Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bragging Rights

So my sister Betty calls me Saturday morning. It went something like this.

Betty Boop…"Hey, whatcha doing?"

Me…. "Nothing much, how about you?."

Baiting Boop….."I’m just calling to see if you put your hummingbird feeder up yet?" (Drat, I know exactly where this is going)

Me… "No not yet, why?" (feigning ignorance while swearing a blue streak under my breath).

Boastfull Boop…"Because we saw a hummer this morning, put our feeder up and are now watching the first hummer of the season. I just wanted to tell you so you would put yours out." (Yeah, sure, that’s exactly why you called. Uh huh, right. ) "Oh I’ve got another call, gotta go" (I could actually hear her smirking as she said goodby)

So once again Bratty Boop wins the annual "Nah, nah, I saw it first" contest. And while there’s no reward like a free lunch or anything like that involved (why would I ever agree to something like that when I have never, ever won this stupid contest) the winner does get bragging rights, which she takes full advantage of every chance she gets.

While we’re on the subject of show-offs and braggarts, here’s another one.

no, not this one

not this one either

Yep, this one

Now Cola definitely deserves those bragging rights!!


Anonymous said...

Good Morning! I just googled a photo of the "Cola" lily - wow - what a beauty the color is and yours is really taking off! Can't wait to see your plant blooming.
Sorry "Boastful Betty" gotcha again with the hummer - better luck next year!

Rose said...

Sounds like this sisterly rivalry has been going on for some time:) Does Betty Boop live farther south than you? If so, I don't think the contest is quite fair. I know it's too early here yet for hummingbirds. But I think you win the "Cola Wars":)

Betty said...

Bragging rights...that's too funny! We had our first 100 degree day this week; trust me, that's nothing to brag about...but maybe I should call all my siblings, anyhow, eh?

Sounds as though you have a really fun time with your sister!

Enjoy those lilies...they will be grand!

Rudee said...

There's nothing like a little sibling rivalry to keep the brain sharp. The lily is amazing. I'm just getting tulips here. How can you be just across the lake and have more green than we do?

Prospero said...

Very enjoyable post. Funny sister stuff.

flydragon said...

I always say "Just wait till next year" but next year it's still the same old story:) The Cola is a gorgeous lily, one of my few success stories:)

That's the problem. She doesn't live farther south, just about 10 miles east of me. Not only does she always see the first one, she also has a ton of them while I'm lucky if I see one or two during the week all summer. And she also has to tell me how many times she has to refill the feeder!!
But I think I win the Cola war, too:)

100 already???? Wow. Call them, absolutly. But you're going to have to sound as though you really enjoy that:))) We had 2 80deg. days in a row and that's way too early for us!! Something's screwy with this weather!

Yours and ours should be just about the same, although we had 4 straight days of 48* and rain, and then 2 days of sunny and 80* weather. That might have made the difference. Also, that Cola lily is an aberation. Nothing else here is anywhere close to being that big.

I think this stuff is a lot more enjoyable to Ms. Boop, than it is to me.

Brenda said...

Are we all anxious for spring and summer or what?!?! I do hope all the near freezing temps are gone until next fall or winter. Here in St. Louis we have all four seasons in one day. We have lots and lots of bees, but have not seen a hummingbird yet.

troutbirder said...

Boop boop de boop. Now remember you are ABOVE all this inconsequential stuff. Our inadequate brothers and sisters need our support for their sweet but fragile egos. Thus we give them every opportunity to show off and brag at our expense. We feel good that they feel better.... Yes we do!

Rositta said...

The daffodils that we had yesterday all rolled over and died after the massive wind and rains storm we had yesterday. Winds of 100 clicks and hour tore the siding off our neighbours house, toppled trees and of course knocked all our plants flat. I wish I had a sister, sigh...ciao

Far Side of Fifty said...

Well you get to join me as a for The Robin Wars..and you for the Hummer losers got to stick together. That Lily is amazing..what did you feed it? Chocolate?? I bet Betty beep doesn't even have a Cola lilly...and I wouldn't share if I were you:)

Susie said...

Sorry you lost again. You need to come up with something that you know you will always win bragging rights at!

beckie said...

Too bad about the hummer sighting, but maybe you could get the first picture. I love the name, 'Cola' for a lily. Will be interesting to see it's blooms. And yes, it wins bragging rights were lilies are concerned.

