Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Spidey's In My Bed!

No, not this one

And not this plump momma chasing down her soon-to-be devoured mate. Hey, a girls’ gotta do, what a girls’ gotta do. Right?

I’m talking about these spiders

Spiderwort Tradescantia

A couple of years ago I was looking around the garden centers trying to find a nice little something to fill an empty space in my front flower bed. Not really that knowledgeable about plant life, even though I might accidently give the opposite impression sometimes, I finally gave up and just grabbed the last little 5” pot of something called Spiderwort. The picture on the tag looked promising but I certainly know how that can turn out sometimes, and I figured I could always move it to the back fence if it didn’t work out in front. That back fence sure has a lot of mis-matched, unknown, misc, plants/weeds springing up everywhere.

But it did work out. Once those long blooming little blue/lavender/purple flowers showed up, I was hooked, and I immediately went out to buy some more. Of course I couldn’t find any so I was doubly happy that I at least had this one. And this spring that lone plant was big enough to be divided into three and soon I will have masses and masses of free spideys in my bed!!

But for those of you who might find a different kind of spider waiting for you in your bed, I suggest you put the webbster on speed dial posthaste!!


Anonymous said...

Hey this is a first(that I'm the first to comment. Your spider wort is blooming? Mine is tall but no blooms as yet. I do have a ton of spider webs with millions and millions of midges caught in them. Middle sis

flydragon said...

The spiders in the front are blooming. The ones in the back are just starting to get a few buds. The reason you're first to comment is because this post isn't showing up in the new blogs for some reason. Or else it's because all the readers finally left me:))

Rose said...

I've seen spiderwort on other blogs, but I haven't planted any myself. Anything that blooms and multiplies after a few years is my kind of plant!

Not sure what was in that simmering stew you disposed of, but glad to see you're back to "normal," Flydragon.

Rudee said...

Any creature with more than 4 legs worries me. I don't like spiders and I've made it my mission to kill a few recently-same for the couple of wasps and dreaded moths I've found. I hate the moths the most. I should feed them to the spiders.

I do fancy your spideys though. They're beautiful.

flydragon said...

Some of the different colors are gorgeous. The camera definitely does not do them justice. Well, my camera anyway:))
Yep, back to my "normal" ditzy self.

Ha, some creatures with only 2 legs bother me. Spiders don't really bother me too much unless they grab onto my face as I walk out the back door and into their web. Which has happened on numerous occasions:)

Betty said...

Ewww...not a fan of spiders! I do, however, love your little plant. I'd never heard of it...not surprising, since I don't garden. It's just the cutest bloom and I'm glad to hear it 'suckers' so you can split it and have many more! Lucky you to pick such a neat unknown!

Brenda said...

So that is what is growing on the side of my house. I have planted so many things over the years, that I can't remember them all by name. I also have a strange thing going on here, that some years things come up and some years they don't. We do have strange weather here in Missouri but, I have just never really understood that. This year we have things in the front that I have never seen before and don't remember ever planting.
I really used to have a fear of spiders, but ever since we have had the pool, I have had to adjust to the fear. I should start giving them names.
Other bloggers are reporting no updates also, so it is not just yours.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

i forgot to tell you i got some more of that "purple heart" tradescantia - remember it? kept saving some inside over the winter, but last year i forgot about it.

Anonymous said...

Bout time you went outside and checked our work! Now I gotta get back over there to help weed.


Roses and Lilacs said...

It is a cute plant. Wonder how it got that nasty name. I've never grown it (wonder if it is because of my deep psychological association with the name spider;). My friend has lots of them amongst her other flowers and they look really nice.

Dog_geek said...

Ick ick ick! Spiderwort is fine, but why did you have to post those *other* pictures? Snakes I am fine with. Spiders, not so much...

Herrad said...


Please come by my blog and pick up your award.



flydragon said...

I felt very lucky once that little spidey started blooming those cute little flowers. As usual when that happens, I did my little jig in the front yard. As usual when I do that, the neighbors ran inside and closed their doors:))

Ha, I love it when I see strange plants popping up. I actually try to keep the tags when I buy something, but you know how that usually ends:))

The only reason I didn't check it sooner is because it's been chilly, rainy and NOT NICE. But the weeds certainly did like it, because they are definitely growing like...well....weeds!!

Ha, I wonder all the time about how in the world someone comes up with some of these names? Now I would be one who would hesitate to buy or plant anything with the word snake in it:))

Because you posted about AND SHOWED Betsy:)

Hi Herrad,
I'm sorry, I don't do awards. But I do thank you for thinking of me.

Rose said...

Hey, I have some of that, but I didn't know the name of it. Thanks for the info! It's so pretty isn't it?

Far Side of Fifty said...

You have a lovely is a no fuss, no muss plant.. I have one but I can't remember what color it is..rose I think. The Butterflys like it too..isn't root division grand..especially when you find a plant that you like! People coming to weed for you, isn't that grand! Hope you are taking care of yourself! :)

spookydragonfly said...

Your spiders look to be doing fantastic! I tried them years ago with no luck here in the woods. Just stopped by to say hello and to see what you've been up to! Playing with spiders...Jeeeshh!

flydragon said...

Hi Rose,
Glad to be able to put a name to yours:)

Hey, one of the reason I had kids all those years ago was for free labor forever. Hmmm, I can't remember what the other reason was.
And yes, I'm taking care of myself. In fact I can probably take care of you too. Need help?

Hi Spooky,
Long time no see. Aren't you glad you stopped by on the one with the spiders:))

TC said...

I have a clump that needs dividing. But I'm too lazy. Hey, since you have experience dividing spiders, can you come over?

What does it mean to "put the webbster on speed dial posthaste?"

flydragon said...

TC, Shovel's in the trunk and I'm on my way!!

In my muddled brain I was referring to Spiderman as the webbster, since he is of course a webby kind of guy, and if you have a giant Tarantula waiting for you, you definitely should be calling him.

What was in your muddled brain when you read it??

Anonymous said...

Better late than never - some how I missed this post of yours!
At mom's old house, we had spiderwort and I LOVED it! This makes me want to go out and find a plant but it's so hot, I might melt getting it in the ground - hey, but wait.....that might give me an excuse to take Harriet and go to the ice cream parlor! You take good care of yourself and puffy poochie sends a hug!

Susie said...

I had a friend give me this plant this year. I planted it in a semi-wet area and it's thriving. Glad you are enjoying yours.

troutbirder said...

Girls gotta do... Yikes. And yesterday my son mentioned he has found 3 Black Widows in his Colorado backyard this spring. Do love my spiderworts though. :)

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
I definitely think you should reward yourself and Ms Harriet for even considering digging and planting in that heat. That way you get the goodies without the work:))

I don't know why I really like this little plant. Just something about it makes me smile:))

Trout, mr. widows hanging around? Wonder what happened to them:))

Herrad said...

Hi Flydragon,

Just seen now why I never heard from you about the award.

Glad I checked again, now the mystery has been explained.

What a relief!

Happy Summer Solstice to you.