Friday, September 25, 2009


I hear you nodding your head yes, but since I haven’t been out and about much lately you’re once again stuck with my own flowers.

First, the Illumination Begonias. The ones that I planted in the hanging baskets are pretty much done, and hanging limply in their containers. But not these. Planted in a large planter in the front, these are looking good as new. Better than new!!

And how about this Verbena. Not a spot of powdery mildew this year, and still looking terrific.

And when all other petunias have turned straggly and brown, how about this gorgeous Supertunia.

Oh, and by the way, I’m still blooming over here too. Maybe not as full and lush as I once was, maybe not actually blooming either, but hey, what do you expect at the end of September of 2009. But I’m still a little bit cute. Right?


Anonymous said...

Good Evening Flydragon, What a delight to see you post; your flowers are magnificent! I bet those petunias smell heavenly! We are expecting MORE rain this weekend; I might get powdery mildew! Harriet wants to know if you have plenty of Kisses - the chocolate kind??? We both send our love.

Susie said...

Flydragon glad to know you are still alive and kicking. Good to see a post from ya.

Flowers look great! All mine have just about kicked the bucket.

Rose said...

You know I'll never get sick of that Illumination Begonia, Flydragon. And since I didn't find one this year, I'm enjoying yours vicariously. Your supertunia and verbena are looking amazing--mine have about given up.
Glad to see you posting, and hope you're feeling better.

flydragon said...

Hi Mildred,
I've been watching all that rain Georgia's been having. Hope all that flooding is staying south of you. We don't want you getting the mildew:)) No chocolate for me unfortunatly :( those taste buds haven't returned yet. Soon I hope. I NEED chocolate. So Harriet can have mine for the time being. But only for the time being:)

Hi Susie,
Yep, still kicking, just not quite as high:) Most of my other flowers have kicked the same bucket as yours have, but I'm still enjoying these:)

Hi Rose,
I knew you would still like to see that begonia:) I'm so happy with that one. Next year, you will again have one:)
Feeling fine, thanks.

Not Very Anonymous Mom said...

Yay! A post! I love seeing your flower pics, and I can't believe they all still look so good!

JC said...

My purple petunias are still doing ok ... seems that purple survived the longest in my yard this year.

Hocking Hills Gardener said...

Your begonia and verbena are still looking so pretty. My verbena red St. George was so full of mildew I had to throw them away. Do not plat them ;-) Your petunia is still pretty not long and leggy like most.
Yes, you are still cute ;-)

Far Side of Fifty said...

WELL! It is about time..doncha know I worry about you! Just when I had given are back with beautiful flowers! That Illumination Begonia is stunning..I miss your whitty comments..please tell me you are reading..even if you are not commenting? Sending a hug! :) Connie

Anonymous said...

A little cute???? Naw, alot cute. Can't wait to see in person soon. The flowers will not be so pretty by the time I arrive, but I expect you will be.
Fla Brat

flydragon said...

Hey, the only reason they and the dragon are still looking good is because of you and Betty Boop:)

It must have been the perfect weather for them this year. I'm thinking of a little purple face paint for myself. Think it will help??

Hi Hocking,
This verbena has surprised the heck out of me, mine usually are long gone by now. I have no idea why it's still looking so good:)

Hi Connie,
Yep, I'm Poof the Magic Dragon (or is that "puff") and I still read all your posts. I need all those chuckles that you provide sometimes still laughing hours later when I think of them, even when you're being "bitchy". Reminds me of myself:) Chance is getting pretty good on his posts too. I wonder where he got that from?

Fla brat,
Awwwww, I think you're pretty darn cute yourself!!

KALI said...

hello flydragon :)
its been a long time.

your flowers are beautiful...
i missed those! will be looking forward for more!

TC said...

Sick of what? I was sick of comin here and not seein a post!

Glad you're writing again. Don't make me wait so long next time. Or else. ;~P

(And your baskets are beautiful!)

flydragon said...

Yes it has been a long time:) But I'm afraid that these will be the last of the flower pics, since the temps have now taken a dive and I'm sure the flowers will be diving too:)

Ha, now you know I'm very tempted to wait a while to post again so that I can find out what the "or else" is:)

Roses and Lilacs said...

Those are one of my favorite petunias, I grow that color every year. The begonias are lovely, why didn't I get any this year. I got fuschia instead and it didn't do well at all.

