Friday, May 8, 2009


While making my twice weekly jaunt down to the corner building that passes itself off as a grocery/junk/crap discount store, I ran smack into their plants. This time of year they have 3 or 4 long racks sitting outside full of annuals and a few perennials. Now this store is not noted for the tender loving care that they give their plants. They can kill off every single plant out there faster than you can say “dead as a doornail” unless you get them the same day that they come off the truck. Well today I must have hit it just as the truck was pulling out of the drive because all those plants were looking pretty good to me. Forget the food, the TP, and yes, even the candy. This was much more important!

They always have Fuchsias but this is the first time they have had the Lantanas. I usually try to buy at least one Lantana every year because I love them and so do the hummingbirds but sometimes I’ll have to hit 3 or 4 stores before I can find one. I never could figure out why they were so hard to find, so of course I had to buy one since it practically fell into my lap. Literally, because as I was tugging the best looking one off the top shelf (of course) I lost my grip, but luckily managed to do a diving save, grabbing it with both hands and hugging it to my body as I gracefully plopped on the ground. (Talk about a pretty picture. At least the other customers were polite enough to avert their eyes) So there I went, happily trudging home with a hanging basket of color in each hand.
And speaking of hummingbirds…..NO, I haven’t seen any yet!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE both the hanging baskets! I am a huge lantana fan for sure!!! It looks to me like a bag of Kisses would have fit over each shoulder for the walk home though! A girl needs her candy, you know?!
Wishing you a happy Mother's Day.

Prospero said...

Forget the food. Pick up the plants. Spoken like a true horticulturalist!

Rose said...

Very pretty. I like lantana too; have three little ones in pots on my deck. Go back for the candy :)

Di said...

Ah yes, Marc's flowers, a sure sign of spring. Bought a few annuals there myself. But my trip to see dear old Angelo (Petitti) reaped me three beautiful baskets, my tumbler tomatoes, an unusual begonia and a geranium at a great price, I might add. Does your lantana attract Japanese beetles? I think I'm giving up on them because last year it was a battle all season to control them. Your's are really beautiful, good luck with them.

Betty said...

Lantana is about the only plant we can get to live at the base of our trees in the front...they are in bloom now and looking pretty good. I keep thinking I'll cut them back after they bloom; but, they look so pretty, I just can't bring myself to do it. They may take over the house soon.

Susie said...

Those are lovely flydragon. Glad you got there on the right day.

Dog_geek said...

Good save! I feel for you - I fall down all the time, but I usually take my time flailing around to make sure everyone has time to turn and gawk first.

beckie said...

You just know it was meant to be-I see no other way. You were supposed to buy them today instead of food or candy. And they are beautiful, Good for you!

Rudee said...

Well I hope you didn't hurt anything more than your pride when you took a nosedive for the plant. The plants are beautiful. Hey-almost didn't recognize the joint without your balloons. You've redecorated for spring. It's so cheerful!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you hit the jackpot. Those are some beautiful flowers. I love lantana, but it is so hard to find.
I have been on the look out for the hummingbirds to make their arrival, but so far I haven't seen one yet. Can't wait.
So glad you found these treasures, especially at a place where you least expect it.

Have a good weekend.

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
I never thought about the kisses but you're right. They would have draped nicely over each shoulder:)) Happy Mother's day to Harriets mother too:)

Hey this girl knows her priorities.

I did go back for the other "must haves":)

I haven't hit Petitti's yet. That's next on my "to do" list. I've never noticed any beetles on the Lantana before, but maybe I better keep a look out for them. I'd love to see pics of your plants if you have the time to send them to me. I'm really curious to see what tumblers are supposed to look like:)

I guess the Lantana is a perennial in your neck of the woods? How long is the bloom time?

Me too, me too:)

I figured out that after you find yourself on the ground, if you immediately peer intently at whatever is closest, people will assume that it was all planned, even though they actually saw you fall. If you're on grass, you immediately look for 4 leaf clovers. In the parking lot you're stuck with that old stand-by "don't step on my contact". In my case I was fortunate to have a plant right on my lap and I stuck my face right into it looking for bugs:)

That's the way I see it too. Hey, I can buy food any old time.

Nope, nothing hurt. And I actually didn't even think about the pride thing until after I got home.
Yes, a new header pic. The balloons ran out of hot air (unlike some people I know) and I retired them until fall. Bring on the froggies!!

I actually saw my first hummer yesterday after I had already posted this. And it was having a good time flitting around both of these new plants. Woohoo!!

Rose said...

Your timing was perfect at the store--these plants look great! You can always go back later for the candy:)
Lantana is one plant that never fails--the hotter it gets, the better it looks.

Muddy Boot Dreams said...

I love the look of Lantana, but I can't stand the smell, or let it touch me. I seem to be allergic to it. Whenever we get it in the nursery, I need to have someone else put it out on the tables. LOL

Beauty hanging baskets.


