Sunday, December 14, 2008

Up, Up, And Away

While meandering around in blogger land, I kept noticing all the different styles and templates that were popping up. I’ve wanted to put a picture on the top of my blog as so many others have done, but couldn’t figure out how to do it. I thought about asking one of you out there but I didn’t want to appear any dumber than I already do, so I nixed that. Then I thought of asking FD#2 because she has one on the top of her blog, but then I remembered my previous post “Go Away, Don’t Bother Me” and thought, well maybe not. I was on my own.

After searching all the help topics on blogger help, and coming up with nothing, I finally noticed the word “layout” on the dashboard. Thinking that sounded like something I needed, I went there and was on “page elements” and stared at it for awhile. Not seeing anything that said “click here to add a picture to the top of your blog” (I need things spelled out exactly) I finally saw the little word “edit” in all the different boxes. Hmmmm, is that what I want? Clicking on the “edit” in the title box, a new box popped up, “Configure Header” Whoo hoo, I was there. Well, not exactly right there but I was a lot closer than I had been before.

After much going back and forth to my picture file, adding, no not that one, deleting, adding, nope too big, deleting, adding, nope too small, deleting I finally came up with one I liked. Only then did I notice that there was also a preview button that I could have been using instead of going back and forth to the blog itself. What a time saver that would have been if I had noticed it sooner. Why don’t they put BIG, RED, FLASHING ARROWS with a loud BONG sound on things like that?

Being extremely proud of myself (no, it doesn’t take much) I then noticed the next tab that said “fonts and colors” and thought I would check it out since I was on a roll now. Heaven!! I was in heaven! All kinds of goodies to play around with!! BIG letters, small letters, black, white, blue, red, a multitude of different colors. I didn’t know what to change first, so of course I changed them all.

Later, (much later), I noticed the next tab that said “edit HTML”. Checked it out. Wow, what the heck is that? Nope, don’t even think about doing anything with that. Get out of this place before you really screw something up. Stop now while you’re still ahead.

I did notice the next tab after that though. “pick new template” I’ll have to check that one out later, I’ve had enough excitement for one day.


beckie said...

Flydragon, I can totally relate. Took me forever to get a header picture and when I finally did, I started playing around with theother stuff. Enough! Leave well enough alone.

Like your new header picture-have always wanted to go up in a hot air balloon....maybe some day.

Happy Holidays!

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Woohoo! What fun. I love this balloon pic.

But I wouldn't have minded had you asked. I might not have remembered though. I would had have to click to thru it with you.

flydragon said...

LOL, I'm glad I'm not the only one who's (and how can I put this politely?) slow to grasp the workings of evidently easy programs:)

And as much as I love looking at hot air balloons, I've never had even the slightest wish to ever go up in one. Very Happy Holidays to you, too!!

You've probably seen this pic many times before. I know Luppup has because when I was putting it together I had to ask her for help a zillion times.

You wouldn't have minded if I asked but you wouldn't have remembered? Uh huh, right, sure, I've heard that one before.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one!!! I am pitiful with a computer, especially photos and I find comfort that I'm not alone. Even now, I have some red, some green print - what's that all about???? Oh well, it doesn't have to be perfect, huh?! Your header looks beautiful - congrats!

flydragon said...

Looking at your blog, I can't believe you have any kind of problem working with this stuff. All those pics down the side, with the lettering and everything else you have on there, it sure seems like you know exactly what you're doing.


Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Ah sweetie? We have all been through this before, and why did you not ask? [ Sorry for calling you sweetie!]. It just seems to fit the comment.

I am still discovering things, it definitely is not quite as easy as they tell you it is. Ask anything, no question is too small, someone out there is bound to know the answer.

And speaking of answers, anyone? why can't I make my links, link up? I STILL can't figure those things out.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey anytime you need my little bit of knowledge you are welcome to it!! I like the bong and big flashing red arrows should submit it as a suggestion! I noticed your header immediately!! :)

Dog_geek said...

Nice job with the new header - the final product looks great! A nice tribute to the balloon-headed people of your planet.

flydragon said...

But then everyone will know just how computer illiterate I am. Like reading this post isn't going to give them a clue:) But you're right, I should start asking how to do things before I end up accidently deleting the whole shebang.
Thanks, Honey Bunch.

I noticed you're pretty good at changing your things around. I like your template, too.
Kind of hard to miss my header now, with all that color right up in your face:)

Thanks, and it's always a good thing to remember from whence you came. Otherwise they get mighty testy.

Rudee said...

I love figuring things out. Now, go here:

in the grey box to the right of the video, copy the embed. Go back to your blog and either a new or edit for this post. Go to edit html and paste this very appropriate video at the bottom or top of your post and publish. Easy peasy and no need for a cocktail first.

Beverly said...

i was the same as you about the picture in the I want to change it all the time. Go ahead and check out the is fun...I also did not want to ask any blogger friends...

Rose said...

LOL, Flydragon, it took me a long time, too, to figure out the header photo:) I would like to re-do the whole appearance of my blog, but all that takes so much time. Sounds like a good project for after the holidays.

If you figure out what "edit html" means, let me know. I'm still trying to figure out why Blogger deletes spaces I've put in or adds them when I don't.

Susie said...

