Saturday, May 2, 2009

Q's & A's and Show & Tell

First, we start with the Q's and A’s.
As per usual, I get to ask the questions and you get to answer them. Isn’t this fun??
Question #1….
This popped up in my flower bed and since I have never planted anything out there that even remotely looks like this 5” tall whatsits…..
.What the heck is it?

Question #2

No, I know what those are. What I don’t know is why, when I buy and plant primrose they start out with flowers the size of the silver dollar but the next year they’re the size of the nickel.

Any takers here? (not the coins….just the question)

Well that concludes the Q & A part. Aren’t you surprised that there’s only two this time? I know, I actually amazed myself. Now on to the show and tell.

Remember this? (I know that’s a question but it doesn’t require an answer)

Well, if you’ve been paying attention and actually reading this drivel that I post you’d remember that this was a little Illumination Begonia bud that I showed you a little while back.

Moving on

Ta Da

I think I’m going to like this plant.



Question #1. It's a grape hyacinth. They're darling and can pop up anywhere. If you find lots of them, you can collect the bulbs, plant them in a nice place and you'll have a showy spot next spring.

Question #2. The primroses you purchase have been grown under ideal conditions and often in a green house. When they show up in the real world they have ordinary soil and real world conditions and the changes show as smaller flowers. They're still lovely.

Hooray for the begonia. It's a beauty! Enjoy!

And what you write is NOT drivel, so there! How are your seedlings coming along? Mine are huge and I need to plant them out, but it's still too early.

Anonymous said...

I actually knew the answer to #1 for a change but Coneflower beat me to it! Do I get credit anyway? I LOVE that begonia. That's the prettiest bloom I've ever seen and what a dreamy color. Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

It's me again! I just saw your comment on Connie's blog about the May baskets....if I could, Harriet and I would fill a May basket with chocolate kisses and deliver it to you!!!!!!!

flydragon said...

The grape hyacinth actually did cross my mind but since it's so tiny (the plant, not my mind) and I've never planted them around here, I thought "no way". That's the only one out there but hopefully more will come up next year then.

I thought maybe I was doing something drastically wrong to have such small primrose flowers but I guess it's not my fault then. But still, I wish the flowers were bigger.

The only seedlings I've been taking outside are the tomatoes and the begonias, but only because they're now in hanging baskets, but I still have to bring them in at night. The rest of the seedlings are still sitting in the house but I hope to start taking them out for a few hours each day starting next week.

Thanks for the info!!!

Yes, you definitely get credit too:)) And if you and Harriet would deliver a May basket full of goodies to my door, I promise not to chase you around the yard trying to catch you. Well, I would chase Harriet around but not you:)

Far Side of Fifty said...

Coneflower is exactly correct, I could not have said it better myself!
TA DA..I knew you were gonna love that begonia..well worth the extra effort that it takes to start them from seed!
I love your blog, so there..apparently you think I like drivel..well I guess so.. drivel on! :)

beckie said...

Coneflower is right about the mystery plant and also the primrose. The only suggestion I have is to feed them and maybe they will flower bigger. Also they aren't getting too crowded are they?

Your begonia is lovely. I am so thrilled to see someone actually start one from seed. Well done!!

troutbirder said...

Well I'm late as usual but all of the above correctly seems to cover it. Tulips do the same thing and in my energetic your I used to dig them up every third year replant and fertilize in a new location. Now I just say the heck with it and go and buy some new bulbs.

flydragon said...

I do love that begonia flower!! I hope the rest of the basket really fills out and has a zillion flowers. I planted 3 plants into each basket and hope that was right.
Fortunately for me that you like reading drivel, seeing that I seem to like writing it:)

Now that you mention it, the primrose are a bit crowded together. Should I move some after they finish blooming?

I didn't know that about tulips, probably because I don't have any of those. Maybe I'll just go buy some more primroses too, since I've been a bit low in the energy dept. myself:))

TC said...

If that is a grape hyacinth, it should have a wonderful aroma, stick your nose among the flowers, inhale deeply and if it smells wonderful, it's probably a grape h. I have no luck with primrose, but if I were you, I'd scratch in a little 10-10-10 fertilizer. And that begonia is really beautiful.

Naturegirl said...

Grape hyacyth given to you by a little bird! Those are my favorite Spring flower..# 1 of course!

Brenda said...

I think the wind can carry just about anything anywhere, or at least here in Missouri it does. I find things I have never planted. You really do have a green thumb. Your flower is awesome.

Susie said...

Well obviously I don't even need to address your questions since you already got all the right answers.

Love the color of that begonia. It's quite lovely!

Dog_geek said...

I guess I'm a day late and a dollar short (unless you give me the coins, that is...) I had a bunch of surprise grape hyacinths pop up in the middle of the lawn this year, and even a crocus here and there. I love surprises, as long as they are grape hyacinths.

Rose said...

Well, darn, I'm too late to have a chance at the contest:) I didn't read all the comments, but the grape hyacinth may have been the gift of a squirrel. As for the primroses, this is just the second year I've had them, and mine did very well. You might check to see if they could be divided, which might encourage more blooms--I really don't know about dividing them.