Bren said...

Two of my favorites! Only I never thought of putting the lantana in a hanging basket. GREAT IDEA!!!!

TC said...

Two very good purchases FD. And I hope nothing was bruised but your ego after the fall. ;~P

Brenda said...

Those are two that I have never tried, but they look pretty. So you had to carry two plants home? And no candy? Well..Happy Mother's Day anyway. Maybe someone will bring you some candy.

Anonymous said...

I sure wish I was with you then. I checked our junk slash grocery store and they didn't have any that looked that good. Great Day!! middle sis

Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh I like the Lantana, but I could kill that fuschia in no time flat. They are so have to really have a good green thumb to do them. Temperature and even temps at that or they will drop their buds, and then if you let them get a little dry they lose more buds..then they lose leaves and are NAKED.
I could however grow the fuschia "Gartenmeister" or "Gardenmeister" whatever as a shrubby type plant in the ground..hummers love it too.
You did good, you will have a wonderful looking yard!
Hope someone brings you some candy for a Happy Mothers Day!
And that little frog is way cute in your banner! :)

flydragon said...

I love the Lantana because of the multi-colored blooms as they mature. Yellow, orange, and red all on the same flower. Can't beat it:))

Certain Pine Trees will do the same thing to me. If I just brush against them with my arm it gets all red and blotchy. (my arm, not the tree:))

I have the basket hanging right by my window so I can see the hummers up close and personal. That is, when the hummers accidently manage to find my yard:)

Nothing bruised. In fact, I was so happy I caught it, I thought about doing a little dance and spiking the basket in the end zone. Of course, that would have broken the basket and defeated the whole amazing catch thingy.

Or someone could give me another plant, which would work just as well as candy:)

Betty Boop,
I wish I would have known that, cause I would have picked one up for you too. Of course, that would have reguired an extra arm which I didn't have anyway, so you still would have been out of luck.

Some years I have the same problem with the fuchsia. I have no idea what I do wrong but all the buds will fall off. I didn't realize they were so fussy. I do love the Gartenmeister!! I haven't had any for a couple of years so thanks for the reminder. I'm adding that to my must have list, which is getting longer and longer:)
That little froggie is a cutie. See, we're not the only ones who are sometimes hanging on by our fingertips:)

Rudee said...

I think you just told me I'm full of hot air. Again. Yes! Thank you. I'd hate to think I was losing my touch.

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day!

flydragon said...

Now you know I didn't mention any names, but if the hot air fits.......

Ribbit (that's thanks in frogaleze)

spookydragonfly said...

Great choice of hanging baskets...two of my favorites. I've never had much luck with either, though! I enjoyed going back on your last few posts...your buds and blooms are all coming along...and great capture of the snake against the textured rock! Your header shot is hilarious...I love it!

Roses and Lilacs said...

They are both beautiful. Good choices. I'm looking for fuchsia and can't find any. I need a small one to complete a container planting.

Carrying two hanging baskets home, you must have very toned, Mrs Obama arms;) Nice.

flydragon said...

Hi Spooky,
Lucky for me, that snake pic wasn't mine. No snakes like that, or any other kind, around here, thank goodness!!

I wish I did have toned arms, but I'm afraid not. These weren't heavy because they hadn't been watered at the store, (they were trying to kill them already) but it was a little awkward because I had to hold them far enough out so all the leaves didn't rub off against my legs:) Other than that, a piece of cake.

oldcrow61 said...

I know how you feel when the annuals are ready for sale. Still too cold here but the greenhouses are open for business and just had to go have a look yesterday. So exciting! I did ask them to put my name on two of the hanging plants until the weather warms up and I can bring them home.

flydragon said...

Hi Oldcrow,
I still haven't planted any of my seedlings into the ground yet. It's a good thing too because they have frost warnings for tonight. But after that the rest of the week looks pretty good so I'm going to hit some garden centers, too. Love this time of year...not the frost..just the garden centers:))

kathi dunphy said...

Just catching up on your recent posts, thanks for reminding me to put up the hummingbird feeder!
Gorgeous flowers, Ive never heard of lantana.

Herrad said...


Hope you are doing well and having a great weekend.



Twisted willow said...

I think the discount shops are great places to pick up bargain plants if you can get there before they've half killed them. The Lantana looks wonderful. Is it real hummingbirds or the hummingbird hawkmoth they attract? The best we could hope for here in Ireland are a few hummingbird Hawkmoths that stray up from France. BT was right on the primula in your last post being Primula Wanda. Click through to my blog above and go back to the April 8 post. There's all the information about them there. The great thing about this primula is that it spreads - but its flowers are naturally small.

troutbirder said...

Oh shucks. Now I have to go out and buy a fuchsia. And no place to hang it.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey, You Ok, holding those little plants night and day so you can't blog?? I am missing you! :)

Far Side of Fifty said...

I am just going to show up everyday and whine ..until you show there! :)