Flydragon you sounded like a kid in a candy store with this post.

It really does take a while to figure everything out. I find that playing around with it works best for me. Your new header really is nice.

T said...

I like the new header. I love hot air balloons.

I would have never know how to do that. I want to change my template, but I am sure I will lose everything, so I just stay boring lit'l ol me.

Good for you being brave and figuring all that out for yourself.

flydragon said...

Easy peasy? For you maybe. Anything that says "BACKUP" first makes me very nervous. I'll leave all those to you. I did enjoy the song though. I'd forgotten all about that one, and have now been humming it all morning:)

I have a feeling I'm going to be changing mine all the time now too:) It's funny why we don't want to ask for help. Don't want to admit we're really dummys? Like men not wanting to ask for directions when they don't know where the heck they are?

Not only do I not know what "edit html" means, I don't even know what a html is:) And I know what you mean about the extra/missing spaces. I've come to the conclusion that it's the blogger imp in there just having a little fun. I notice he also changes some of the words so it looks as if I don't know how to spell.

You're right. I was in the candy store. I'll try some of this, that, and oh, I need some of those too:)

I was more nervous than brave, believe me. I kept reading and re-reading the info looking for the part I missed that says, "clicking on that will immediately delete everything you have done on this entire blog in 5 seconds...4....3....

Roses and Lilacs said...

Your new header is very unique and beautiful. Jumping in and trying is always the best way to learn. I always learn my best lessons from messing up something and redoing it half a dozen times to get it right;)

flydragon said...

Well, this header should be one of a kind unless there's another person out there with the exact same brain. Now there's a scary thought. And there's many the time that I've screwed something up over and over again, sometimes never learning a darn thing:)

Susie said...

Flydragon-I left you an award on my blog. Don't feel like you have to participate. Just wanted you to know how I feel about your blog and friendship.

Thistledew Farm said...

I 100% agree - can't they put buttons that say "hey, this is what you are looking for?" If we all have so much trouble - couldn't they make it a little easier or is it one of those trials you must pass and then others must also????

Anonymous said...

Boy I'm really impressed. You are not computer illiterate for sure. That saying totally describes me. Love the hot air ballons. Middle sis

flydragon said...

Dang, you are such a sweetie!!

Hi Thistle,
There's a hundred books out there that are titled this or that for dummys, why not just make all the programs on here as tho we're all dummys and save us the trouble. Well, it would save me a lot of trouble anyway:)

Well since it took me 4 HOURS to finally figure out how to put the picture up there, and 4 DAYS to make the picture in the first place, I think you should be re-thinking your praise.

Shady Gardener said...

Flydragon, I'm proud of you! (Actually, I'm even proud of me... as I figured it out on "my own" as well. Blogger has it all, I just had to look for it!). And I LOVE the header photo you've used!
Have you been in a hot air balloon? I took my daughter a few years ago... it was Wonderful! :-)

flydragon said...

Isn't it funny when some of the little things we solve make us proud. It always works that way for me and if I could whistle, I would have all the rest of the day:)
You are the first person I've ever talked to that has actually gone up in a balloon. How brave you are!! This sissy needs to have both of her feet smack dab on the ground!!

kathi dunphy said... would love our annual labor day balloon festival in nearby Sussex , New Brunswick. Well done figuring out the techie manipulations, sounds like my own thought processes.
Merry Christmas from the north!

flydragon said...

Hi Kathi,
Yes, I would love your balloon festival!! For some reason I'm just fascinated by them, not sure why since I don't want to be in one. There is also a huge festival in Albuquerque, New Mexico every fall which I at least can catch snippits of on the news.
And a Merry Christmas to you too!!

TC said...

I likes it FD! And I thought I was the only one who had experienced difficulty headering!

raccoonlover1963 said...

I know what you mean. The "help" topics on blogger are pretty useless, as far as I'm concerned! I tried every which way to put my play list on my side board. Every time I tried, somebody else's horrible playlists would come up, even without putting my ID number in, and even when I did that, still somebody else's awful playlist would pop up. I finally got it fixed, without the help of the "help" topics.
Great pic, BTW
Have a great week.

flydragon said...

Glad you approve, and from these comments, you and I are definitely not the only ones who can't figure out what the heck we're doing.

LOL. Blogger help should put up an entire new section titled "help with blogger help" only in English this time.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Ravenna has a balloon festival, too - much closer than NM.... Assuming I have a working transmission, I'd be happy to go with you next summer.

flydragon said...

I didn't know that. Yipee!!

Di said...

Wow, if you think you're computer illiterate, I must be the village idiot. Your beautiful, funny, articulate blog could not be written by the average Joe, er...I mean Jane. By the way. Chagrin Falls has a balloon festival in the spring, usually attended by native Tim Conway.

flydragon said...

Hi Di,
I have no idea of what I'm doing half of the time..actually all of the time. Sometimes I just get lucky.

I never knew Chagrin Falls had a festival either. Going to check that out in the spring for sure.

me, myself, I said...

I can so, so relate to this post!!!!
No idea how I endedd up here but I just love your writing style and humour :)

flydragon said...

Hi Me, myself, I
I'm glad you stopped to visit, even if it was an accident:)) Hope to see you again, on purpose this time!