Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Laid Up For A Little While

Favorite daughter #4 will be stuck at home for a few weeks, which is no picnic anytime, anyplace, but if it has to happen, better in the Arizona sun instead of the Ohio snow. Or so she says. I did try to talk her into coming home for this event but she refused. (Funny that when I say her home I mean here, and when she says her home she means there.) But she does have a point. At least she will be able to pass the time in great weather, sitting in the sun by the pool, (also getting stung by bees and scorpions and other nasty things, instead of being here, being waited on hand and foot, being fed all her favorite foods, and being fussed over when she gets bored and cranky.) Okay, okay, so I’m a poor loser.

Anyhow… since she is usually very active she is going to be bored silly so she told me I will have to post something every day, so that she has something to read. Now this is no easy task for me. I’m lucky if I can think of anything to blog about twice a week let alone every day. And I’m not one of those people who thrive under pressure. It has the totally opposite effect on me. My mind is suddenly completely blank and empty. A vast wasteland of nothingness. Yes, more so than usual.

Any ideas I was mentally saving for future posts have completely disappeared from my head now that she told me I had a job to do. I warned her that if I couldn’t come up with anything else, I would have to start posting pictures. Pictures of her. And I would have to start telling stories about some of the things she did when she was growing up. She quickly suggested that I should post pictures and tell stories about her sisters instead. Much more to work with since they were the bad seeds, while she of course was the good one. (Her words girls, not mine, so if you’re thinking of picking a bone, direct it that-a-way and not this-a-way)

Oh good.…..one down, and since she probably won’t be reading this one for a few days yet, I only have a few more dozen to go. Piece of cake. But just in case, I am also open to suggestions. Help!!


Anonymous said...

Well, I like the idea of sharing old photos or maybe more of the birds that visit your feeders or even some of the history of the area you live in.

Dog_geek said...

I'll let you borrow L for a few weeks - then you'll have plenty of things to write. Of course, most of it will be curse words, but you sounds desperate...

flydragon said...

I was thinking of digging out some old photos. Mostly of her. She ought to really love that. Ha.

LOL. Thanks but I seem to have plenty of other things to curse at. I think poor L would be on the losing end of that deal. Of course as the days progress, I just might change my mind:)

beckie said...

Oh good, a post every day from you! Can't wait. You are my smile for the day when you write. Family stories would be good. And of course we would have to see the pictures to go along with the stories. What ever you write, I am sure it will be great.

flydragon said...

Adding a little more pressure there are we? I'm thinking your expectations greatly exceed my abilities:)

T said...

Lets see,
6 day care kids
5 dogs
6 inside feral cats
10 outside feral cats

equals 27 days worth of posting something entertaining,if I send them all to you.:))

This can work, well, I will minus one untrappable stubborn kitten, so when do you want me to ship the 26 of them to you? I could use a vacation!

Anonymous said...

You should visit http://unglazed.blogspot.com - she has a great post this evening about a post.

Susie said...

I like the idea of the photos and stories of her growing up. Of course you could also throw some in there of the other kids.

Rudee said...

I hope whatever is ailing your daughter is short lived and she is up on her feet soon. Now, please send directions to your house post haste! I have a yen to be waited on hand and foot.

raccoonlover1963 said...

Hi FD. I know how you feel about writing. I can never think of much to say. (my husband gets so mad at me for that!) Can't help it, I'm not a talker. I personally think that your daughter should have came to stay with you. I lived in Arizona for a short period of time. I actually chose to move back to Florida from there, and I hated Florida! I much prefer being back here in Indiana freezing my tail off!
Hope you had a good Thanksgiving.
Keep warm and have a great week.

flydragon said...

I appreciate your offer but I wouldn't want to make you go through all that trouble of shipping them out. How about if you write a post a day and I'll just direct her over to your blog. Lets me off the hook and puts you on. I like it!!

I checked it out and it's a good idea. I'll make a list. Now to think of something to put on that list.:)

I agree that most of them should be about her. She'll be begging me to stop posting in no time.

LOL, Glad to see someone appreciates my offer. Favorite foods and hand and foot coming right up.

I wish she felt the same way you do. She just can't get her mind off of the sun and on to the snow. Such a sissy baby:)

Anonymous said...

Well, pull out the old photos and get to it. The first one that usually comes out when we all get together is the beautiful one of me. You know, the one that my sisters have waaaaay too much fun laughing at. Feel free to start with that one. If nothing else, FD#4 will get a kick out of it (as will FD#1 and FD#2).


flydragon said...

That is the first one of thought of. I'm going to wait awhile for that though, so she won't hurt herself too much when she falls off the chair.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh tell us some stories about your girls when they were little! Sounds very entertaining to me.
Waited on hand and foot..she passed that up for some sunshine and warmth? She must be sick.. LOL..hope she is feeling up to reading your blog soon:)

flydragon said...

Can you imagine her passing up all that for a little bit of mid 70's sunny weather? And without a moments hesitation, too. Silly girl:)

Anonymous said...

Hey if that #4 favorite daughter would have come home so you could have spoiled her, I would have helped by making her favorite cooked carrots. Lots of them. Maybe since she isn't here I'll send her lots of them Middle sis

flydragon said...

What a sweet aunt you are to remember her love of cooked carrots. If I remember right you offered to make them for her when she was here before. Mmmmm, maybe that's why she decided to stay there this time.

KALI said...

i know the feeling of being pressured to write something that is mandatory.
its hard to mix this passion with obligation!
but for sure, you can come up to something, as you always does.
good for your followers... we are now expecting MORE from you :)

flydragon said...

More?? Oh, oh then I'm in trouble because once again I am sitting here empty headed.

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sounds like she needs a blog of her own;)

LOL, If I'm injured or laid up, can I come to your house?

flydragon said...

That's a great idea. She does need a blog of her own and since she doesn't have any gorgeous pictures of me I don't have to worry about seeing myself posted anywhere.
And yes, you are welcome to come here to recuperate when needed. In fact you and Rudee should come at the same time. I'm sure the two of you would run me ragged/drive me crazy in no time at all.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

definitely start with stories of her. by the time you get round to rest of us, you'll be burned out. i hope.

flydragon said...

I'm already burned out just thinking about it, so I don't think you have much to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Come on, what are you doing? No new post yet. Luppup is going to be disappointed.


flydragon said...

I figured she wouldn't be reading anything for at least a few more days, so I'm still pondering what stories about you I'm going to tell.

TC said...

I think you should record a video of you singing for one of those posts.

flydragon said...

That poor kid has already heard way too much of my "singing". I think I'll spare her that at least.