Glad to see you back.

Di said...

"Oh happy day" The flowers are back and looking just as gorgous as usual. And I'm very sure you're just as cute as usual too. But, I'm surprised to hear "no Chocolate" when every one knows it's a must needed nutritional supplement. Keep the flower pics coming, even if they're all dried up, (it might be interesting) we don't care.

Dog_geek said...

Nice to hear from you again! The Supertunia is gorgeous - I planned to get one of these this year, but sadly failed.

flydragon said...

Hi Marnie,
They are also my favorite petunias, but I was still very surprised this year as how well they did.
Thanks, glad to be back:)

You and I both know how important chocolate is, and if I could get my taste buds to cooperate all would be well. Sooner or later, hoping for sooner, of course:)
Great idea about the dried up flower pics. I'm sure to have quite a few of those coming up shortly:))

Hi DG,
And a huge WHOO HOO to you and L on your great wins at the agility trials. Way to go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Really great to see your beautiful flowers still going strong and you, too:-) We're supposed to have frost this evening--that should take care of anything left here, except the zinnias, which did really great this year!

And, yes, you're as cute as ever!!! Glad you're back!


oldcrow61 said...

Wow, your flowers are looking gorgeous. All my annuals have had it this time of year here.

flydragon said...

Hi Nan,
Good thing I took those pictures then cause the temps dropped the next day and so did the flowers:) All except the Lantana. It only had 3 puny flowers on it when I took those shots so I didn't bother with it. Now it has a bunch more and looking good. Go figure:)
Good thing you said I'm still cute because I think I'll be back to posting about family now since all flowers are gone:))

Hi Oldcrow,
annuals are still here but not looking very good today...too many cold days and nights this last week. but to be expected I guess and it was great while they lasted!!!

Brenda said...

Love your flowers. I miss that I did not plant any this year. Now I just have to wait another year. Hope you are well!

flydragon said...

Hi Brenda,
I'm so glad I had all the help planting these in May or I wouldn't have been able to enjoy any flowers this year either:)
I hope you are feeling better very soon, too!!!

kanishk said...

Your supertunia and verbena are looking amazing--mine have about given up.
Glad to see you posting, and hope you're feeling better.

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troutbirder said...

Very nice. My flowers are mostly done. Wait till next year as they say!

Skye said...

Very beautiful flowers FlyDragon! I still have a couple in bloom and should probably get pics of them up soon as well.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Hey! Just stopping by to say Hi and wondering if you are going out on a Chocolate Hunt this weekend! Bet most of your flowers are brown and dried up by now..did your neighbors ever get rid of that old blue tarp..or are you going to have to look at it all winter again? I hope you have some birds at your feeders ..we have lots of Chickadees.. fun to watch! :)

flydragon said...

hi connie,
yep all my flowers are all dead now. no chickadees here yet but lots of titmice showing up the last week.
still enjoying that lovely blue tarp, i'm pretty sure that it's a permanent thingy.....yukky!!!

Ha...yes i went on a chocolate run:))

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Halloween..or the other chocolate day! Crap we got snow..and it is cold..a miserable day to go tick or treating! I am looking forward to seeing my whole 10 or 12 kids..I even bought a necklace that lights is very classy! :)

Anonymous said...

Are you still 'writing'? Just looked again at your previous blog of August and your plants were/are? really gorgeous!!! Anything still left? Do you get lots of leaves? We do!!!!


Anonymous said...

Me again--if I'd read your latest, I'd know it was only a couple of days ago that you DID write. I thought I was up-to-date:-( And I see you say nothing's blooming now.

Sorry about that!! But glad to hear that you're on the chocolate run again!!!


Nutty Gnome said...

Hi Flydragon - nice to see you again. I've been busy gardening (suprise, suprise!) and didn't do much wandering round blogs for a while.
But the grotty weather is well and truely here, so blogging can begin again in eanest!

Nice photos to remind us of what has gone :(


I'm not much for annuals but that Illumination Begonia is awesome. I'll be looking for it next year.

I did a post on last blooms on my blog too. Not much, but interesting to see what is blooming and what is not.

Keep on posting, we all love to read your posts and hear from you.

Hoping all is well.

Jo Ann said...

Great blog! Love those flowers!