Thursday, June 11, 2009


Did I ever mention that I hate to pull weeds? No? Well I will now then. I hate it, hate it, hate it. I’d rather be poking myself in the eye with a sharp stick instead of weeding. But eventually I do get around to it. Forcing myself to work a 4 foot section of flower bed at a time on a daily basis until it is finally done.

Well I kinda got behind this time. Waaaaay behind.

You wouldn’t think I’d have the nerve to call this a “flower” bed now would you? Poor little impatiens don’t stand a chance in that mess. Being crowded out before they even have a chance to grow.

Well, relax.

And how did I manage that? Well, "I" didn’t. The only person I know who says she actually likes to weed did that. The one who has flowers, and ONLY flowers, in her beds (yes I checked). The one who has been known to sit all afternoon in her lawn and patiently pull out every bit of clover because it really doesn’t belong there. The one who stopped by my house a few days previously and was accidentally shown the front bed which caused an immediate
And the statement “I’m coming back on Tuesday!!
And who might that be? Why that would be Bonkers Betty Boop of course.

Not only did she show up with all her garden tools, (hey I have tools too, and mine are sparkling clean and look like new for some reason) but she also brought a crispy, brown, tasty chicken for my lunch!!!

So guess what I was doing while she was slaving away out in front.
Well, you’re wrong!!! I was NOT in the house scarfing up the chicken. I was outside the whole time keeping her company AND doing a little fertilizing and watering (I like doing that) AND I even pulled a few weeds (guilt).

After she finally had enough fun for one day, and went on her way, I did indeed make short work of the chicken for dinner though.

Hmmmm, I wonder what she’s doing next week as I'm sure with a little watering and fertilizing I can get those weeds back in no time.


Rose said...

What a super friend! Or relative.

nvam said...

I'm thinking I'm past due for a visit from Aunt Betty Boop.

Anonymous said...

Does she travel???
I have weeds and Harriet and I LOVE chicken!!!

Thinking of you today and hope yo have a good afternoon!

Nickie said...

I'm with her, I love to weed!! :)

Rudee said...

Well aren't you the clever one? I've turned decidedly pro-life where weeds are concerned.

T said...

I like Betty Boop. She is welcome at my house anytime. I love chicken, (will she bring potato salad too?)and I have plenty of weeds for her to keep her busy for awhile!

T Opdycke said...

I too hate pulling weeds. Doing only container gardening does have one tiny advantage...easy to pluck out those weeds.

Fun post and what a great friend! Mind if I add your site to my Ohio blog list?

Betty said...

I love your last sentence...just too funny! Weeding was never one of my favorites when we had beautiful flower gardens. With our 'gravel yard' (120 degrees is too hot for grass to stay green), I still have a few weeds in the spring. They are pretty easy to spot and really easy to pull up; so, I guess I'm okay with weeding, now. Maybe it's just that now I have the time, too.

You're gonna have some beautiful flower beds!

Roses and Lilacs said...

Sounds like some kind of fairy-godmother. I've always wanted one of those.

I hate weeding too but I've managed to mulch most of mine into submission.

Anonymous said...

Dear FA#1 (Sorry Aunt Nancy),
Will you visit Florida? I don't care much for chicken, but I did like the chocolates you brought FM#1 when I was visiting (hint hint). By the way, no need to bring gardening tools, save all the luggage room for goodies!
FN#1(AKA FD#3)

JC said...

