Monday, December 29, 2008

"Blue Skies Smiling At Me"

I used to sing that song to myself quite a bit, also sometimes out loud at the top of my lungs, just because it’s fun, ….but a word of caution here. If you don’t normally break into a loud song all of a sudden, better check around first to see that nobody is standing there with a cup of hot coffee in their hands. Ahhh, such fun memories.

Anyhow, I never really appreciate the words to that song until the month of December rolls around and we hardly ever see blue skies. I read somewhere that here in northeast Ohio, December is the cloudiest, gloomiest, dreariest month of the year. I may be wrong about that, (I doubt it), but on the slim chance that I am, I’m sure someone out there will be jumping at the chance to correct me in record time.

But today is not gloomy and cloudy.
Today it’s....

“Blue skies smiling at me”

“Nothing but blue skies do I see”.

Almost got blinded taking that first shot but...

Ain’t it grand!!!


Anna Lefler said...

Wow - gorgeous photos! And I love that song...

Happy New Year!

:^) Anna

Rudee said...

Don't blink. We have the same weather as you.

oldcrow61 said...

lol, yes it is grand. Lovely pictures.

Di said...

It sure is grand! ...never saw the sun shinning so bright, never saw things goin' so right... Another beautiful & uplifting post. If I ever said you were mean and grumpy, I don't think I did, but if I did, I take it back. :) Looking forward to to more of your blog in the comming year. Have a great 2009!

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

We had a little bit of sun yesterday. It was a wonderful antidote to the masses of white stuff.

Susie said...

We too have beautiful sunshine today! Hoorah! I guess I'll be singing that song for awhile now.

flydragon said...

Thanks. And I bet you sing it out loud too. Happy New Year back at ya.

I'm taping my eyelids open so as not to miss any of it.

Seeing the sun around here in Dec. is such a shock to the system. A good shock I might add.

I don't think you used the exact words "mean & grumpy" but something similar:)
You have a great 2009, too!!

With all that snow you had over/up there, I imagine the sun looked pretty good to you too.

Doesn't it just make you feel great? And sing it out LOUD.

Anonymous said...

Well, now we will all be singing that song! Very blue skies here today too but not our regular 70 degree weather - it's in the 50's today. You took some beautiful pictures today and I thank you for sharing!

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
Couldn't resist taking the photos, since it's been a while since it's been sunny here. Going to have to put it on the desktop so I can see it more often. Maybe I'll be singing more often too:)

Anonymous said...

Come visit down here. Blue skies all the time!!!!

Fla Brat

flydragon said...

fla brat,
Pffffft. That's me blowing raspberries, in case you were wondering.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Did you need some sunglasses? Great photos! I agree December can be gloomy..but it is almost over:)

raccoonlover1963 said...

Those blue skies have been playing a lot of hide and seek around here. Even if we get the blue sky, there is a very strong wind to go with it!
Hope you had a great Christmas.

beckie said...

Those skies and the sun the last couple of days have been wonderful! It's amazing what a what some sunshine can do for the spirit. Nowwhen it gets cloudy and gray, I can come back here and enjoy.

KALI said...

wow! not just in writing but your photography is getting better also :)

love the pics. blue skies to me are so relaxing...

happy new year flydragon!

flydragon said...

I definitely needed sunglasses yesterday. I sure hope the sun has a calender so it knows when Jan. starts:)

Hi Lisa,
A lot of wind around here also. Wonder what's up with that.

I'm one person who needs to see the sun, at least once in a while, in order to function normally (whatever that may be)

Thanks Kali, and a very Happy New Year to you, too.

Dog_geek said...

Great - now I'm going to have that song stuck in my head all day. Thanks for nothing! I'd prefer to get "Here Comes the Sun" stuck in there. Here comes the sun, little darlin', here comes the sun. And I say, it's alright...

flydragon said...

Well now that I have "Here comes the sun" stuck in mine,(thank you very much) how about you have "Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy" stuck in yours.

spookydragonfly said...

December is the worst month in Northeast, Ohio! I was born and raised there...lived the majority of my life there until a few years ago. We're a tough breed!

flydragon said...

Hi spookydragonfly,
(Love that name) Thanks for stopping by. And we are a hardy breed around here. I checked out your blog and found out that you didn't move that far away. You also have some gorgeous photos over there!!

Anonymous said...

Those blue skies are beautiful! It almost makes me feel like breaking into song.Thanks for sharing the photos with us.

Hope you have a Happy New Year!

flydragon said...

Hi Cheryl,
I thought since I could see all that blue, maybe everyone else would like to see it too.
Hope you have a very Happy, PEACEFUL New Year.

TC said...

I think you read that about western Pennsylvania, not northeast Ohio...oh wait, they're one in the same ain't they??

We also got a little sun today, just enough to make me anxious for an early spring.

Lovely photos.

joey said...

Indeed GRAND! I saw 'Blue Skies Smiling at Me' today, a gift that comes with wishes for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

flydragon said...

I think the only difference between us, (location wise not person wise), is that you usually get the weather systems about 2 hours after we do.

Thanks for dropping by. No blue skies for us today. I guess two days in a row would be too much to ask. Happy New Year to you too.