close eye on the huge trees surrounding my house hoping that they wouldn’t be falling on my roof or be coming through my windows, (as if watching them could hold them upright) and hoping that the power wouldn’t go out (it didn’t). We did have a storm quite a few years ago, with straight line winds of 70 mph, that took down half of the trees in the entire city, including one in my back yard, sent a huge limb through my front window, and left us without power for a week. Believe me I was in the closet that afternoon!!

So this morning at first light, after all the hullabaloo was over, I walked around the neighborhood to check things out. Aside from a few fairly large branches in the streets, (the city trucks were already out here cleaning up) and numerous small branches everywhere, everything else seemed pretty much okay.
The only casualty in my yard.

My poor little trellis got tired of standing up against the wind and decided to lie down. Unfortunatly his little legs are broken so he won’t be getting back up. Gives me an opportunity to try something new. Just not sure what.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Storms are horrible. Feeling totally helpless in the face of all that wind, and rain is not nice either. I am like you, I would be out of there fast. I am so glad that there is not too much damage in your area, my heart goes out to those poor people who have been hit by the storm.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Ike just grazed us, we got lots of rain but not much wind. Less than a hundred miles south east the Chicago burbs got hit much harder.

No comparison to Galveston so we don't need to complain I guess. I agree with you, I'd be the first one on the road when they started mentioning hurricane.

flydragon said...

I think that our total lack of control is what makes storms so scary. At least for this sissy. I'm thankful for the lack of damage too. Picking up some branches from the yard is nothing.

We got 2 inches of rain on Sat. but no wind, then yesterday we got the wind but no rain, except for a few sprinkles. Weird, but I'm very happy about that. If we would have gotten rain along with the wind, I know it would have found it's way through all the little spaces around the windows. It always does when it's blowing sideways.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm glad you're ok. Sounds like Roxana got 9inch of rain in Chicago in a little over 24 hours. She's not home from Detroit yet, so I don't know how it really is at her place. We didn't seem to get any of it right here while I was gone. My friend near Mansfield got it though, but other than power outages around her, everything's ok. Hope B. didn't get into trouble flying to St. Louis and back.

Loved your 'dodging the bullet' story, too.


Dog_geek said...

I'm glad that you made it through mostly okay. The only big one I've ever been through was Fran back in 96, when I lived in North Carolina, and that was pretty scary! We only had a few trees down and no damage to the house, but we were without power for 10 days!

Shady Gardener said...

SE Iowa received 5" during the two+ days of rain. We didn't get wind, thank heavens. I don't think I EVER remember hearing about the midwest having "hurricane aftereffects!" before this year.

Perhaps your trellis can resurrect in another spot, given a new pair of legs?

TC said...

I think you should make new legs for the trellis.

We got high winds here, and were without power for a while, nothing major.

flydragon said...

Glad you're back. I didn't realize that this was the week B. was going traveling. I know Chicago got pounded with rain, hope R. didn't get any damage.

I remember Fran, not because we got anything from her up here but because my boss had a wife named Fran. 10 days without power is a long time!!! I know some people don't have water when they lose power, hope that wasn't you. I can live without electricity for a while but don't take away my water!!!

5" of rain is quite a bit, glad it wasn't worse for you. Usually when we get any effects from these storms it's just a bit of rain. Ike managed to keep quite a bit of his strength with him as he took his little trip north. Maybe he was on steroids.
The little trellis was holding up a perennial pea vine, so both will be back up when I can figure out how.

Being in W. Pa. you probably got Ike about the same time we did. Glad you're okay too.
Maybe I can graft some new legs to the poor little trellis. His feet are still stuck in the ground and are probably pretty rotted. I'll think of something.

Anonymous said...

That little bit of wind had to be nothing compared to our camping trip years ago. Remember? The only one you went on (in our pop up). And the infamous words: "Don't worry honey, there are never tornados in the moutains".

By the way, don't forget about all of mother natures other ills: floods, wild fires, quakes, ice storms, volcanoes, etc. Basically, everyplace has its own hazards. I'll take Florida anyday!

Fl brat

flydragon said...

I'll never forget that stupid trip.
Stupid tornados, stupid pop up, stupid me for going.

And besides hurricanes you also have tornados, more lightening strikes than any other state, gators in your back yard, fire ants, wild fires, and those ugly things you call palmetto bugs but are really giant roaches!!!! And probably a whole bunch of other things that I don't know about.

beckie said...

Glad you didn't have to hide in the closet this time. :) Poor trellis, I'm sure he gave his all. And yes, now it's time for something new and different. Have fun deciding.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i slept through it.

gotta love lyrica!

what a mess in my yard though. i have no trees in my yard, yet for some reason my lawn is always inundated with leaves and debris from neighbors' trees. i feel like they should come over here and clean it up!

no casualties over here though, thankfully.

flydragon said...

Since it didn't get real dark, no rain, lightening or thunder I guess I didn't feel the need for my friend the closet. I was too curious as to what was going on and I was outside quite a bit until I saw just how far those trees were leaning over. Then I scurried back inside.

And poor trellis was rocking back and forth quite a bit this summer so I knew his legs weren't going to last much longer. He'll be recycled to another part of the garden, just don't know where yet.

You can always just have Todd pick them up and dump them back over the fence. I've been known to do that. Well, they don't know it's me because I do it after dark.

Susie said...

I'm glad you are okay flydragon. Sorry that Ike had to show his face. I'm not a big fan of storms myself. As a child I was scared to death of tornadoes. At the first sound of thunder I was ready for the storm cellar.

flydragon said...

Thanks, I'm glad too. Since I don't have a storm cellar or basement I have to make do with my little closet. Very crowded in there too. I get to hunker down between the vacumn cleaner and the big box of tools. Thankfully I don't have to use it very often.