Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back To Normal

As you can see, my floppy, fickle fingers are working just fine now. Leg weakness all gone too. Things are so good in fact, that I’m taking that pot of simmering stew I’ve been posting about and heaving it over the back fence. Waiting till dark of course. Don’t want the neighbors to see how I really dispose of my garbage.

I did want to put this little post up now though, because I think that Connie from Farside has some thunderstorms lurking around up there and I didn’t want her to get zapped before she had a chance to read it.

So it's back to normal (whatever that may be) in dragon land and posting will be back to it's usual nonsense, simple, misc. crap. But I wanted to tell you that all my plants are growing great, and did I mention that I now have a fridge full of people food instead of just bird food?
Whoo Hoo


JC said...

So, what did they say you had ?
Migraines, MS or ?

Glad to hear that you're a bit better.

Anonymous said...

It is great to hear that you are back to normal Flydragon! I hope you can post some photos of your plants and of your frig with people food in it! The frig may stop working from shock!
Harriet could hardly eat her green beans for fretting over you.
Seriously, we've all been concerned and I truly hope you are on the mend.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are driving me nuts..well maybe more nuts! I am glad your fingers are working and your leg too, and your garden is growing and everything is peachy keen. As for the simmering pot of stew..??? Are you sure you want to toss it out? FD #1,2,3 and 4...are you guys worried..Nan? Betty? ( Gosh I hope I remembered that right..from the old reading books)
We are here for ya dragonfly..:)

Anonymous said...

Actually yes, Far Side, I am worried. Right now, mostly about the simmering pot of stew. Don't know if that concoction will blow up on her or not. Sure hope she leaves out the gunpowder this time.

Betty said...

Oh, boy, this is great news! Welcome back to the land of the non-flopping fingers!

Rudee said...

I hope you're taking plavix.

flydragon said...

Nope, none of those. I do think I heard them say something about halitosis but I already knew that:)

You're right. I better take of pic of the fridge now, before it reverts back to its normal vast empty space:))
Oh no, Harriet needs her beans! At least she was still drinking her creamed coffee, right?

No offense intended, ha, but I'm pretty sure that drive you're talking about is really just a short putt.

Hey, who snitched about the gunpowder the last time?

Isn't it surprising what you definitely need non flippy, floppy fingers for? Can't even scratch an itchy nose!!!

Nopee, no plavix needed. What is needed now though is the creamsicle I've had a hankering for since I read your last spinning post!! Yummy!!

Anonymous said...

Not sure what that pot of simmering stew is but you better be carefull that you aren't feeding the night creatures. Get some pictures of those birds you have comming to your feeders. I'd send you some of my grackles and starlings and maybe a cow bird or two but I'm sure you don't even want pictures of them. Middle sis

Anonymous said...

I want to see pics of your new hats! Of course you have to be wearing them.


flydragon said...

Betty Boop,
No thanks on the bird pics, unless you have a pic of the pileated woodpecker that hangs around your place. Now that is the one I want to see.

Not to worry, you'll be getting plenty of those in e mails.

Far Side of Fifty said...

HA a short putt! Love are entirely correct some days! Good thing you live in is too far for me to visit..too bad too..everyone deserves one nutty short putting friend!
Who knew she put gunpowder in the stew?? Maybe it's a good thing I can't visit! :)

Di said...

Whoo Hoo !!! :D :D

Roses and Lilacs said...

I'm glad you back to your old self. I like your old self just fine. I'm a terrible one to talk, but do take care. And don't be throwing any stew over the fence. You might meet a bear out there;)

flydragon said...

Ditto that:))

I was actually more worried about the skunks back there:)

beckie said...

Flydragon, glad to hear you are back to your normal self. I was WORRIED about you. Take care and do let us know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

Well, no pics of the flower bed? Weeds already growing? Come on, get motivated!

TC said...

Did you just call me a skunk?? ;~P

flydragon said...

well, if the smell fits........

TC said...

Uhhh, how do you wear a smell? ;~P