As for the Illumination Begonia, if you remember, I had one for the first time last year and just loved it! Is this the one you grew from seed or a cutting?

Rudee said...

I can't answer the flower questions in a scholarly way, and although I usually do, today I won't try to BS my way through those answers. Instead, I'd like to pose my own: are those coins from your very first allowance money earned? Couldn't resist.

BT said...

Hello there, I've come via various gardeners' blogs! I spotted the grape hyacinth and we have loads in our garden in County Clare, Ireland. They do spread, so next year you'll have more!

That particular primula is a pretty small one anyway, I have that all over the place too, it spreads like mad and is called 'Wanda'. My husband has a 'flower' blog and has done a post on this particular flower. 'Living with Twisted Willow' if you'd like to have a look.
I love that begonia flower. I particularly like yellow begonias, I once had them in a hanging basket and they were spectacular.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I think that I am going to like it also. Love that shade of pink.


Prospero said...

Next time you have a guessing game, you should say that anyone except CONEFLOWER (or anyone who really knows the answer) - should guess. Nice Begonia. Very pretty. Charming post, as usual. About my curcuma: the yellow part is the flower and there can be several flowers on each stem.

flydragon said...

Since that grape h is so small and will require some major contortions on my part to get that low, I think I'll wait till dark for the smell test. No use giving all the neighbors a show.

If that is a little gift from the birds, it sure beats what they usually leave me. A white splat on my dark blue car:)

I'm usually bombarded with dandelions that have been deposited by the wind, so it's nice to see something different for a change:) I think I got lucky with the begonia. Not all my "first timers" turn out this well:)

I love asking my questions on the blog instead of having to search all over the internet. So many people know the answers and they come to me:) Can't beat that!!

Well, since I won't be sending any coins your way, you're still short. I like this little surprise in my garden too! Hopefully I'll get some more.

I do remember your post about the Illumination. In fact that's the reason I thought I would try them from seed. You sold me:)

I'm not sure if you're suggesting that I'm very frugal or very old. Okay...I admit to both, but not quite as much as you might think. Even though the date on the dollar is 1923, it was waaaaaay old when I got it:)

Hi BT,
The grape hyacinth is one plant I would like to see spread. I hope it does for me.
I also have the begonia in a hanging basket, and so far I'm really loving that flower.
I'm off to check your blog and your husbands post on the primrose. I need all the help I can get with that one:)

This was the only color I could find in the one seed catalogue, but I'm loving it, so far.

Ha, I love it when so many people try to help me out with my many questions. And I do have many!!
I thought the red part on the top of your curcuma was a flower too:))
After going back and looking, I realize it's the leaves. What a gorgeous little plant.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Every body beat me to the answers. You snooze you lose;) The hyacinth needs company. He looks kind of lonely there by himself.

flydragon said...

Ha, that poor little plant surely is lonely. I'll have to do something about that.

Ana said...

I first saw you at Tenuous at best and loved your avatar.
Hope you're fine.
Loved the flowers but I have a headache. I'll come back later.

oldcrow61 said...

Yep, it's a grape hyacinth. The begonia is lovely.

flydragon said...

Hi Ana,
Yep, I'm a cute little dragon, aren't I. Hope you get rid of your headache soon.

Poor little, teeny, tiny grape hyacinth. Hope it gets a family out there with him soon. The more I look at that begonia the more I love it:)

Dog_geek said...

Hey! Who are you calling short? I prefer "altitudinally challenged."

flydragon said...

A shorty by any other name is still a shrimp.

Betty said...

Just back from Arkansas and catching up. We had some grape hyacinths in our yard in Idaho and it is actually one of the extremely FEW plants I can gardener here.

I laughed at your exchange with DG...I've always said I'm 'vertically challenged'; oh, yeah, and 'chronologically challenged', as well...teehee.

mitt vattenhål said...

the first photo shows one flower tha I have a lot of in my garden right now. In both blue and white and I bought some bulbs last fall. We call them pärlhyacint as the flowers look like some pearls (pärla).
and I do like the begonia too :-)

flydragon said...

Hi Betty,
Welcome back.
See, you finally know a plant but everyone else beat you to it:))
Ha I like "chronologically challenged". I'll have to remember that one. Of course, I'm not saying I need one.

Hi mitt,
You're right, they do look like little pearls:) I checked out your blog but of course I couldn't understand anything that was written, but you have some great photos there. Flowers are flowers no matter what they're called or what country you're in, right?

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

woohoo! nice froggie pic!

flydragon said...

Just to show that we're not the only ones hanging in there.

Glennis said...

Yes I agree its a grape hyacinth, they grow readily from seed, they spread madly all through your garden, but do look pretty.

Herrad said...

Hi Flydragon,

I thought hyacinth too, the primroses have been grown under lamps to force them to be bigger etc and as Coneflower says in the real world and off their 'steroids' they are back to standard size.
The begonia is gorgeous hope you have more photos later on.

flydragon said...

Hi Glennis,
I'm looking forward to that lonely little grape to telling his family and friends to move in there too:)

Hi Herrad,
Maybe I should try some steroids for the primrose. I like the little flowers, but I LOVE the larger ones:) Hopefully the begonia will totally fill the baskets and I'll have tons of flowers to show!