Friday, April 10, 2009

Liar, Liar

I know I said I wasn’t going to post a picture of my Tête-à-tête daffodils on here, but since they’re still blooming and pickings are pretty slim around here I’ve changed my mind. So I lied, so sue me.

I’m also going to show you my Cola lilies. Well the start of them anyhow. Looks like they’re going to be huge again just like last year. These were the ones that were advertised as being 24” – 36” tall and actually grew into 54” monsters. But what gorgeous monsters they were!!

Next we have the little bleeding heart that I bought new last year. A few weeks ago, Miss Goody Two-shoes aka sister Betty, stopped over and I was lamenting the fact that I thought I had lost this little plant over the winter. I had checked it out a few days prior and there was nothing, nada, coming up. Well, wouldn’t you know, Miss Smarty Pants pulled off all of last years dead leaves, I prefer thinking them as a blanket, and there it was. New little green shoots. Well, since then it’s been making up for lost time and this is what it looks like this morning.

Moving on, this is the Clove Currant shrub that the aforementioned Miss Goody…. Pants gave me as a 12” starter twig back in 2005 and which is now 6’ tall.

Soon to look like this

She didn’t know the name, I didn’t know the name and it wasn’t until we gave another starter twig to FD#2 a couple of years later that we finally found out what it was called. (she knows things like that) But what’s important about this one is the fragrance. WOW!!!!!!! Yep, it’s that good!!!
And in a few weeks this heavenly aroma will be filling the entire back yard

And last we have the iris. Not very large yet but I’m happy anything is still here since something has been chomping and gnawing on it ever since the new shoots started poking up through the…um..blanket.

I’m not sure what likes to chew on these. With all the squirrels around here and the rabbit I see running through the yard every morning it’s anybody’s guess.

Oh, no it wasn’t that one,
It was this one.

Destructive little rodents!


Betty said...

Your bunny may be destructive, but it's oh-so-cute! We have little ones like that around here and I love to watch them...not eating our plants, though.

I enjoyed the pictures of your plants coming up...spring has sprung in your neck of the woods!

Anonymous said...

Well I am glad you gave in and shared photos with us. However, my sister and I laugh when we do something on our blog we said we would not that the BLOG POLICE are gonna get us!!! Don't worry, I picture blog police as being like Harriet barking ferociously while wagging her tail! Good for you that Spring is finally on its way. Happy Easter.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you posted these shots. They make me feel so happy knowing spring is on the way. Those plants are just going to get more and more beautiful.
Hope your bunnies find another place to eat. We use to have a huge, slow moving gopher, that taunted us. Loved our garden, he/she wond the battle. I always laughed when my husband would try to chase it away and it would stroll away, knowing who was in control.
Keep posting those beautiful shots.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

This is so nice to see. I thought that you would still be under a blanket of snow, and am thrilled for you that you get to see earth. Happy Easter.


Dog_geek said...

Wascally Wabbit! We've got a few of those little trouble-makers here, too. Anyway, nice to see all your flowers coming up - even the daffodils that you lied about!.

Bren said...

OK... Rabbits - Lay some hair clippings down.

Happy Easter... fabulous photos of what is to come.

Rudee said...

Your plants are beautiful. I have daffodil leaves but no buds yet at my new house. I'm going to miss my iris plants from the old house, but I may split them and try planting some here.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You lied! Caught ya too! Beautiful Daffodils! The Cola lily is something I am not familiar I hope you will post photos of their magnificence. The Clove Current is something new to me also..yellow I love yellow! But since I might live in Siberia compared with your Australia.. I probably cannot grow it in Minnesota. Happy Easter my friend..a legal chocolate day! Lucky you, Robins year round! :)

Anonymous said...

Obviously I'm not the only one who wanted some photos, am I. Love them!! "Your" bunny is so cute--much cuter than the cartoon one. And, again, your plants look fantastic, per usual!

