Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looky What I Found

The last time my youngest sent me an e-mail with that as the subject line, I kinda held my breath knowing something was coming that I wasn’t sure I wanted to see. Sure enough it was a picture of a very large RATTLESNAKE that she came across while she was hiking in the middle of nowhere in Arizona. And it wasn’t a far-off shot either. Too darn close for my liking and of course I proceeded to tell her so. (As usual, it went in one ear and out the other. I think she even went so far as to say she never got that ranting and raving e-mail that I sent her)

But I’m afraid there’s nothing as dramatic or exciting as that on my post. Sorry for those of you who were wishing there was. Nope, just some more of the same old, same old.

As you know, I transplanted my tumbling tom tomatoes into the hanging baskets and they are now too large to fit under the lights, so I had to put them by the windows hoping they get enough light until it’s time to take them outside.

But looky what I found

Now I know this can’t lead to anything because as far as I know there are no pollinators flying around in the house. Right? So should I pinch this cute little thing off? A little help here, please.

I also found this while checking the Illumination Begonias today

It doesn’t really look like the beginnings of a flower, but I’m not sure, so I would appreciate a little help with this also. Are you getting the idea that I have no idea whatsoever of what I’m doing here? Well, keep that idea because I’m also asking about these Cuphea.

Maybe to look like this

I’ve never tried these before but when the phrase in the catalogue says hummingbird magnet…..well, I can’t resist. Have any of you tried these? Good? Bad? Blah?
Okay, I guess I’ve picked your brains enough for one day.

Oh, looky what I found…

Nah, not really. This was just a little reward for hanging in there till the end.


Anonymous said...

Well, just your luck I am your first to comment. I don't know the answers to any of your questions! I love anything that is a hummer magnet so let us know if that cuphea works.
I bought 3 red knock-out roses today and got them planted (with Harriet's help of course!)

Susie said...

You are so silly! I don't normally pinch off those tomato blooms like that but that could explain some of my tomato problems! lol

As far as the cuphea goes it should do well to attract some hummers.

Bren said...

OH MY WORD.... your blogs are so much fun to read. I am horrible with writing about what I grow.
Your Tomato plant is looking fabulous. You will have tomatoes to enjoy in no time. LUCKY you.... I can't wait to get mine in the ground.

Happy Spring!

Betty said...

Ooh, your little plants are looking so healthy! I have a brown thumb, so can't answer any questions; but, it looks to me like you are doing everything right, so far. Keep those pictures coming..I love them!

Prospero said...

It seems that no one has any answers (we are only garden bloggers after all) - and I'm not any different (and vegetables are certainly not my forte). But, that was a fun post! (my mom hates snakes, even pictures of snakes) but that's ok, she's not looking).


I am so jealous of your tomatoes. They are gorgeous. Mine are very spindly but way too early to plant them outside as you said. About the blossom? I have a cousin who does the pollinating himself. He used a small artists brush to move the pollen from here to there (wherever that is.) He claims he increased his tomato production.

Yes, that is a blossom bud on the begonia. Just watch it grow and open.

I've never tried cuphea. Let us know how it works out.

When are the hummers due? I have two feeders out but it must be too early. No visitors to it except for the resident squirrel who loves the sweet water. !!

Dog_geek said...

I can't bear to pinch off blossoms, but Mr. Geek would pinch that one right off and not even feel bad about it. And he's the one who grows all the tomatoes around here.

Rudee said...

You just had to sneak in something that slithers! Blech.

Now, pinch it back. (I don't know what I'm talking about, I just wanted to sound authoritative-aka a smart arse.)

Rose said...

I saw some rattlesnakes up close when I was in Arizona, too--of course, they were in glass cages in a museum:)

I don't have any answers to your questions, Flydragon, but honestly, you must be doing all the right things to have tomatoes and a begonia this big already! My seedlings for the most part are teeny tiny things that might be ready to plant outside by August:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I was just doing great til the @&*%$#@#sssssnake. You are a turd.
I should not answer your questions til you apologise..but I will cause I am a nice person..with almost dirty drawers.
IT you want a Tomatoe then shake that plant a little..or blow some hot air on it..we used fans in the greenhouses. You could of course breath on it..heavily. If you don't want a tomato then pinch that bloom off.
Yes that is a bud on your begonia..looks light pink to me or peach.
Those that a Mexican Heather..they like it hot..Mexico hot.. I have to go back and look again:(

Far Side of Fifty said...

You know how scary it is to scroll when your eyes are closed..I was almost lost in a totally different blog. Yes the Cuphea will look like that if you have hot weather and fertilize know miracle grow recommendation is 1/4 strength Miracle grow everytime you water..none of those pellety things either. You are doing good..and I would hope you can plant outside soon..what is your frost free date? :)

oldcrow61 said...

ooooh I do like snakes and that one is a beauty.
You can shake that tomato plant but I think you need more than one bloom so they can cross pollinate. From what I understand, the shaking releases pollen. Or when more blooms appear and from the picture, it looks like some are almost ready to open, then you can get a tiny brush and gently brush inside each flower bringing the pollen from one to another.

