Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Little Icing On The Cake

While out and about with FD2 the other day, she said “Hey, let’s stop at Lowes because there’s a humming bird feeder there that you’re gonna love and have to have!!” Thinking, “I doubt it” but not wanting to put a damper on her enthusiasm, I agreed to go.

I also didn’t mention the box sitting in my closet, full of various old feeders. Feeders that I’ve used over the years trying to attract those little buggers to my back yard. Some feeders that were extremely hard to clean. Some that dripped constantly informing those nasty yellow jackets exactly where their food source was, (which can turn into a hairy situation when you decide to stand out there and try flicking them off with your fingernail) Feeders with ports so large that whenever it rained it would fill up and dilute the sugar water and you’d have to throw it out and start anew (hey 57cents worth of sugar is 57cents worth of sugar) Feeders with ports so small there’s no way you can stick a cotton swab in there to clean them out. And a few feeders that were just downright ugly. Yep, I’ve tried them all.

Hey, I hear you sighing out there about my saved stuff/junk/crap. This time it’s okay though, because I’m sighing a bit myself over this box.

But………..she was right of course. I loved it. Had to have it. It is now hanging from a hook, strategically placed by my back window so that I can see it from just about any chair in the downstairs. (One upside of a small condo, with a large back window. Come to think of it, the only upside)

Heavy, multi-colored glass, and my favorite…..A Hot Air Balloon!!!!

Have I seen a hummer since putting it up? Nope. Do I expect to see them zooming towards it in droves fighting each other as each one claims it as it’s own. Yeah, in my dreams. Do I enjoy looking at it even if they don’t show up? You betcha. And when one finally does shows up, and they will eventually, I’ll take it as just a little more icing on the cake.


Anonymous said...

Love the feeder. Hope my hummers don't get a glimpse of it as they're flying over your place to get to my feeders. Yeah right. Just hang in there they might show up yet, if not them the yellow jackets will. Middle sis

Anonymous said...

I love the new feeder. It's very unique and so pretty. We usually have a lot of hummers at our feeder near the kitchen window but not this year. Somebody must be offering sweeter nectar than me!!!
Hope you are enjoying the afternoon, take care.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I thought it was maybe your birthday or something and you were just eating chocolate frosting over here. That is a beautiful new hummer feeder, just your style too! Hope you get some hummers..we had some here the other day trying to suck nectar from the dandelions.. poor things..I think they moved on over to the lake where the rich people live:)

Rudee said...

This suits you to perfection. It makes me want to run out to Lowes to buy a little bling for my birds too.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

Really liking your new feeder, I must be on the lookout for one. We get the occasional hum birds around here, and I love them.

Muddy Boot Dreams

beckie said...

It does look like a hot air balloon! Even without the hummers is a great garden piece. Glad to hear you are out and about and seemingly doing better. :)

Susie said...

I like it! I hope you get lots of hummers. I've had a few but not many so far.

Di said...

It's beautiful. I've had some very pretty ones myself, but have found that the hummers like the ugly plastic ones the best. Go figure. Maybe it's because the sugar water in the glass ones gets very hot in the sun. Also, I read that the yellow jackets are attracted to the yellow parts of the feeder. Is anyone else concerned about the BPA in plastic containers. Some governments are banning it. I just wonder how this affects the hummer feeders that sit in the sun all day. I myself (neurotic that I am) only use BPA free drink containers.

flydragon said...

No way are the hummers passing this by to get to your dinky little feeder that's waaaaay too crowded. But I'm thinking about adding some neon flashing arrows too, just in case.

Your hummers are probably just hiding in all those trees you have around there trying to escape the excessive heat you've been having, because we know nobody offers sweeter nectar than you and Harriet:)

Hummers on dandelions???? I have fuschia, lantana, large petunias, small petunias, all blooming, and you have hummers on DANDELIONS????? argggghhhhhhh.

Hey, I thought you and farguy were the rich people on/by/close to the lake:)

Ha, I knew you would like shape of this one seeing that you too are full know:)

Those tiny birds just amaze me everytime I see them. Hovering in mid-air, staring down larger birds and even chasing them out of the yard. Love it!

Hi beckie,
It is a good looking addition to my flower bed isn't it. As you said, with or without the hummers, it brings a smile.

I don't get very many hummers for the next couple of months, but the begining of August is a different story. Quite a few stop here on their way I just wait:)

Hi Di,
Ha, it's just the people that like the fancy feeders, the birdies could care less:) This doesn't actually sit in the sun. Just an hour or so in the mornings, so I don't think it will get too warm. As for the yellowjackets, a little veg. oil on the ports will usually keep them off. Not all of them but most. Beats the finger flicking thing:))

Roses and Lilacs said...

That's a pretty one. I think I saw one just like mine in your box;)

Rose said...

This is beautiful, Flydragon! You must have a better Lowe's than we do, because I've never seen a feeder like this before. Just be patient--the hummingbirds may appear soon, after all. They usually visit mine, but I can never get a good photo of them. I've tried every trick short of wearing a flower disguise to try to photograph them...hmmm, maybe a disguise wouldn't be a bad idea.

nvam said...

i believe this makes me fd#1 now, correct? in order of favoritism, not age.

Betty said...

Well, that's just the cutest thing! I don't know how ANY hummingbird could pass it up. Let us know when the first ones show up, 'kay?

flydragon said...

Ha, since I have so many old ones in there, I wouldn't be surprised if one of them looked like yours. I'm sure it isn't the downright ugly one though:))

My FD#4 is great at taking pics of the hummer. On feeders, in flight, she nails them everytime. Me? way.
I think a disguise is an excellent idea. I fully expect to see a ton of pictures posted on your blog, including the disguise, of course:)

Of course. Absolutly. Without a doubt.

You bet I will. I plan to sit by that window, camera in hand, and wait...and wait...and wait:))

Anonymous said...

All it took was a humming bird feeder that doesn't attract humming birds. Why didn't I think of that? Oh well, FD#3 it is, and always will be. I can deal with it! I think!

flydragon said...

Ha, all it takes is the direct question.
"Am I your favorite mom?"
See how that works?

oldcrow61 said...

A grand feeder indeed. I don't have to worry about getting the right hummingbird feeder as there are none (hummingbirds I mean) in this province. Too bad really as I have seen them in other places and they are lovely little birds.

Anonymous said...

Uhhhhhhhh, Of course you are. You are my only Mom (aren't you?)!!!!! And of course my Favorite (if I have more than one)!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As grandpops said in Moonstruck--I'm confused:-(

So, who's who in the FD chain?

Beautiful feeder, which I definitely plan to covet when I see you!!!


flydragon said...

Confused? Why should you be any different than the rest of us?) No chain left...they're all FD#1

I remember coveting your little froggie when we were visiting you, and he has resided in my back yard ever since. I'm pretty sure you're not going to have the same result with this:))

Jan said...

I love it. It is so you!!!!

Dog_geek said...

Gah! I haven't even gotten my hummer feeders out yet! I'm so far behind with everything! Thanks for making me feel inadequate! I do like to new feeder. And the box of old feeders... not surprised! :o)

flydragon said...

I is, isn't it. A perfect match:))

Hey, if you don't want to feed your poor little, skinny, starving hummers, send them over here. I have plenty of food and feeders waiting.
I guess you wouldn't be surprised that I still have that box of old make-up, too:))