Saturday, December 6, 2008

Neighbor Comes a Calling

It’s been extra cold and very quiet around here the last few days. No snow to speak of (just some flurries) but colder than normal for this time of year. Don’t see anybody out and about except for a few hardy souls taking their dogs for their daily exercise walk. Or rather a run, trying to get back home and out of the instant face numbing wind as soon as possible. Days when it’s much easier and warmer to stay wrapped up in your robe. Is there really any need to change when you have no intention of going outside except to fill up the bird feeders and that's something that can be done in your robe if you quickly scurry in and out, checking first to see that no one else is around. I mean, there’s really no point in changing just for that, agreed? Fortunately those dog runners did bother to change out of their robes, although that might have been a bit more entertaining for us watchers if they hadn’t.

I did have one visitor come calling though. I didn’t hear the knocking on the door, but I did hear the scratching on the window. I don’t remember the one-sided conversation verbatim but it went something like this.

“Hi there. I’m your friendly furry neighbor who’s decided to pay you a visit. I know I look warm and fuzzy with my winter coat on, but it’s freezing out here. How about letting me in for a little while just till I get warm. We can have a nice little chat and maybe you can offer small refreshments.

How about if I move to this side without the screen. Can you see me better now?

Yoo Hoo!!….. Hellllloooo!! ….. Hey lady. Yes, you with the camera! I’m talking to you!! You do know that I can see you, right? You can’t very well pretend you’re not home this time, now can you?
If you don’t want to invite me in then how about handing some small treats out? What’s it gonna take to get a few peanuts out here? A little show of my acrobatic skills?

How about my Spiderman imitation?

Hey, this is a lot harder than it looks. Don't think so? You come out here and give it a try, and if you can do it, I'll give you the peanut!

Nothing?? Well jeeze lady, some fine neighbor you turned out to be. I’m sure you don’t treat all your other neighbors this way….. or do you? When you hear someone knocking on your door (or scratching on your window), do you always try to hide while peeking around the corner to see who it is, hoping they won’t see you because you’re still in your robe? Yes, I noticed that. Is that the reason you’re ignoring me? Are you embarrassed to let it be known that you’re still dressed like that at one o’clock in the afternoon? No problem, I’ll come back when you’re decent, if you’ll tell me when that might be. I mean, it will be sometime today, right? Right?”



Rudee said...

What's become of the neighborhood? Furry thugs all over the place! I'm still in my jammies too-so don't feel bad. I may not even shower today with this butt numbing cold. I drove 35 miles from one hospital to my home last night-with the heat on high all the way. It barely helped. It's snowing in Detroit. Did I mention it was cold? You know, I think we should charge Canada for the freezing cold weather they ship down here.

Anonymous said...

What a cute post this morning. We often laugh that we are surprised the squirrels don't ring the doorbell and say, "Hey, how about a little compassion?!" You took some amazing photos of "SpiderSquirrel" and if you could see me now, I'm still in my pj's too!

T said...

LOL! What a fun post. You didn't offer no peanuts? Did your furry friend not offer to show better skills on the neighbors blue roof?
He/she looks like he wanted to share some nice conversation, perhaps giving you some wardrobe hints for cozy cold days.Hee Hee.

PS. I often wonder what the little creatures think of us humans, always staring at them through a camera.

Anonymous said...

Ok, so where is the pic of you in your robe? I've seen it before, but these other fine folks don't know what they are missing!


Di said...

It seems that a lot of us read your post in our PJ's, me included. What could be better than being comfy and smiling (or rolling our eyes)as we read. Hope your visitor earned some peanuts. Please do send some glamor photos of you in your robe, ha! Did that sound like I presumed it would be funny? Well, err...of course not.

Anonymous said...

I had one of those fur coverd creatures looking in my family room window the other day. Wasn't smart enough to scratch on the window but sure tried to stare me down. Couldn't get anything from our feeder with the cage around it but finds lots of acorns from my neighbors yard and burys them in mine. So I guess he's getting even. Middle sis

flydragon said...

Your absolutely right about Canada and this miserable cold. You know we could get big bucks for the "pain and suffering" that they inflict on us. Sorry all you Canadians. We like you but not your weather!! And we would like you a whole lot more it you could keep it up there where it belongs.

I'm sure if I had a doorbell out there, Spidey would have learned how to use it by now. He'd be ringing it and hiding just like we did when we were kids:)

I'm afraid scaredy squirrel and the rest of his cohorts are still afraid of the big blue monster. But I'm still waiting, camera in hand, for the day of the toboggan run. And I wish he could give me some hints on how he got that full, furry coat. I need one of those.

Fla brat,
Watch yourself now. I'm the one with the pretty pictures of you, remember? And I'm not above using them either.

Excuse me? Rolling your eyes? And yes, this time I did put some peanuts on the windowsill just for him. Glamor shots in my robe huh? A little snicker when you wrote that? Well, maybe I'll just decide to work on that. Might take a while though so don't be holding your breath.

Aww, no little acrobat or spidey tricks from your visitor? But they sure do know how to stare, don't they? Makes you wonder what the heck they're looking at when they stare that long. Maybe he was waiting for you to do a few tricks.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great photos of your neighbor! I think he loves you! Even in your robe! We don't care what you wear! I love your humor! Thanks for making me laugh! :)

beckie said...

So glad you put some peanuts out for him. He gave quite a performance. Any more in the winter, my pjs are sweat suits. Comfy and presentable just in case I have an unexpected visitor.

Anna Lefler said...

Oh, sweet! I love squirrels!

Enjoy your wintry doesn't feel like the holidays here at all. [sniff]

Have a great weekend!

:^) Anna

Susie said...

How funny flydragon! I love those little guys. He probably was freezing his little tushie off!

flydragon said...

You don't care what I wear because you can't see it. Consider yourself lucky:)

You and I have the same idea when it comes to pj's. To heck with what the squirrels think:)

squirrels are much more entertaining in the winter when you don't care what they're digging up in the yards. In the summer you just want to smack them instead. If it will make you feel more in the holiday mood, I'll be glad to send you a box of winter air from here.

No, he still has his tushie. I checked as he was running away.

oldcrow61 said...

How adorable! Very smart squirrel, feeder empty so knock on the window, lol. Wonderful pictures.

Dog_geek said...

Awww, how cute! I can't believe you didn't let him come in out of the cold! Look at that little face!

TC said...

We used to consider fox squirrels the "trophy" of squirrel hunting. And I mean no disrespect to your furry little friend.

Roses and Lilacs said...

You started my morning off with a smile.

That little dude is kinda bold!

marmee said...

my comment decided to disappear halfway thru my writing it, funny eh?>
well it was great you had a visitor who didn't mind his picture being made in his birthday suit but we didn't even get a glimpse of the robed-cladd lady?! is that really fair? hehe! enjoy your pj days i wish we could all live everyday in pj's the world would be less uptight.

flydragon said...

Our squirrels are just not as cute as your bright eyed little fellas are though.

That cute little face has some very sharp teeth hiding in there. That's why he's out and I'm in:)

Taste like chicken?

They are very bold. And also very entertaining on a cold, gloomy day.

glad to see you, it's been a while since you stopped by. And I agree, it's hard to get uptight in pj's and a warm fluffy robe.

Shady Gardener said...

He put on the show, but better yet - you got to see it! :-) Great photos!
I'm amazed at their persistence.

flydragon said...

They just never give up. The same fella will come back 3-4 times a day and still try to get in that feeder each time.