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
I wondered if you had bought any plants yet. I bought 2 knock out roses last year and was worried that they didn't make it through the winter, but I see that there are now new little red leaves. Yea!! Harriet dig the holes for you? I sure could have used her help when I was planting mine:)

I'm at a loss when it comes to tomatoes, and quite a few other things, as you can tell:)

I don't know how much fun they are to read but I figure I at least have to try to keep them reading until they get to the bottom to answer all the questions I seem to have:) And no you are not horrible when it comes to writing about what you're growing. I love to read about all your plants!

Ha, did you notice that with each picture comes a question? My thumb is not all that green:)

There's no better person to ask than another garden blogger. Someone out there has the answer:) I'm a hater of snakes myself and that's the very reason that my silly daughter sent me the picture!

I thought your tomato plants looked pretty good. I think mine are a bit spindly too, but will hopefully fill out when I can get them outside.
The hummers don't show up at my house till the first week of May. By May 4th. I'm sitting at the window yelling at them to SHOW UP ALREADY!! Sometimes that works:)

I have such a hard time pinching too. Poor little babies work so hard to put out blossoms and then someone comes along and pinches their heads off:)

But I waited till the end to sneak it in:) I think I'll ignore your advice since you don't know diddly squat about it. Your words, not mine:)

I don't like seeing any snakes anywere!! Not even behind glass!! Shudder!!
I hear ya when you're talking about teeny tiny. I've a few of those myself. They'll probably start blooming right around the time of the first frost in fall:)

Not a snake lover?? Ok, I apologise, and I admit I'm a turd. That done, on to the answers. Most say that our last frost is the middle of May so I have 3 weeks still to go. I didn't know if the tomato blossom would drain energy from the plant or not. Maybe I'll leave it on and try the breathing, but not after eating pizza unless they like the smell of garlic of course. Thanks for the info on the cuphea. I'll do the miracle grow. We don't get Mexico hot here but hopefully they'll still bloom like that.

So far you're the only snake lover on here:)
The tomato blossom is really teeny. I stuck the camera right on top of it and still had to enlarge it so it could be seen. And there are quite a few more on that plant that are not open yet. I really hope there's enough light in here till I can get them outside. If this works, I'll be eating tomatoes by the end of June. Maybe:)

Darla said...

Good Grief! I HATE snakes and photos of them too! Leave the blooms alone......

flydragon said...

Ha, I thought I remembered that you posted a picture of a snake on your blog, so of course I had to check it out. Yep, back on October 21 there it was. At least my snake wasn't trying to eat a frog:))

T said...

Your plants look so nice and healthy! I have a brown thumb, nothing survives at my house!

The snake, Yikes!! I admire them from a distance!

The Crusty Crone said...

Tomato flower... isn't that where the tomato comes from? Why would you pinch it off? I guess if you just wanted the greenery...

Someone told me once that the person they got their tomato plants from would take two blossoms (I'm assuming from two different plants) and rub them together. (I wonder if that might qualify as artificial fertilization.) My friend said she had a gazillion tomatoes, but she might have been exaggerating for effect. (Ya think?)

Just keep in mind that I am not a gardener of either flowers or food, but it sounded like good info to have. Good luck with your plants.

Rositta said...

I'm so jealous...not of the snake mind you, of the tomato plants. Our garden won't be planted for at least another 3 weeks if the weather cooperates...ciao

Brenda said...

Ha ha about the snake. I have a fear of them kinda. You do look like you have a green thumb! I saw some upside down tomatoes whatever they are?!?

flydragon said...

Ha, I don't even admire snakes from a distance!!

Oh, does the tomato come from that little yellow flower? :))
I'm sure your friend wasn't exaggerating at all because I also plan on having a gazillion tomatoes, providing I don't pinch all those yellow thingys off:)

I've got a couple of weeks to go before I can get mine outside too, which is why I'm a bit worried that these tomatoes won't make it that long still inside. Not jealous of the snake? You sure?

I saw those upside down tomatoes too. I guess those are for people who don't have garden space and have to use hangers instead. Pretty much like what I'm doing only not upside down:)

Jan said...

I actually bought a hanging strawberry plant from a girl at work. It is a fundraiser for her son so I have to wait for it to come in. I have the perfect place for it. Will be interesting to see how it works out for me with my brown thumb.

Nutty Gnome said...

I never pinch out tomato flowers - but what do I know?! (except that your plants are further on than mine!)- I blame the time difference!

Thanks for your nice comments on my log - glad you like it.:)

Iowa Gardening Woman said...

My oh My, now I am going to dream of snakes.........snakes about the biggest fear I have. We used to have lots of garter snakes in the yard, I know how good they are yada yada but I still hated them. They must have felt the bad karma because they moved on several years ago.

The begonia bud you see is the flower, it will open a bit more. I would be suckered in by any plant that has a claim of attracting humming birds also.

flydragon said...

lol, I'd be a sucker for kids selling plants. I can say no to the cookies and other items they sell, but plants...they'd find a gold mine if they came to me;) Hope you post a picture of your strawberry plant (while it's still green, not brown):))

The only reason my tomato plants are bigger is because I started them too early, and that's not necessarily a good thing:) I've decided to leave the blossoms on.... for now:)

I share your sentiments about snakes. I still have the picture in my mind of my mother (many, many years ago) chasing the numerous garter snakes in our yard, with a large rake in her hands. I'm pretty sure that set me on the "I hate snakes" course that I'm still on today:) Fortunatly for me, and for them, I have never seen a snake in this yard!