Thank you for sharing.


flydragon said...

I know the bunnies are cute. But I would appreciate them more if they stayed next door:)

Ha, I want to see Harriet with her police hat on. I'll expect that on your blog soon:))) Happy Easter to you and yours too!

Hi Cheryl,
I think if I had to choose, I'd pick the rabbit over the gopher. Maybe.... One year the rabbit just went along and picked all the petunia flowers off. Took a bite out of each:) I just told myself to plant a lot more the next year. Some for me, lots for the rabbits:)

Hi Jen,
If you're thrilled, think how I feel:) About time!!! Of course that's not to say we won't see more of the white stuff. It's still early April. Never can tell around here. And a Happy Easter to you too!!

I'm surprised you have any of these pesky wabbits with all the dogs around. Where's Elmer when you need him. On second thought I don't think he was very good at controlling them either.
And it was only a little white lie. Well it was only a little plant anyhow.

Really on the hair clippings? I've never heard of that. Does it matter if the hair is short and very gray:))
Happy Easter to you too!!

Hey, now's the time to dig up those iris and bring them over. Tomorrow, tell all your guests that no grape leaves until they do some digging. That should do it:))

Last year I didn't get any pictures of the Clove shrub. This year I plan on taking lots. Too bad this isn't smell-a-blog. What a treat for the nose!! If the Cola's turn out anything like last year, I'll have plenty of photos of them too!
A Happy Easter to you and yours too Connie.

Hi Nan,
Not too much to take pictures of around here yet. I'll bet you have a lot more, and I would love to see them.
Actually I'm partial to Bugs. He was always my favorite:)

beckie said...

I love the little Daffodils. I have seen them this year in a few gardens and find them very sweet. Can't wait to see the Cola lilies!! Don't be too hard on the bunny, Easter is hard work on he needs his energy. :)

Jan said...

I love the daffodils. They are so cheerful. I am not seeing any flowers here yet. The grass is finally green though. Flowers cant be too far behind.

Susie said...

Glad to see spring coming up in your world flydragon. I know you gotta be glad. Happy Easter to you!

flydragon said...

I can't wait for the Cola lilies either. They are one of the prettiest ones I have over here.
Now if the bunny would leave a little something for me, I wouldn't mind if he nibbles on the iris. And I mean something good like candy, not what they normally leave behind:))

The daffys are the only thing blooming for me. Nothing else till May probably. I don't know what part of Michigan you live in but you can't be too far behind us, unless you live at the tippy top:))

Hi Susie,
Yeppers, I'm glad to see at least a little something. Also glad to see the wicked weather down there didn't get you. Happy Easter to you too!!

raccoonlover1963 said...

Happy Easter!
I am so glad spring is here, I just wish the weather would make up it's mind! I also have daffodils, hyacinths and some other kind of flower that I can't remember what it is. I remember them being there when my mother still lived in this house, but don't remember what they look like, other than tall stalks. I also have a cherry tree, that I hope the birds don't beat me to!
Take care

flydragon said...

Hi Lisa,
Nice to hear from you. What a great time you're going to have this spring, discovering all the unknown goodies coming up in your garden. That cherry tree should bring a lot of orioles to your yard. They love those!

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I followed you over from Miz Mildred @ Nalley Valley. I hope you don't mind?
Fantastic blog you have going here and I will definately be back.
Love your plants.....I'm a plant freak (maybe I'm just a freak, lol). I love them all. Pretty flowers remind me of my dear grandmother :)
If you have a moment or two of your life that you'd care to waste, please visit me at my blog and do say hello.
Take good care and......

Steady On
Reggie Girl

troutbirder said...

I am glad you had a little mispoken statement because adjusting to new facts is part of real intelligence.... ah shucks I just love those daffodils!!!!

Di said...

Isn't it gratifying to have your plants come back after a long winter? Just knowing that they wouldn't be there if it wasn't for you is magical. I'm still holding my breath on a few of mine. Iris's are my favs, what color are yours?

flydragon said...