That looks great ...
I have weeds everywhere this year ... I just do a portion at a time ...

~~~ Stuey is having her Pay It Forward ... if you want any cool items ... go visit her blog ~~~

Far Side of Fifty said...

Weeds, they are just flowers in the wrong spots! I have way too many to conquer, so I just have wildflowers now..everything just blooms where it is..nasty weedy neighbors and all. I used to keep them weed free..the woods attacks from all sides now. I guess I just got over perfection:)

flydragon said...

Sisters are indeed a good thing:))

For the weeding? Chicken? Both?

Hi Mildred,
Ha, knowing her, she would say yes. The chicken might be gone by the time she got to GA though:))

Ha, another weird weeder:) She says it's very calming. I say it's a pain in the butt.

Sometimes I do come up with plans that work:) I think I'll have to try a new tactic next time though.

You want potato salad, she'll bring it. And desert too if you happen to mention it in casual conversation:))

You're right about the containers. I have quite a few of those too, and don't mind at all pulling the occasional weed:)

Go ahead and add me, and I'm off to visit you now.

I guess that's one advantage of the Arizona heat. I'm not sure there's another one:)

Now I've always wanted the magic wand that the fairy godmother gets to play with. Take care of those pesky weeds and quite a few other things:)

A little at a time. That's what I was planning to do too. Uh huh, right.

When it come to weeds, I definitely got over perfection years ago. And I love the natural, woodsy, overgrown look:)

Susie said...

Girl, you are so bad!!!

Deb said...

YOU WON! YOU WON! YOU WON! Those freakin' lilies finally bloomed!

Do I get that hot air balloon hummer feeder for letting you win?

Check out my post and send me an e-mail at for all the gory details.


Di said...

You lucky stiff! I want a Betty Boop too. I say she deserves the first hummer spotter award, without flack from now on. :D

beckie said...

One look at my gardens right now and your sister would jump up and down with glee! With all the rain we've been having the weeds are doing their best to take over the garden. But tha's all going to change this weekend as I have newspapers and a truck load of mulch coming.

Hope you are feeling better!!

Dog_geek said...

I'm with you, Flydragon - I hate weeding, too. I finally got things under control around here enough that I can make the rounds once a week and it only takes about an hour. Except for the back corner of the iris bed up on the hill, where the hornet's nest was, but you can't see that back corner over the irises unless you are standing in the neighbor's horse pasture, so I'm going to pretend that it is all done.

Rose said...

Did you accidentally post one of MY photos, Flydragon? I have a flowerbed that looks like that, too. Unfortunately, I don't have a sister:). What a sweetie Betty Boop is!

Rose (not to be confused with the first Rose--I'm the one with the Arizona daughter.)

Jan (Thanks For 2 Day) said...

I had to read through your blog to find out who Betty Boop sure have a wonderful sister! I don't mind pulling a 'few' stray weed, occasionally-especially when they look like a tall blade of grass, or when they just come out in one little tug-but that photo looked like an 'overwhelming' sort of job to me, as well! I don't have too many weeds, just a few that pop up here and there...guess I've been lucky in that regard. But if I do, you'll be the first to know so I can get your sister over here. How much does she charge per hour??!! Take care;-) Jan

Anonymous said...

Hey bring on the weeds. Just let me know when and where. I'll even bring the chicken and tator salad, maybe even dessert. Betty Boop

flydragon said...

Well, maybe a little. But look how it pays off:)))

I knew I loved ME!!! And no, you don't get the hummer thingy, but I will check out your post. Mmmm, I'm not sure I want to know all the gory crap though!!

Okay, I agree, she deserves a little something. Not sure I can go along with the no flack for first hummer though.:)

But YOU have to lay the papers, spread the mulch, and probably have to cook your own chicken, too.
I prefer my way of doing things:)))

I'm feeling fine. I hope you are finally are getting rid of your bad cold and are feeling better now too!!

Ha, I usually aim for the one hour clean-up too instead of the day long, pulling, tugging, swearing, major event. And I'm a firm believer that if I can't see the weeds from where I'm standing, then they're simply not there. Unfortunately I could see those in the front no matter where I was standing:))

Ha, I'm soooo glad I'm not the only slacker.
And I always know who you are. Your little rose avatar follows you around where ever you go:))

I'm pretty good with the few stray weeds too, well, usually:)) Once they get out of hand, though, I'm useless.
And Boop is a freebie (for me anyway..not sure for you:))

Hey, you have enough to do here!! Don't be offering your services to anyone else!!

troutbirder said...

Darn. My Betty Boop doesn't weed at all.

flydragon said...

But at least she brings you lunch, right? Right??

TC said...

I gave up on weeding a long time ago. Now I just let them grow and eventually they get so big that I fool myself into believing they're really just ornamentals.

edi retnati said...

I found your blog and then read your articles... oh no!!! you're amazing me!

flydragon said...

I like the way you think!!

And I'm amazed that you're amazed:))

ReformingGeek said...

I've had to re-define the meaning of "weed" several times over the years.

Crab grass? Yep
Dallas grass? Yep
Clover? Sometimes
Little elm/oaks popping up all the place: Yep

Dang. It looks like I have some work to do in my beds.

Skye said...

Hi Flydragon, I love your blog! I came over here via Debbie Does Drivel's blog.

flydragon said...

Ha, I too have re-defined some weeds. I now consider some of them my friends. Only when they bring Boop and chicken of course:)

Hi skye,
Coming from Deb's blog, which is hilarious. extremely witty, and sometimes/often downright weird, this must have been a bit of a let-down. But thanks for the visit and following.
Just checked out your blog and you are a very funny lady too. Loved your comparison of Manitoba and Maine:)

Skye said...

Thank you Flydragon, I have to admit, I had a lot of fun writing that post!

As for coming here and having this be a let down, not even a little bit! I keep watch on several different kinds of blogs, funny, informative, poetic, not forgetting sarcastic ones even. And they are all great in their own way, just as this one is!

oldcrow61 said...

lol Aren't you glad Betty Boop showed up.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey I am missing you..just wanted to let you know! :)

flydragon said...

Thanks Connie,
Ha, I'm missing my own self, too:)