Bren said...

I always learn something when I visit this blog. Thank you for sharing your documented flower growth.
It was a glorious weekend in the gard3en. I see you got tons done too!

Happy spring - can't wait to stop back soon.

flydragon said...

We're starting to get the bees now too, although there's really nothing blooming in my yard that they like, yet. But I also noticed that the flies were out in droves. All over the place. Now those I can do without. Any time I try to sit outside I have flies landing all over me. Yucky!!

You know, I never looked at it that way. You're absolutly right!!
And since she needs to win, and I don't, I guess I can give her that. At least this year.

Whoa, you must have had one humdinger of a storm. No offense, but keep them up there, please:)
You want a sister? Take one of mine. Free!! In fact, I'll pay you to take one!

I figure we can let them win the little, teeny tiny wars, because we win the big ones! Right? Don't we? Maybe?
I'm not sure what I fed that Cola, although I know it wasn't any of my chocolate. I'm much too selfish when it come to sharing that:) And Bratty Betty Boop is never getting one of my Colas.

Well, I got the first Oriole yesterday, so I'm a winner after all. Whoo hoo. And of course, I told her:)

Hi Beckie,
Even if I don't get the first picture, at least I know how to put them on the computer and she doesn't:)))
Wait till you see the blooms on the Cola. Gorgeous!! Bragging rights for sure!

I'm not sure what you learned this time, except for the fact that Betty is a showoff and I'm a sore loser:))
Happy spring to you too. My favorite season!!

Darla said...

Ya'll have too much fun!!

Roses and Lilacs said...

I didn't recognize the name Cola but after googling it, I think I have it. It is a fast starter each spring and it multiplies pretty quickly.

My sister is a Jones wannabe. You know, the one everybody is trying to keep up with;)

Di said...

Gee, wasn't it your dear sweet sister Betty who gave you the Clove Currant Shrub? You two are too funny! Can't wait to see your Cola in bloom. We got up to 88 degrees the other day - I call that Mexican heat - La Cucaracha! Whew, not for me.

Anonymous said...

Flies, your attracting flies. Check and make sure you are still breathing and your not black and bubbly and stinking up the place. Well, look at the bright side, you may be beating the crap out of Aunt Bratty, Boasting and Baiting Betty in the Buzzing department. Oh, I do crack myself up sometimes.


flydragon said...

She has fun winning and I have fun poking fun at her:)

I started out with the three large ones, but I notices there are about 5 little ones coming up too. I didn't realize they multiplied that fast, but I like it!! So.. do you keep up with the Jones's? :))

I thought about you when the temps got up that high, knowing how much you hate it. A lot better today though!!!
Yes, it was Ms. Boop who gave me the clove currant shrub. But hey, that was a couple of years ago, and now is now!

I believe you already were a bit cracked to begin with.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

cracked? broken wide open!

Herrad said...


Just came by via JC.
Think you won with the Cola.

Anonymous said...

Saw your note about giving away sisters! Watch it!

And I think, from what I remember, you need to rename the Cola to something like Grandslam or just Gorgeous Lily.

Glad to hear about the Orioles already, too!


flydragon said...

I was trying to be polite. I can see you have no such qualms.

Hi, and thanks for stopping by. The best thing about new visitors, is that now I also get to visit a new blog.
I definitely won the Cola wars:)

Hi Nan,
The orioles are a week earlier than last year. They've never been here in April since I've been keeping track. I bet you already have the hummers too.
I really thought the Cola was just a fluke last year, but since this year they're gowing so fast already, I guess it wasn't. Maybe Colossal Cola:)

TC said...

Geesh! What are watering 'Cola' with?? I bet it ain't cola, I bet it's Kentucky moonshine! ;~P

Anonymous said...

Cola does deserve bragging rights, wow! She is a beauty.
Gotta love the sister stuff! Always an underlying message with those calls. The good thing is you'll get yours up and those adorable little birds will be visiting all the time.
Enjoy your weekend!

flydragon said...

And I bet that the reason you mentioned Kentucky moonshine was because you had some on your recent trip. Right?

But I did have to stake them already to keep them standing upright, soooo....maybe there was a little something extra in the water.

I did get the feeders up but so far still no little hummers. Lots of orioles though which is just as good:)