Hi Midlife,
Don't mind at all that you came from Mildreds. Isn't her blog great?!! I did have a few moments and went to visit your blog. A few moments turned into 20 minutes because I kept reading and reading... and it certainly wasn't wasted:) I'll be back!

Ha, I like your choice of words a lot better than mine. "Little mispoken statement" sounds a lot better than "Lie" and therefore I will use that next time the need arises:))

I loved that little bleeding heart and really would have hated to lose it. These Iris are dark/light purple. A few years ago they grew great but never had flowers. Have no idea why, but then last year I had a lot of flowers. Hopefully this year will have lots, too.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

I think you should shave your head and save the plants from the bunny!

Rose said...

Looks like spring has finally come to your garden, Flydragon. I've never seen a clove currant bush, but I bet it smells heavenly. Those pesky little bunnies are so cute; I've often wished I could train them to eat the weeds in my garden instead:)

Anonymous said...

Shave flydragon's head? How about if all of us kids just shaved our mustaches and send the hair to flydragon. Bet there would be plenty of hair! I know I have plenty of hair to spare (or is that hare?).

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'll send Toby the tabby over to do bunny patrol;) I'm not familiar with cola lilies either. Can't wait to see them get bigger and bloom. I finally have daffodils too. Be prepared for photos on my blog;)

Brenda said...

Isn't it wonderful to see things blooming!!!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

@fd#3 - dude, you might have a mustache, but i don't. now, warts? i could help out there.

flydragon said...

If you figure out how to train those rodents to eat weeds instead, please, please share it!!!
I'll pay!!!

Yes, send Toby over, but not Aggie, cause I think we're expecting storms:)) Waiting to see your daffys!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!

When you two decide who's shaving what let me know. I already know who's NOT shaving their head though.

Prospero said...

You say you like the fragrance of your Clove Currant shrub. Does it smell like cloves or does it have some other enticing fragrance?

flydragon said...

I can't recall exactly what it smells like only that I love it!! It should be blooming in about 10 days so I'll check it out and get back to you. I checked out your blog, too. Wonderful variety of flowers you have there (where ever there is:). I'm also amazed at all those potatoes you harvested. Wow!!

Prospero said...

I was asking about the clove scent because I'm growing a clove tree (Syzygium aromaticum) - the one used to make the aromatic spice. It's just a little seedling now, but things grow! I'm in Bermuda.

flydragon said...

Ah ha, Bermuda. That explains why you have all those exotic plants that I've never seen around here:) That clove tree that you planted sounds like it's going to smell like heaven too. Hope it grows fast for you:)

spookydragonfly said...

Hi Flydragon...It seems that your Daffodils are doing far better than mine! I was going to suggest that you gather up a few cats to scare away the rabbits, that's one thing that I don't have too many problems with here in the woods. I wish that I saw more of them. Hope you had a good Easter!

flydragon said...

Hey Spooky,
There are about 4 stray cats hanging out in the neighborhood but we still get the rabbits. Last year one rabbit got caught under a chainlink fence while running from one of the cats. The cat just sat there and was batting the rabbits tail until the rabbit finally made it through. Was hilarious, but only because the rabbit escaped:))

kathi dunphy said...

OOh I'd give my eye tooth for those lovely tomato plants! Looks like you'll have some really early tomatoes. Dont worry about starting them too early, just move them to bigger pots if need be. I missed the boat with starting toms this year and will have to break down and buy some.

flydragon said...

Hi Kathi,
These toms are now in their hanging baskets but have to still stay in the house because it's too cold yet. Hopefully there's enough light by the window to keep them alive. If not, off to the nursery to buy some:))

oldcrow61 said...

Your garden must be something like mine, people shake there heads at the size my plants get too, lol.

flydragon said...

This time I was amazed at the size of the Cola Lily. It just kept growing and growing:)